How it FEELS to Play Spy in TF2

Magnificent *explosion* That was a recreation of a clip I hold dear to my heart It’s just one kill, But it’s so clear that I fooled two people in broad daylight with my disguise. people often say that spy’s disguises Don’t fool good players, but when they do… Oof See, this video isn’t about balance. This video is about how it FEELS to play spy Let me say first that almost all these clips are from competitive lobbies with experienced players. Everyone in these clips knows how spy works But that doesn’t stop me from fooling them. I should also say that I’m not the best spy Sometimes I just… die? But that’s not the point. Why do people play spy? *dead ringer sound* If you ask me it’s because you get to feel like a sneaky motherfu- nothing compares to the feeling of hiding in plain sight Here, I’m pretending to be a sniper keeping an eye on the chokepoint. This engineer looks right at me, And then proceeds to backpedal into my loving arms Spy: “Everyone back to the base, pardner.” In this next clip, I pass up a free backstab on the enemy Sniper The engineer and medic see that it could have killed sniper if I WAS a Spy, which completely clears me of suspicion I then go on to backstab the medic while he’s healing me, which honestly might be one of the best feelings in TF2 Ya, see, after you backstab, you tend to be in a lot of trouble *medic scream* Sonic: so whaddya do? First, you say no, Spy: NO Sonic: Then, ya get outta there! But reallym it’s hard to articulate the excitement and mind games of escaping invisibly There’s a visceral feeling of being chased and vulnerable which you can’t really feel without playing the game Actually, it’s pretty interesting to me that Spy goes from this menacing “Ooooo…. when’s he gonna show up?” feeling to this: (nervous) Okay… this is fine! *forced laughter* Everything’s alright here… OH KAY Okay, alright, let’s… *nervous laughter* Get outta here buddy *hyena laugh* Okay… no no, it’s… just *nervous noises* It’s time to go somewhere else Alright… okay… alright, alright, now’s my time to shine *hurried breathing* BANG This Soldier has no idea where I went…. Oh yeah yeah, spycheck check over there. I’m suuuure you’ll find me What an idiot… *panicked breathing* Being invisible certainly doesn’t make you invincible, and sometimes it requires perfect movement to get out of situations *Spy screaming* Spy: Perfect Spy is almost always just completely dead upon being found out, but there’s something special about killing someone who’s actively looking for you Heavy: OOOH, RUUUUN, RUUUN! No, u You see this spot? There’s something special about this architecture. As a spy, if you can find a slightly elevated platform, hide next to it Don’t believe me? Watch these clips Alright, in this clip, it’s painfully obvious that I’m a Spy, but it takes this Medic a second to figure it out I try to escape, but then this guy…. THIS GUY I’m disguised as this guy, how does he? How did he manage to get ahead of me?? No matter how many times I watch it, I just can’t understand how he materializes in front of me, but I digress this medic starts owning me So I make my getaway. I find my little spot And he proceeds to check almost every inch of space Around me except where I actually am. It’s almost as if there’s something in his brain Preventing him from checking this ONE LITTLE SPOT…. this one square foot of space Still don’t believe me? I get into a little trouble here aaaand boom. I’m gone. Never to be seen again Here, I picked the Demo and then I take my opportunity to gun down the Medic I should be dead as dirt, but this spot Just never lets me down But wait do you notice something about how the Engineer walks right by me? isn’t it a little too convenient that he walks Right outside of my hiding spot? See I have this theory that if you don’t have enough hours on Spy Architecture like this appears extended to the point that you can’t find someone who hides- Alright look: What can you DO against spy? He can kill you with one backstab… He can go invisible to get away… is there any counter to this insta-killing, undying madman? Engie: YEAH! As long as I have my back against this here wall, you can’t kill me, you snake. He’s right. There is literally no way for a Spy to kill someone who has their back against a wall. Spy is just a walking gimmick BANG NOPE, that’s right, Spy can headshot people. Characters that rely on headshots often attract players who think they’re better than everyone else. And when you pick spy, I am the spy You’re asically announcing to the entire server that you think you’re smarter than everyone else. So when you