How Does CSGO VACNet Work? (Explained)

29 thoughts on “How Does CSGO VACNet Work? (Explained)

  1. Thing is i have prime but my friend doesnt so i played on his accou t against silver 2s on non prime and they were legit brand new and i got overwatch ban lol and i gifted him one of my skins sooo rip the skin like if ur high rank and against brand new players for some reason i get overwatch but on faceit i make way more plays and im stuck in lvl 4-6

  2. IDK if this happened to you but every time my csgo updated my csgo show a message say vac was unable to verify your game session , and I just have to verify my files again and then restart my PC it's Cyka annoying

  3. My trustfactor is basicaly cheating trustfactor and I play against lv 10-30 players with 100 hours all the time its so anoying and I have 2k hours and a 300 euro inventory

  4. Unfortunately it can't detect walls. An AI can't tell the difference between a wallhacker and a person holding a common angle

  5. Even though I know that VAC uses its detection system to see if someone is cheating depending on sketchy aim lock cross hair movement and such, I feel like valve should find some way to have these cheaters banned either before or while the game is happening because spending 40 minutes with a cheater only to get completely destroyed is very frustrating, especially when you know the consequence of leaving or surrendering while your team is throwing is either a temporary cool down or a derank.

    One system that I believe valve should use is something that looks into your game files. I understand that valve really doesn't want to invade privacy and have complications, but its what ESEA and faceit do very often and they have way less cheaters in my experience, even though I know there is probably some way to bypass it.

    Another great system is to have possibly admins on these servers checking up on suspicious players. This is a tough one, since I know this requires either valve spending a bunch of money, or somehow having a admin trust system of some sort like faceit mythic league has. I get that there are way too many games going on at once, and trying to have like 20 admins go over the hundreds of games where there are suspected cheaters every day is a difficult thing to do though. It would be like a live overwatch case where admins would try and figure out if a cheater (with high reports than usual) may or may not be cheating in their games to live ban them and make it so the rest of the match wouldn't be ruined. Maybe if they're caught fast enough, the game can still be played out normally. But this causes another problem, such as the enemy team possibly having a bot for the rest of the game making it unfair, so maybe just a live ban and the match cancellation would be good enough. Even if its frustrating, it would make me way happier to just cancel the match because there was a cheater instead of playing the entire game against the cheater and taking an L, possibly matching up against them again or them matching up against other innocent players, and ruining their days too, and then waiting for a couple days, weeks, or maybe even months to finally see a VAC ban.

    Again, I bitch and complain about trust factor a lot. I do like the idea that cheaters are playing cheaters and stuff like that, but it also just tangles up innocent players with them too. They gotta fix one or the other man, like seriously.

  6. They should opt battleye with vacnet to create the ultimate anticheat, oh wait I'm forgetting windows defender.

  7. But cyka what are your thoughts on overwatch cause someone who isn't that good can get overwatch quick and their judgement is then decided by wheather it's obvious or not cause one of my friends got banned but he wasn't cheating he was LE playing with novas so how does that work?

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