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but first many people believe that when that computer no longer works the only thing it's good for is a paperweight to clutter up their desks but they couldn't be more wrong these men work for a new breed of recycler who has discovered gold in old hard drives hidden within your old computer is a treasure trove of precious metals the circuit board contains silver and copper and the microprocessor is laced with gold all of which are good conductors that carried electrical signals around your computer the old computers are sent to a plant which salvages their precious metals first the outer casings are taken off cables are unplugged and disposed of and then all that remains are the chips and processes all these components were worth a fortune when they were brand new but now they would be worth nothing if they were on a rubbish pile this company will make a handsome profit though one tonne of old computers could fetch them six and a half thousand pounds these micro processors are the easiest to recycle as the only metal contained in them is gold a mix of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid is used to separate the gold from the ceramics hundreds at a time it is solved in a large barrel what remains is pure gold dust this is melted into gold bullion the stuff of dreams for any business other parts of the computers interior are not harder to recycle since they contain a mix of metals but the efforts is still well worth while the metal parts are stripped down and put into a furnace they melt into a liquid mix of gold silver and copper which is poured out cooled pressed and then sliced into place each plate is placed into a bath and given a positive charge here we see it on the left on the right and negative charged copper plates attracts the copper particles which loosen from the mixed metal plates and accumulate there in the next bath a steel plate attracts the silver which forms in crystals after the second bath the plate contains nothing but gold and could be melted down it will be shaped in two different forms that have a variety of uses these sheets can be used to make gold salts which will be sold to the computer industry to create the salt crystals from the sheets they have to use cyanide which is highly poisonous so the engineer makes sure the container is sealed very tightly this salt may not be so good for fish and chips but it is excellent for computer chips this bucket of gold salt has a value of almost 47,000 pounds here the gold sheets are pinched into small plates that will become dental crowns what once carried information around a computer's memory will surely find a home in someone's mouth this worker is taking mate and measure gold rods from the furnace they're compressed and twisted into a coil which is then transformed into fine wire used in computer circuitry another industry that has a huge demand for gold is the space industry satellites and vehicles such as the Space Shuttle use gold in their engines everyone knows gold as a precious metal but who would have thought that it would have so many industrial uses all of these combined to make recycling old computers a very lucrative business

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  1. Fake , nothing is gold in personal computers, maby in big servers of big industry but in computers for personal uses no way.

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  3. What am I missing 2:87 Au + Ag + Cu is melted, that's Au @ 1337 K, Ag @ 1234 K, Cu @ 1358 K or thereabout. 2:47 there Au+Ag+Cu plates. 2:54 to 2:56 a black plate is on the left, 2:57 yellow Ag appears at the bottom of the plate, 2:58 grey Ag appears mid plate, 2:59 orange Cu appears above the grey and black remains above the Cu. What is the black stuff and where did it come from? Where did the apparently layered Au, Ag, Cu come from and how did it get onto the black stuff? 3:17 plate has changed to a double plate of different shape. How so?

  4. What is the name of this company i litterally have multi tons of green boards and hard drive boards I need to recover metals from???

  5. Rupiah Emas by KhoHand: "Selamatkan dan lindungilah harta karun berupa tambang emas, perak, tembaga, dll milik rakyat Indonesia. Dan … mulai pagi ini, sekalipun terpaksa melawan hegemoni / regulasi otoritas internasional perihal larangan / pembatasan penggunaan emas sebagai alat tukar dan/atau alat bayar, Indonesia harus sudah bikin mata uang emas dan perak, agar Rp 1,- = 1 dolar = 1 yuan = 1 yen = 1 euro = 1 rial = 1 ringgit = 1 satuan mata uang asing lainnya."

  6. Hi guys would anyone know how to tell me where to buy a large quantity of intel Cpu in ceramic a good price?

  7. One correction, please: at 5:40 near the end, under "Did you know?": the term carat is applied by error as it is only used for the weight of gemstones and diamonds. It was indeed based on the carob seed (that weighs quite accurately 0.2 grams).
    However, this video talks about gold, where fineness is expressed in karat (not carat), which has nothing to do with weight, or the carob seed.

  8. "All the cables are disposed of"….are you fucking shitting me? You're dealing with e-waste, and throw away copper wire? Do you know how much other metals are in there? Fucking Bullshit, assholes. Profit hungry fuckers.

  9. Anyone expecting accurate information out of one of the "How it works" documentaries is a fool. The most glaring (of many) is where they stated that the carat was the measure of gold purity, which is absolutely wrong. The carat is a unit of measure for the weight of gemstones.

    Karat is the unit of measure of gold purity – with 24 karat being pure gold. It is a linear scale, so 12 k is 50% gold and 50% other metals.

  10. Ok, so the real reasons why not everyone can afford computers because computers contain precious metals and coinage metals which are gold, silver, and copper. When you work in the computer recycling plant, the knowledge of chemistry is needed. Right?

  11. Free Documentary
    If the mixet metals were melted and coold in to plates how is it that the gold that is in side the plate comes out, or other metals?There mixed

  12. do you people know that Gold has standards such as 22 Karats, 24 ? i'd wonder if this gold extracted from scraps has any quality…in nations like saudi arabia, if the gold you are selling has at least 0.1 % of any other material in it, they are too happy to cut your hands in the name of sharia law!

  13. according to legend there is a hard drive and cpu with 88 million $ in bitcoin that was accidentally discarded in the southern California area. talk about having a bad day

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