How Can I Be More Normal?

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  2. You learn by attending the group of peers. These can be based on more than just same age. If you are bullied, you will lose the ability to be normal which leads to a bullying abnormal cycle. There are also peer groups called freak cultures who appreciate the freedom from the restricting and bullying mainstream norm. Getting into a new peer group as an adult is harder and depends on institutions, family, relatives, old friends network. Market squares, churches, stadiums, hobbies, work, group therapy or mass events do not give a real peer group, as these are too specific. People at the edge of adulthood drop their peer groups, because they are based in fear of being lonely and choose independence. More adults are abnormal than kids, both in the pathological and relative to the mainstream norm, as they do not belong to peer groups. To create social opportunities for all ages and individuals needs some open free of purpose, ready made activities spaces, like publically funded hang-outs with singing, playing, exploring, dancing, but not like parks with nothing to do. By the way, democracy needs that kind of forums in order to work.

  3. what is normal anyway..personal i dont care what people think about me i am who i am god made me this way and hes the greatest creator and thats the same with everyone

  4. Please talk about how people who are more analytical/knowledgeable and prone to the despair caused by over analysing the banalities of life. I've looked far and wide, but haven't been able to find any guidance on how somebody who is for lack of a better moniker an intellectual pessimist can find a sense of belonging in a world that feels increasingly distant. Perhaps somebody else can suggest some solutions? Thank you

  5. I don't know, I'm pretty sure most people don't fantasize that often about killing, then again, I'm almost devoid of human connections , lately I sleep 16 hours a day and I'm unable to talk to humans in a social setting

  6. Odd. I have the opposite in mind. *I'm normal. It's everyone else who's weird. Why can't everyone be normal like me? LOL

  7. Everyone is all like "what's fun about being normal?" But it is exactly what it is being normal and being placed into something filled with acceptance and likability

  8. I don't care about normal not being fun. I just want to act "average enough" for people to accept me. If I have to become a "fake me", I'd rather be that than the "real me", suffering with tics and communicating poorly. I'm starting to hate myself, and I'm not sure I want to be "myself" anymore. Does anyone know how to fix me?

    I'm too afraid to tell someone I know well yet, so I ask this online in order to find answers.

  9. Is it normal to always be unhappy in a family with a alcoholic mom and a dad twice her age? Is it normal for said family to live in a two bedroom house with me barely haveing enough room to sleep peacfully? I just want to be happy! Is that too much to ask for? I'm only 14 and have barely started my life and I just can't feel happy anymore. I never smile and I rarely laugh. I find more peace among other people at school than at my own home! I actually dread coming home after school. I'm currently listening to my mom vomit in the bathroom right next to my room and I'm having a panic attack. I just want to live in a family where I dont have to worry about if my mom is going to get drunk tonight or if I can actually live. If anyone has any advice for coping with this type of stuff PLEASE help me. I know some of you may say "get excersise it will make you feel better" yeah to an extent but my situation is that I cannot escape my pain. My brother hates me, my sister is only 8 years old and I share a room with her so its impossible for me to head to my own room. I'm not allowed to cry because thats just "feeling sorry for myself" I am very self destructive and will often find myself thinking down of myself. My family is poor as well (yes I am aware of the tablet I am using to type this but keep in mind I got this 3 years ago and it only costed $100) and I often go most of the day without eating or drinking so I'm often dehydrated and hungry. I dont get an allowance and I can't earn money outside of chores because chances are some old lady will call the cops on me for "selling drugs" when im only asking if anyone wants me to now their lawn for $5. I have no escape and I'm always bombarded by reminders that I have mostly bad grades. I just want to live like my friends! They are always so happy and can be mostly carefree! I know that I'm likely never going to have a better life in the near future so I'm probably wasting my time writing this. But please anyone out there if you are in a similar situation please tell me some techniques to keep calm and stress free.

  10. I’m really ugly and I’ll never change but this helped me feel calm and better now I’ll stand up and be a normal kid t school and try to make other friends

  11. I think I’m not concerned at all about fitting in, which makes me hard to understand, I believe, should I be more concerned instead of being apathetic towards the norms I live in, to connect with people more instead of closing myself off, I think I probably should, but without losing a sense of myself

  12. I just watched this because my friends and I are the literal meaning of cancer and we all want to be normal

  13. How to be yourself around other people? It's so hard to be normal, people around me think that I'm weired, crazy and I don't know how to behave, they think I'm dumb.. but inside my head I'm more then that.. I want to express my feelings.. but I'm poor at doing so.. I'm not a good writer but I want to say alot of things.. I want to let people around me know what's going on inside my head!! Please someone help me

  14. I don't know much about what life is actually about but maybe it's not normal that I am searching for a guide on how to be normal if the idea of a norm is not to wonder about what other people are thinking. Just feel as what you feel. There hasn't have to be pain in pain itself. That is all that it is.

  15. shut your philosophical ass the fuck up I all want to know is to not look autistic when i don’t have people to talk to

  16. What about having autism (like me)? I always try to fit in but always treated like a outcast. I try to be normal but I'm looked down upon like I'm a 'dumb' one in society. Mabey this life just ain T for me. Why can't I just be like other cool kids? Why do I have to be that poor, non trendy one all the time even though I try to be?

    Most other people don't know what it is like to feel truly alone or they never know what it's like to not fit in or the struggles with that.

    Fuck my life, I hate being autistic. No point of living anymore

  17. Most of my life ,since I was a kid, never cared. I was never social and I never wanted to be. I had my friends and family and it was enough for me. But I'm starting to think that if you're not normal, or at least pretend to be, most people will mark you as weird, they will run away and you may lose some things in life. I mean, you won't meet new people, you won't date enough, you will lose many opportunities. That's the only reason, at least for me, to be normal.

  18. I want to be normal because I come off as really weird when I talk. Here is a list of my ''Things I want to change"'.

    -I don't socialize well
    -I don't rationally think like others (Which I often get blamed for ''Not listening'' when I don't know what to do)
    -I can't understand other people's attempts of praising something (Even though I read others well)

  19. The term normal simply refers to the difference in perspectives. It's how an individual or society view oneself and another. Normal is no different than different itself.

  20. I JUST WANNA BE NORMAL!!😭😭😭😭😭 I'm weird! Even my friends think I'm weird!/don't like me!😭

  21. I would hate to be normal. I used to be more normal, but recently I've been like I'll just do whatever the hell I want bc I don't care what anyone thinks of me. Now I'm basically crazy. I do forward rolls in public, I release energy by going insane and making strange noises. It's got to the point where sometimes I think I'm acting too normal so I do something random just to restore my craziness. I find being normal cringy. Being weird is the key to destiny, trust me. Just be 100% yourself

    This is a video I like to watch when I feel too normal –

  22. The first thing you'll want to do is slam your head into a brick wall over and over until you give yourself serious brain damage to the point where you drop about 100 points off your IQ.

  23. Steps to act normal-
    1. Don't watch school of life videos because they look highly intellectual to normies and pathetically bad to 'intellectuals' like me online.
    2. Stop making satirical comments online because you're stuck at home depressed and are contemplating whether you are really depressed or just lazy or schizophrenic.
    4. Please follow all the above steps, especially step 3.
    Thank you, have a good day/night/afternoon/dusk/dawn/twilight.

  24. Being normal means you are living a life that others have expected you to live… FUCK THAT! NO THANKS. I`ll decide how i want to live "MY LIFE" not by somebody elses or societies standards.

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