How globalization effects our cultural Identity?

globalization has allowed for the spread of customs language products it has led to an easier way of life part of many first of all countries see there's a reason why it said globalization is good for certain countries because the first of all countries are the richest countries and they can take advantage of selling more products and goods and taking advantage of the workers that are in third world countries for example in the next few minutes you will learn all about the challenge the person faces due to globalization and how their culture is affected by the forces of globalization globalizing forces like trading has been a thing for thousands of years take for example the Inuit people who had lived in the eastern arctic of North America in their region is very difficult to acquire wood which is an important resource for them to build shelter provide heat etc so the traded soapstone which was an abundant resource in the region used for carvings and sculptures for what with the Aboriginal people who live for yourself this is to show the importance of trading is key with the survival of the Inuit people similarly our modern world has the same concept but on our large-scale transnational companies or multinational companies such as Walmart Microsoft coca-cola spread out their manufacturing plants in many parts of the world in order to mass-produce their products to transport them all over the globe now these are just a few examples but these inventions such as containers have led to faster transportation of goods and huge quantities and term option referred to as containerization now all this might sound nice and dandy but believe me there are side effects of globalization first of all let's start with trading the growth of international trade is causing more countries to have income inequality because most of the problem is going to this transnational companies just leaves the country with only the revenue they receive from the companies not only that but because of trading there has been an increase of cultural globalization cultural globalization refers to the transmission of ideas meanings and values around the world in such a way as to extend and intensify social relations due to trade the world is now subjected to using similar goods such as food like chips coca-cola burgers etc due to the wide availability of these foods a person from a culture will resort to eating outside meaning they will eat in a store or buy their food from a store rather than eating their cultural food that is cooked inside their home this leads to less interest on cultural food which is a form of a modernization by the outside world because of trading trading of clothing has also allowed many cultures to be homogenized due to the fact that people in a different culture will wear the same thing communication and media plays an important role on our generation today and impacts the way we dress today which I'll talk about soon these days traditional clothing of a culture is often not visible by the younger generation if I recall I can only see my parents wearing our traditional clothing industry another force of globalization that might affect someone's cultural identity is communication technology communication technology of the world in the past few decades has changed a lot with the help of the internet sharing information around the world is faster than ever before in an age where all the kids look at their phones and computers it is hard to imagine how much influence they're having through the internet media social media and even more when the French people met with the aboriginals they had offsprings that were half French in half Aboriginal thus was born the Metis and this is an example of acculturation it is a term we used when two different cultures come in contact with each other and learn to adapt with each other the adapting part is known as accommodation and this happened when the French and the aboriginals using beliefs clash together and they basically learned to adapt to each other and create what is known as Maties so they're a whole different culture that was created with two cultures we can sort of look at the internet the same way whereas the internet consisting of many groups of people with different cultures and they have met people with a single culture in our age and influenced our minds with their worldview thus we are left with the conclusion that the internet and the media is largely responsible for in fact the worldview of people today's world classification technology is another huge part of globalization it has been impacting cultures for a long time and transportation technology has been improved after World War two and it brought me to Canada in 2012 I'll be an example of the story see when I came to Canada I was really confused with the world around me even though I knew how to speak English it seemed like the culture is completely foreign to me so to properly associate with my peers I had to accommodate or adapt to their culture which had a huge impact to my customs traditions technologies values beliefs etc all of a sudden at home I started talking to my parents in English which my parents they respond to very well globalization played a major role in transitioning me from my country to Canada through media my parents were influenced into thinking Canada was a good place to move also the horrible environmental conditions caused due to transnational companies taking advantage of my country led me to moving here and also many other factors however moving to Canada didn't completely take my culture away as I was able to meet many people similar to me and it helped me keep my identity this is not always true because if a majority group from the same culture is dominant in one country and a minority person moves in they will be forced to learn the ways of dominant culture a term often referred to as assimilation a good example of assimilation is the inner word people and their official language is connected so what happens is that the overwhelming force of the people speaking English in their community is forcing them to speak English whereas they cannot speak their official language so if they wanted to get involved with the community they couldn't because the official languages English was English and they were forced to speak English

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