How heart rate tracking can improve member results in group fitness | Polar Club Customer Story

Stride is a treadmill running studio and we do training on the treadmill and – high-intensity interval training, where we play with time, incline, speed and then we do strength training also
for high-intensity interval training. Because we’ve had Polar Club from the day that we opened it’s really a huge part of what we offer
and why people love what we do here. As a coach I love being able to get a read on the room. So, you know, when you have 24 people of varying levels of ability or experience it can be really hard to get a temperature of am I pushing them past what they’re capable of, is this tempo right, do they need more recovery, do they need less recovery. And because of the Polar Club system I have all of that information all the time. So it really allows any coach to constantly be fine-tuning the class. It pushes them harder, for sure, it certainly does with me. I watch it as a coach. I watch people look up there and – you know, they want to be in the red zone. They want to be in the yellow zone. I kind of know where I should be when the efforts are called out. I push myself a little harder to get up into the red when the group is in the red and I might be lagging out behind a
little bit in the yellow. So I do work a lot harder. It’s a huge motivator, for you to kind of hit your goals and to make sure that you’re pushing yourself all the way to the max that your body can handle. So you can continue to keep coming stronger. Especially when the monitor goes off and it’s 5,000 calories that we’re hitting through the workout I think it kind of pumps everybody up, even though that it is kind of an individual workout it kind of brings the group together little bit. It’s also really gratifying for our
clients and for our regular clients to see their resting heart rate change, to see how fast their recovery changes. Especially with running, I mean, people who are unconditioned when they come in it takes a lot for their heart rate to recover and – really in a short amount of time they’ll start to notice, that they’re spending way less time with their heart rate really elevated during those recoveries. The greatest benefit of having our heart
rate system in place is, that people get specific data. People love, they’re so fascinated by heart rate training, I think there’s such an awareness about it, that they can see what’s sort of happening in their body, they can match their effort with what the screen says. So it works really well as a motivating factor for what we do here.

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