combine that with the ability to headshot, You create a mass of pretension so dense that it can cause a singularity Spy: “Excellent!” Big Bang Theory guy: BaZiNgA Anyone who’s played any kind of support class, whether it’s a healer, or something specialized like the spy Knows how good it feels to punish an overconfident combat class that assumes you’re defenseless The Ambassador is perfect for this and can cause some really… /really/ embarrassing deaths I really hope they revert the nerfs on this gun because it felt pretty balanced to me. Soldier: NO GOD, PLEASE NO. NO. So. The Spy can backstab you. He can escape invisibly. He can headshot you Is there any way To stop this monster There is one way, but you might not be happy to hear it Demo: OI! SPY! Spy: Oh please, just- *seinfield theme plays unironically* That’s right! in order to balance the Spy’s powerful abilities, valve programmed a never-before-seen “Voice chat system” into Team Fortress 2 *complete nonsense* (the voice of my people) If you open voice chat and say: “Aaah, Heavy, there is a Spy behind you!” The enemy Spy will mysteriously die within the next five seconds and no one knows why… HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME? Now I know, I know. people don’t communicate in pubs. But there’s another trick you may have heard of… Spy: May I make a suggestion? Run. NO U Good players are always looking for something to do When they’re not in combat, their priorities look something like: Don’t get backstabbed, don’t get headshot… When the fighting STARTS, though it looks more like: Shoot gun. Dodge boolets. Say thanks after every kill Heavy: THANK YOU And THIS is Spy’s time to strike. In this clip, the enemy team sent their Medic, Heavy, and Demo to take control of bath house There’s no way I’d be able to take them out on my own But my soldier, who isn’t even really a threat to the enemy combo Provides the slightest distraction which is enough for me to make a play Spy heavily relies on his team to make distractions, making them more of a team player than most people realize in this 6v6 match I literally asked my team to do a fake push to make a lot of noise, which again, Proves to be just enough of a distraction for me to make something happen But sometimes, Spy can’t kill people no matter how distracted they are. He can’t keep up with mobile classes Spy: I AM SUCH A BAD CLASS. And he has no way to close the gap Spy: Please, Medic, PLEASE Damn you! And because of how specific his role is, sometimes the entire fight just… happens without him Spy: SO! Your deadly skill is jogging? Mine is murdering people What? but… I I am the spy But Spy isn’t ABOUT consistency. Spy is about those special moments… Those moments where you’re breathing down the opponent’s necks, and before you even uncloak you’re imagining yourself back stabbing everyone in sight Spy: Today… I am a GOD Yes! Yes! YES! Funnily enough, I actually learned about that hiding spot from the legendary “stabbystabby” I then used this knowledge against him by catching him in the same spot Suck on that stabby! Turns out that having a legendary YouTube channel with helpful advice Exciting gameplay and good editing, was a suboptimal play There’s NOTHING SNEAKY, about being a GREAT GUY and sharing your knowledge with everyone!!! *dead ringer sound* Spy is so nostalgic for me… watching great spies like stabby inspired me and many others to spend entire days just pubbing as spy When I think about all the times I backstabbed someone that I barely knew how to play, or all the times I truly fooled the pants off of someone I can’t help but smile Spy is just so unique! The fact that, in a first-person shooter, I can pretend to be an enemy and then this guy thinks he’s found me out But I’ve found out that he’s found me out And he hasn’t found out that I found him out and I found out by googling how to trick stab that I can just sidestep AND KILL HIM is pretty special and having true invisibility lets you get into all sorts of ridiculous “how am I gonna get out of this one” moments Gahh and don’t get me started on how important Spy is to the humor of the game. IT’S RAINING MEN HALLELUJAH I guess what I’m trying to say is… that without the Spy, TF2 just wouldn’t be the same *Spies scream in agony (same tbh) Hey guys Thanks for watching and please subscribe if you haven’t already Just wanted to update you guys and say that I’m no longer threatened by the California fires, which is great! Thanks so much for all the well wishes, and thanks to all of you on my discord server for this amazing fanart I hope you guys enjoyed the holidays and have a Happy New Year

