House Judiciary Member: Trump Admin “Wrong About The Absence Of Wrongdoing” | The Last Word | MSNBC

64 thoughts on “House Judiciary Member: Trump Admin “Wrong About The Absence Of Wrongdoing” | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. The White House is obstructing justices….Any other American would be thrown in Jail…..WHITE PRIVILEGE AT ITS FINEST!!

  2. Wylie said that Bannon's plans began to solidify in 2014, when Cambridge Analytica consulted various Republican campaigns and PACs ahead of the midterm elections. The company began to test and apply its psychographics by using Facebook data to model individuals' personality types in order to understand how to influence them.

    Documents show the John Bolton Super PAC, which promoted candidates supported by recently appointed White House national security adviser John Bolton, paid Cambridge Analytical $454,700 in 2014 for "behavioral microtargeting with psychographic messaging." Those services included strategies that broke individual voters into "clusters" based on what messages would resonate with them.

    Wylie also said the company used focus groups and messaging trials in 2014 to test some of the concepts that became core themes of the Trump campaign, such as "drain the swamp" and imagery of walls. "A lot of the narratives of the Trump campaign were what we were testing in 2014," Wylie said.

    He added that Bannon directly presided over much of the company's initial research. "Everything that we were doing ultimately had to be passed up to Bannon for approval," said Wylie, who left the company in late 2014.

    Wylie said Bannon would fly to London about once a month for company meetings, and during that time he came to understand Bannon's ideology. "He really liked the idea of using a military-style approach to changing people's perceptions," Wylie said.

    Curt Devine, Donie O'Sullivan & Drew Griffin

    According to the Times, Cambridge Analytica bought the data from Aleksandr Kogan, a Russian-American academic. Kogan, who told Facebook he was conducting academic research, built a Facebook personality quiz app called "thisisyourdigitalife." When users downloaded the app, it scraped all of their available Facebook data, including their friends, their likes and where they lived.

    More than a quarter-million Facebook users downloaded the app, which also exploited a Facebook vulnerability that allowed it to to collect most of the same data from the friends of those who downloaded it. By prying into the friends lists of those who made the download, Kogan was able to get data from more than 50 million people.

    Throughout 2015 and into 2016, the Cruz campaign paid Cambridge Analytica almost $6 million for data that the campaign used for what it called "psychographic targeting," which supposedly allowed the campaign to tailor its message to specific voters in places like Iowa and New Hampshire, where single voters can make a big difference. Using data from the firm, the campaign built profiles of potential voters, prioritizing those who fit in categories such as "stoic traditionalist" and "true believer".
    In December 2015, the same month The Guardian revealed Cambridge Analytica and Kogan's data harvesting practices, Cruz campaign spokesman Rick Tyler called the company a "market leader and the best in the field." Despite Tyler's claim that the Cruz campaign stopped using the firm's data in early 2016, it kept paying Cambridge Analytica until June of that year, a month after Cruz suspended his campaign. After Cruz dropped out of the race, the firm began working with Trump, supporting him through November's general election against Hillary Clinton.

    Stephen Young
    Dallas Observer

    – This was Steve Bannon's baby," said former contractor Christopher Wylie, who described Cambridge Analytica as "Bannon's arsenal of weaponry to wage a culture war on America using military strategies."

    Bannon wanted to use the sorts of aggressive messaging tactics usually reserved for geopolitical conflicts to move the US electorate further to the right, Wylie said. He had already directed a series of anti-establishment, conservative documentary films and presided over the far-right website Breitbart News, but Cambridge Analytica would mark another step in his overall ambitions to transform the nation.

    With financial backing from hedge-fund billionaire Robert Mercer, Bannon co-founded Cambridge Analytica in 2013 as the US-branch of Strategic Communication Laboratories (SCL) Group, a British company that advertises how it has conducted "behavioral change" programs in more than 60 countries.

    Wylie described Cambridge Analytica as – Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer using a foreign, military contractor … to use some of the same techniques that the military uses … on the American electorate.

    Curt Devine, Donie O'Sullivan and Drew Griffin

  3. Want a simple remedy, to get 1st hand witnesses to testify? Have the House's Sergeant at Arm's arrest these witnesses, and enfoorce contempt penalties on them for as long as they continue to resist. Executive immunity doesn't exist, and executive privilege doesn't apply to these officials. If Mulvaney, Bolton, and others take mounting fines for contempt of Congress, their wallets will overrule their loyalty to Trump.

  4. Please Stop saying THE WHITE HOUSE. The white house not stopping people from testifying before Congress, Trump is. Because HES GUILTY.

  5. "Evil" is a word I never thought I would use to describe a administration at the head of our government. But the word keeps coming to mind when considering this president and his minions. Trump corrupts all he touches. And he has corrupted the very soul of our nation.

  6. "Shut up about the hearsay if you're blocking all the witnesses!" 
    –ex-Senator Claire McCaskill

    (an innocent man does not ignore Congressional subpeonas that ask for documents and block witnesses from testifying.)

