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Savjetovat ću se prvo sa suprugom… Odie, kako se izgovara ime ove trgovine? Je li “L” tiho? Mislim da je francusko, ali ja ne znam francuski… To zvuči španjolsko. Stvarno? Kako se izgovara L’OCCITANE? Kako biste rekli L’OCCITANE? Ovaj vjetar, ovi krajolici, ova Provansa s nasadima lavande dokle pogled seže, ova Provansa je tako lijepa i tako čista. Upravo to je duša L’OCCITANEA. A naše ime dolazi od naziva za ženu iz And the name is the evocation of the women of Oksitanije, ženu ovog povijesnog područja. Odat ću vam tajnu, kaže se LO-KSI-TAN, jednostavno L’OCCITANE.

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  1. The pronunciation guide at the end of the video is not correct. English doesn't have the semi-open "o" sound of the French pronunciation. The closest assimilation would be "lohk-cee-TAHN". Note that the first syllable ends in the hard "k" sound and that the beginning of the second syllable starts with an "s" sound.

  2. French is my first language. But I always mis-pronounce this store's name on purpose. I call "Lock-e-tawny." So, people think I'm stupid!

  3. "Loksitan", although "Loksitayn" and "Lokitan" are OK outside France.
    It means a woman who speaks the traditional Catalan-like dialects of southern and western France. Very few do nowadays and those who do are usually over 80. Most people in the regions between Limoges, Perpignan, Bayonne and Marseille speak either French or, round Perpignan, Catalan.

  4. Wish they take off SLS SLES from their shampoos and body washes. There are substitutes out there less harmful than those.

  5. I always call it “the L apostrophe O something” lol. Even if im going to start pronouncing it right after today, i dont think my family and friends would know which brand I’m talking about..

  6. I asked L’Occitane store employees how to pronounce it – and now I know they didn’t know either (they told me “Le-akee-tain”)

  7. Not helpful showing several people mispronouncing the name before presenting a non-English speaking person pronouncing it.

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