100 thoughts on “How it FEELS to Play Spy in TF2

  1. I may have figured out why the "elevated platform" trick works.
    When you roll out, hitting things like ledges slows you down and makes you get to the fight slower.
    Therefore, you tend to avoid hitting things like ledges – so you stay slightly away from them. As scout, demo or soldier, you move over it and as other classes, you take the stairs in a way without hitting it.
    And so, you slowly begin to avoid that specific spot, since you subconciously associate avoiding it with moving out faster.

  2. I stopped playing TF2 when Engi's update came out, the game was a real mess to me, but I just found out your channel and jeez, not only it reminds me good old times but your videos are funny 😀

  3. I was confused at the end when the two spy’s killed each other it was to blue team members so did two red spy kill each other or was The blue spy not desciedsed (can’t spell).

  4. There was this one time I was playing spy with the yer(your eternal reward) and a medic SAW ME backstab a sniper THAN HE STARTED TO HEAL ME I just lost it and then I killed the medic

  5. Could we please call trickstab what they are, namely profiting from the fact you live 50 km or less from the serv plugged in with fiber while your opponent is 400 km away with no fiber ?

  6. I just noticed that each of these episodes were themed around the class it was focused on. Like this episode about the spy is sophisticated (atleast attempting) and the pyro episode was super silly and wacky.

  7. 2:53 how it feels when you get high honors on every quarter for the entire elementary school, middle school, high school, and colledge

  8. "after you backstab you tend to be in a lot of trouble"
    wanga prick, the knife we dont want to use but hey it works

  9. About 2 years later and now he can close gaps. If they didn't give him a slight speed increase, spy mains wouldn't be as prominent as they are now.

  10. There is one other aspect about the spy you forgot.
    There is a sacred, unspoken agreement when two invisible spies bump into each other, to just leave eachother alone.

  11. Play battle operation 2 with a fucking Efreet Custom and see how quick the other team panics and runs.

  12. god I really wish there was a way to have the hands and weapon that are "drawn" when you had your viewmodels off

  13. I am only going to say this once spy: STOP TRYING TO SEDUCE ME ALREADY >:C

    Seriously, its like every 2 months or so he's in my "Up Next" playlist somehow

  14. So. Today, I decided to play TF2 again for a few quick casual matches after not playing for, maybe a year or two? The game dumped me into 2Fort (of course) and after a while, I decide to play Spy.
    Now, I'm pretty bad with Spy, but sometimes you just gotta go with a class you're not confident with. Anyway, I'm cloaked and crossing the courtyard on the enemy's side when a Heavy blips me for a bit. Normally, my go-to tactic in this case is to run straight into a corner and hope for the best. But in this particular half-second of panic, I instead do the first thing that comes to mind, and step left slightly and crouch next to the raised platform.
    The Heavy is literally right in front of me, spraying his minigun all over the courtyard, determined to end me. He even goes up on the platform so that his minigun is literally right over my head. After a while, he gives up and moves on.

    Oh my god, it works. It actually fucking works.

    Thank you LazyPurple. Sometimes, old dogs can still learn new tricks.

  15. "time to go somewhere else…. alright… ok alr- alright alright o- mY tImE tO sHiNe one second later hUHHhuhhHUHhhH stabs ehHUH"

  16. Heavy: "Run! Run!"
    Spy: "No. U."
    Heavy: "AAAAA-" [dies]


    Spy: "may I make a suggestion? Run."
    Heavy: "NO. U."
    Spy: "AAAAA-" [dies]

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