  7. Touch them where it hurts, in the wallets! You defy a subpoena, you get fined severely since the DOJ refuses to jail them.

  8. This is only inquiry, why not appear?! Hiding somethings, were they afraid the truth to come out?! So, they're complicit, aren't they?!

    Aren't they liable?!

  9. The transcript clears Trump. Vindman is the only 1st hand witness but he is the only one on the call who thought there was a problem. It's over folks. The cia coup has failed.

  10. If the old Republican party, misleading today's Republicans in thinking Trump is their future, they will vanish with Trump. And leaving a third of the population lost trying to come to terms with being this badly fooled. Fight the fights you can win, impeachment is just a battle and you see, it's a can't win.

  11. If Republicans keep one saying 2nd hand information, they should watch George Stephanopoulos interview

  12. As a so called master of business, Trump may be happy to not spend money on an absolute not a chance reelection campaign?? Lmfao

  13. Democrats still feeding their starving voters sh_t sandwiches. They can tell them how delicious they taste how beautiful they smell and dems eat them up

  14. Resign and you will save mass amounts of your non existent cash and do a Steve Burnett reality show on losers! Please?!

  15. This is a scary time for all Americans, Democratics or Republicans. Trump, is working for Russia to Destroy America and democracy.

  16. Follow the money…Congress authorized the payment of money to Ukraine…but the money was "held up" by the White House. Who ordered the money to be held back from the Ukrainian government and what reason or reasons did they have? Holding the money back means you would have leverage over the Ukrainians as in " we will give you the money if you "do us a favour'.

  17. The GOP are playing a dangerous game. They should be outraged that they are obstructing justice as they are obstructing Congress by doing so and they have the first hand knowledge so if that's the problem why are they not demanding them and Trump to testify? The GOP are playing Americans for fools. Vote them out, especially that weirdo Jim Jordan… He looks like a pedophile and sounds ignorant when he talks. Who voted for him to represent them? They should be outraged!

    They should be pursuing arrested and when the DOJ declined to arrest them highlight that and involve the supreme Court. They're being too soft, Pelosi isn't cut out for this.

  18. The GOP has become a criminal enterprise in conjunction with Trump and the Russians. The attacks on our 2020 elections are an act of war. They’re truly traitors in the classic definition, if not the legal definition.

  19. You’ve got a lot of traitors to the USA’s system of law in the GOP – call them what they are.
    They are KNOWINGLY enabling trump crimes.

  20. Stormy daniels, Russian collusion, quid pro quid, now possible bribery, what have the Democrat socialist actually done for Americans, besides waste 45 million dollars of taxpayer dollars drag this country through the mud,turn their back on 63 million Americans who voted for trump to do his job which he is and will continue doing,the Democrats and the liberal media dont care because they both are committed on keeping this nation divided

  21. They are Destroying the whole Judicial System, Too Protect Trump's Criminal Behavior, Its Called Aiding and Abetting, And it's Against the law ! 🤔

  22. Orange is now asking the Supreme Court to interfere re his taxes. If I am Justice Robert. I will not hear this case. Does not Robert has more important cases to deal with? Then personal matter of Frump

  23. We the People see and understand how bias and unfair this "inquiry" has been. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff are foolish if they believe they are convincing US the People that what they are doing is beneficial for US.

  24. The reason fake news is NOT talking about the impeachment hearings is because they did another face plant. Worse than Mueller

  25. Sooo…..if someone calls the 🔥🚒 fire department about a REAL 🔥 fire….. because they don't KNOW WHO called they're NOT going ?!!!!🤔🤷🤦

  26. America please don't let Republicans fool you stay focused and vote blue. If you give up now there won't be any more America. We on the edge of being a third world country that won't have no more rights.

  27. Trump has proved himself
    Corrupt by coercing Ukraine into pursuing a bogus investigation of a political figure,
    Criminal by asking a foreign entity to interfere in a US election, and
    Traitorous by endangering US national security.

  28. Obstruction of Congress! Straight up impeachable. Another form of abuse of power to stop or hinder oversight committees; impeachment inquiry.

  29. Trump is a corrupt draft dodging criminal. He and his mafia crime family should be dragged out of the White House in handcuffs and taken straight to a federal prison.

  30. Millions of AMericans viewed the first hearings. The problem which I see, if not imediately when republicans tell it are 2nd hand hearings only, witnesses or some democrats explain, that the facts – they money was hold back in fact and the realising imediately after it became public by the whistleblower – confirm that that 2nd hand informations are obviously true, than many viewers (Trump Fans which are not estabished with high intelligence), will take this stupid explanations…

  31. Putti must have offered the orange monkey a deal he couldn't refuse (or suffer the public screening of the pee pee tapes). I ask you, who would want to see this floundering whale playing on top of the sheets? UGGGGH.

  32. trump always claims CNN is fake news yet he was trying to put Zielinski up for an interview on CNN to announce a fake investigation.

  33. Right now the only defence the GOP has left is that they were snorting the same Sudafed as Humpty-Trumpty and so are too high to figure out where Reality went.

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