Houston Endocrinolgist Dr. Jeffrey Rochen

– Hi, my name is Jeff Rochen. I’m the Chief of Endocrinology at the Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (upbeat music) Endocrinology is a medical subspecialty that deals with hormonal disorders. Endocrinology or hormonal manipulations can have benefits throughout the body. (upbeat music) Medicine provided a practical application of scientific principles to
solve real world problems. The ability to use
pharmacology and biochemistry, and this helped motivate
me to go into medicine. (upbeat music) A multi-disciplinary, collegial approach allows for referrals
for interesting cases. I enjoy working with highly disciplined and focused colleagues who desire the best outcomes for their patients. (upbeat music) Patient care succeeds
when health care providers and patients work together as a team. We are privileged to have an excellent diabetes nurse educators and registered dietitians who help us manage complex diseases such as diabetes, a growing menace to the health of America. (upbeat music) Poorly-controlled diabetes,
for those individuals who wish to achieve
better blood sugar control and reduce the risk of longterm
dreadful complications. For those individuals with
complex thyroid disorders or complex cholesterol disorders, endocrinology is an excellent place to go. Those individuals who’ve had severe, debilitating bone loss and
fractures, osteoporosis oftentimes see an
endocrinologist for management. (upbeat music) For those individuals who
are strongly motivated to improve their diabetes control and prevent or avert some
longterm terrible complications, then endocrinology’s a
great place to start. (upbeat music)

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