Hot Wheels STREET TUNERS Car Culture – BRAND NEW!!

are you guys ready for this stay tuned you're gonna see all these cars up close in detail out of the package hold on to your socks I've got hot wheels car culture case L Street tuners welcome back Hot Wheels collectors it's a beautiful late July afternoon out here in the backyard and today I have a nice super exciting assortment of vehicles from Hot Wheels car culture street tuners this is the latest release at this time filming case l as it's known two of each vehicle found in this case I was lucky enough to find two complete sets of five at my local Walmart here in southern Ontario they are hitting in Canada as of yesterday apparently according to the forum's not slated to hit the American market until sometime in September hopefully they find their way there sooner for you guys are looking for them but let's get right into this I'm gonna be cracking open a full set of these cars to look at in detail loose out here in the natural sunlight and we'll also look at this amazing packaging and artwork beforehand we're gonna discuss previous releases of these cars and any other details release dates one of these cars is a brand new casting never seen before this series if you guessed the pan Dempsey Berube RZ as the first ever release that's correct this car has never been released by Mattel before we're gonna open it up for the first time on camera and take a good look at it but first let's just appreciate this amazing artwork check out the neon lights under the car the smoke all around the cars that awesome what looks to be like maybe a shipping yard in the background or some sort of industrial park really quite cool on the back all the packages are gonna be basically the same exactly the same actually but of course the packaging for each has its own unique car related to the car in the packaging so let's vote further adue get these out of the package very quickly but first take a look at each of the cars up close with its artwork now I am quite fortunate to have been able to find two complete sets as I said at my local Walmart this almost never happens here in Canada normally I'm the one waiting for a shipment from the US through eBay but just look at the artwork on these cars amazing amazing artwork and the cars themselves well you're gonna see just how amazing they are if you can't tell already once we get them out of the package here 95 Mazda rx-7 super awesome there it is again and finally Nissan Silvia s15 gorgeous if I didn't have two sets it would pain me to open these up for you but thankfully I do we're gonna start with the Panda Saburo BR Zed dropped it right off the bat Wow just adjusting that spoiler it's been a little stuck in the package for a while perhaps not too long though check it out guys rubber tires of course all metal body and chassis just wicked all right let's get the next car out of the package for you love how all of the cars have full details all the way around and extremely realistic paint jobs there's nothing over the top here no absurd tampo is just all-out realism we're moving backwards through the series it's one through five here's number four not one was brand new the last one we just talked about number four has seen the most releases before seventeen in mainline or basic releases that meaning basic wheels this package just got demolished unfortunately getting that I wrote on camera for you three previous releases with basic wheels in Fast and the Furious sets throughout the past few years this is the first premium release of this car ever to my knowledge featuring of course rubber tires as they all do see if we keep the focus here because we need this to focus to show just how awesome this car is listed as the number one or number two I believe in the Haggerty insurance classic car insurance most appreciating car in the market at this point I believe what I was reading in my Haggerty magazine subscription just the other day that a real Honda s2000 is increasing to the tune of two hundred percent year-over-year in value unbelievable let's put that one down this one has to be will probably my favorite of the set though the 96 Honda 180sx type X just gorgeous I myself am in this on classic car owner I have a 300 ZX that's why I like this one so much bit of a cleaner brake on that one not to get any thumb prints on it love those comb old wheels whether or not Koval but the molding of the wheel with the rubber tires extreme details really fantastic look at the exhaust pipe in the muffler Wow such a nice paint job the quality on these cars is second to none just reflecting and glistening away now this car has six basic wheeled releases in the past first released in 2015 this I believe is the first premium release of this car another first premium release okay now on to the 95 Mazda rx-7 this was also in haggerty's top 10 cars that are appreciating the most quickly for this year and increasing one let's look at that amazing artwork check it out so authentic the wheels look terrific on this car solid yellow paint job no flaws on any of these cars no flashing issues no thin paint no misaligned tam pose quality control is very high at Mattel these days with their premium release cars especially let's check out that license plate just a whole bunch of axes now this car has had six basic wheeled releases in the past first starting in 2017 it has been featured with two premium releases as well one in the Fast and the Furious premium set I'm sorry only one previous premium set the other was a regular fast in the Furious series so this is only the second time we've seen this car with the premium packaging from Mattel one last car to check out the sound Silvia s15 check it out love the black wheels the pearl white paint job you can smell the paint from here it's so fresh all black painted bass lots of details the exhaust suspension this car has had only two previous releases both of them were premium releases one was in 2018 for the replica entertainment series Forza to be specific the Forza set and the other was this year in the Fast and the Furious premium series five T five teams that were saying regardless thankfully as I said I had a whole nother set of these cars and that was how I was able to do this because honestly with the packaging the way it was and I only been able to get one or had I had to buy it on eBay and only be able to afford one set I don't know that I would have been able to do this but I certainly am happy to be able to show you these vehicles what a beautiful display of some of the finest Hot Wheels cars I have had the privilege of adding to my collection this year happy hunting enjoy your summer

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  1. It would "pain me" to find two complete SETS of any thing AT OUR WALMART. Store EMPLOYEES are worse than the local SCALPERS. Love the r bite 7. That's what I called it employeed at MAZDA corporate office service department for 34 years. I'm RETIRED 66 YEARS old & still COLLECTING DIECAST. The 7 is a very very fast VEHICLE for those of you that have never driven one in real time.The first gen 1979 & THE turbo' were my favorite to work on & test drive. The R100 & ROTARY ENGINE PICK Up WAS NO slouch either. HAPPY HUNTING FOR DIECAT EVERYONE. GREAT VID BTW. I ❤❤❤ IT BACAUSE OF THE YELLOW 7. GREAT COLOR BACK IN THE DAY.

  2. My brother I'm so happy you were able to find two sets. I'm a jdm collector. My heart belongs is with all Japanese cars. I Love them ❤️ #jdmisbest. I would Love to see your 300 zx twin turbo 🙏🏻😇. Awesome video Boss. Can't wait to find me two complete sets. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. How can you keep tracking so many cars? Do you keep a records of you cars? I don’t have so many and once in a while i buy the same car twice! 🤪 I like you page, keep the good working! 😉

  4. I've been waiting for these I need extra wheels for my customs …I found a place that has car culture for $2.75 a piece .I call that a bargain for real rider wheels ..first victims will be BRZ and that S2000.
    My Sileighty Impact Blue customs need them lol.

  5. WOOOOW😱!!!! Incredible find bro, congratulations on your score👍🏾 This is a great set. I've been looking forward to the BRZ casting and I gotta say, it's great. Too bad about that wing getting twisted in the package, it's not the first time this has been an issue with packaging damaging the car it's supposed to protect. My favorite here is the S15, it is becoming one of my favorite castings. Great video and thanks for sharing this with us👍🏾

  6. I haven't seen the Street Tuners yet in Ottawa, though I really only got to a single Walmart this week so I'm not saying they're not already up here.

    But, speaking of Car Culture, for anyone in Canada having trouble finding some of the harder-to-get Silhouettes, especially the RWB Porsche 930 and '76 Chevy Monza, they've begun showing up at Shoppers Drug Mart/Pharmaprix of all places.

  7. Hello amigo Brasil show de vídeo amigo Parabéns lindas miniaturas hot wheels já deixe meu like Brasil

  8. Awesome hotwheels car culture street turners cars you open up and you reviewed congrats. 👍I'm on the hunt for all 5 of those. 👍

  9. Awesome set, can’t wait to get my hands on the 180sx and the brz. Also I think your the first person on yt to get these

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