hOurworld Time and Talents Member Quick Start (8 min)

My name is Steven Beckett and
I’m the lead programmer for Time and Talents, the
software that supports
hOurworld. Today we’d like to go through a
brief tour. ♪ Let’s get started. ♪ We’ve already got a user name
and password typed in the login We’ll go ahead and click login There’s a remember me. If you would like the software
to remember your user name then you only need to enter your
password, click log in, and it brings you
to the My News page. You can do a number of things on
this page. And one of those things is you
can post a message to the entire
rest of the exchange. Post my message. Here it is. I can delete any message I’ve
created. I can reply to any message. And then every Friday night
about 2am – so when you wake up
Friday morning at 8am, 7am Any other exchange member who
logs in is going to see them. And then every Friday night
about 2am — so when you wake up
Friday morning at 8am, 7am in your mailbox, if you haven’t
opted out or unsubscribed,
you’ll find an email containing all the new member to
Exchange messages, new offers
and new requests that have been
created in the past week. This gives you an opportunity to
make plans for the weekend about
what you’d like to do, and how you’d like to
participate in time banking. ♪ Requests have a Record Hours
button. This is Leonardo DaVinci
requesting Business and
Financial-Accounting, wants to learn how to use
Quickbooks. So let’s say I spent some time
over at Leonardo’s and taught
him how to use Quickbooks. Click Record Hours. It remembers that I’m the
provider, that Leonardo is the
receiver, that I provided Business and
Financial-Accounting. I would go ahead and pick the
date that I provided the
service. We’ll say it was a few days ago. And I spent a couple of hours and I had a fun time. I record my transaction, and we’re popped over to My
Statement so that I can verify
that the transaction is there. ♪ Back on the news page, let’s
take a look at how I might add a
new request. Well next to New Requests
wherever they’re listed in the
system you’ll see a little Edit
link. cAnd that’s going to take me to
a page where I can edit my own
personal requests. To add a new request, I click
Add Request it brings up a list of all
of the possible different
services in the system. And I see here there’s pet care,
bird sitting, cat sitting, dog
boarding. These get indexed and searched
every night, and I’ll show you
that function in just a second. ♪ I’m going to have this ad expire
in three months. I’ll save my changes. And there they are. This ad will expire and be
removed by the system
automatically in three months. Now that’ll get indexed so it
can be searched. It happens
every night at 2am. ♪ Just to show you how powerful
Search works, I typed the word
‘hour’ in the search box. Well, we just pulled up 2
providers, 1 receiver, 1
matching member bio, a member that’s got the word
hour in their name, I think it’s
Hours McGee, a member to exchange message,
and three help items. The help items are kind of cool. You’ll notice down in the footer
there’s a Contact Tech Support
and Contact Your Coordinator
buttons. If you ever need help with the
software that you can’t find in
search or can’t find with
contact-sensitive help by all means click one of these
and ask us your questions. When you do, we can anonymize
and save our response and make this answer and
question a part of the knowledge
base so it’s actually growing as
we use it. ♪ Another feature that we provide
is the ability to create and
join groups. First we’ll just look at sending
a message. If I want to send a message to a
particular group that I’m a
member of, I can select the
group, put in my message and post. It’s going to show up here in My
Group Messages, and every member
in the group is going to get an
email copy of the message. If I want to leave a group, I
just simply click this ‘x’ next
to the group and I’ll be
removed. If I’d like to create a new
group, like the Dog Sitting
Group, put in the name of the group,
put in a profile and
description: “This is for dog
sitters.” We might have more detailed
information in real life. Add the group. It’s going to create it, add me
to it, and post a member to
exchange message: “Hi everybody! We’ve created a
new Group ‘Dog Sitting Group’
and you are invited to join.” That’ll go out in the weekly
email so that you can join the
group and participate. It’s a great way for members to
self-organize, use the system to
foster new events and activities
in the community. ♪ You’ll notice the Help button,
once you get inside the system,
is contact-sensitive. It brings up help about where
you are. We’re in the News area, and here
the very first element is ‘To
Post a Message to the Whole
Exchange,’ with very simple instructions on
how to carry that out. To reply to a message, I see
down here: Click ‘News’ on the menu bar. Click ‘Reply’ next to the
message you want to reply to. Type your reply into the
highlighted box and click ‘Post’ Let’s try it. Let’s go down here and find a
message. “Leonardo needs help gathering
materials for a new invention.” I think I might be able to help
him with this. Let’s see: “Hi Leo. I can help
this weekend. Give me a call.” And I’ll post. And it does an interesting
thing. Now that this has become a
conversation thread, everyone in
the thread is going to get an
email copy of the conversation. And the conversation is now
going to expire 14 days after
the last reply – not 14 days
since the message was created. You’ll also notice that some of
these messages are highlighted
in powder blue. It might be a different color
for your exchange, because they
have total control over all
these colors. But the highlighting indicates
the messages that I haven’t read
since the last time I logged in. So we’ve gone over simple
methods to… That’s probably enough to get
started. Thank you for time banking.

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