HOSSTILE Q&A #5 Part 2 – Does The Scientific Community Respect Bodybuilders?

curry Fitness says what are your protocols for peak week such as gear diet and training okay start with training training wise I usually train Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday and I usually go legs on Sunday because I want my legs to recover by the show because I don't want like a film of water over them so I don't want to Train like legs on Thursday and then step on stage on Saturday because most likely there's still gonna be trauma to the muscle and they're gonna be there's gonna be a film of water there now even my leg workout on that Sunday is not gonna be balls to the wall squatting all the it's gonna probably be more machines leg press hacks which is still hard but it's not going to be insane wait probably more 10 to 15 so with just like a moderate weight so because I want to put blood in the muscle I want to put glycogen in the muscle but I or but I want sorry I want to deplete the muscle because I'm gonna be carb loading later in the week I want to drive blood to the muscles keep it full but I don't want to traumatize it so much that by Saturday it's still sore and covered with a film of water I understand so legs Sunday are training chest shoulders Monday I project rain back on and I would probably do arms on Wednesday and then when I get to the place usually if I'm flying or whatever to the venues the Thursday I might do you know I probably I'm carb loading now because I probably start my carb load Wednesday and Thursday Friday so I've carb loaded Wednesday when I get to the venue or get to the place I'm going to whatever I'll probably do like a full body upper body circuit two or three times just a 20-minute workout just to drive more carbs to the muscles in my upper body I won't train legs again though I'm not doing cardio if anything I might go for a really light walk on a treadmill just to kind of get the water circulating in my body just so I'm not like just you know I get that you get that film water under your skin I might do that on Friday as well I might do just a 20-minute walk on a treadmill like you know three miles per hour two and a half miles per hour just to kind of get the water moving around your body that's about it for training now food I probably would have started depleting the week previous depending on my diet but you're probably gonna deplete you know Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday right you know six days five days three days depending on how depleted you already are you're probably gonna start carb loading Wednesday unless you're super super depleted you might start on Tuesday but if everything goes right you probably start Wednesday Thursday Friday start loading those three days probably the heaviest day would be this is just my system Wednesday will be the heaviest day Thursday would be a heavy day Friday be a little bit lower in carbs if your body took all the carbs properly if not Friday's probably gonna be a heavy day as well diuretic I don't use a diuretic with John when I work with John Meadows the last three shows we did we can use diuretics we used a Senate product which helps you go to the bathroom a lot we use it the day before and it helps you kind of get rid of water along with all the waste in your body and you wake up in the morning Saturday with an empty stomach and you wake up a little drier now if you take too much of it you can wake up flat which also happened to me so you have to be careful with that but we did not use any diuretics which I would rather use like a laxative type product then a diuretic it's just safer doesn't draw as much muscle water out of the muscle and it empties my stomach all at the same time so I can pose better and have a smaller waist on on stage as far as drugs go you're probably be stopped all your gear like by that week so if everything goes perfectly you may drop the GH two weeks out maybe a week max but two weeks out probably you're probably gonna drop all your injectables the week before and you may only keep running your orals like like safety running like an anti bar when stall or Halo or something like that you're probably gonna run it till like Tuesday you probably up at e3 that night as well the Klan that night as well the only thing you're probably gonna keep to the show is may be here any estrogens if you're running somewhere river decks or some probe ayran you probably keep that in the last Thursday Friday that's really about it that's kind of how it goes so I know some people start adding an adult to try and fill out and some people keep think they should increase their drugs as you go listen the more drugs you have in your body the more water you're gonna retain if you ever see a natural guy that's absolutely peeled their skin looks like onion skin it's just there's nothing there there's no water there there's nothing causing that water retention so even when we discuss drugs that are not water retentive drugs you're still gonna retain water so we try and pull a lot of the drugs out as we get to the show because you don't need them you want your body to relax expel the water and just leave that muscle and skin and be very comfortable as you walk on state Phillip Ferrara 7 says never tour something before are there any warning signs you feel before you're about to tear something and your experience could there be a difference in the burning pain you feel when you're pumping that muscle versus the feeling when you're close to tearing this is a really shitty as an answer but there is not a way to tell because I'll give you two examples ok I turned my tricep recently I've had elbow I had severe tendinitis okay but I've had tendonitis for 10 years so you can't say that tendinitis means you're gonna get a tear because I had tinnitus for a long time before it finally tore so that's not for sure a thing but the pain was worse than years past like it was I was really ban dating it a lot like I was putting a lot of creams on it to keep it warm and a lot of like elbow sleeves and things like I was doing a lot of icing post-workout just to get through to the next workouts and if you're asking why I didn't stop it's because I was getting ready for a show and I couldn't stop now when I tore my hamstring or my lat you know I tore my terry's I tore my hamstring at 12:12 centimeter gash in my hamstring there was nothing no pain whatsoever nothing in my hamstrings had been strong as for weeks on end week after week after week I was going in and I was like leg curling the stack like I'd never been so strong on hamstrings for like this happened for a few months and then finally he just went and it was pop never even felt a thing until it popped the only thing I point to that day was my therapist had done some extreme stretching in my hamstrings the day before I don't know fat meant anything I don't know if I had anything to do with it but that's the only thing I could point to which I don't think is why it happened but if I had to say something was different that was the only thing that was different but there was no pain and my strength was through the roof it wasn't even like you know I would would have never known so I don't know I personally feel like if you're gonna go balls to the wall if you're gonna go crazy if you're gonna train your ass off things are gonna happen you know but I'm not saying you have to train that way to be great if you look at Dexter Dexter doesn't train the way Ronnie trained it's not to say he doesn't train hard he still has intensity but he doesn't train the way Ronnie trained Ronnie trained like an animal with free weights and heavy weights and and twice a day and all that and his body got beat up and same with Dorian Yates train the same way with that heavy high intensity style body got beat up so there's that debate you know do you train smarter and have longevity but maybe never know your true potential even though Dexter is not in there but Dexter's intensity I feel like it's through the roof or do you train balls out and take your body as far as it can go until it breaks you know if you knew it was gonna break you wouldn't do it but you don't feel like it's gonna break when you're doing it that's that's the problem when do you drop the test C or E and GH pre-contest it just kind of went over that so like I said you're gonna drop your test probably a week some people do a week and a half out your GH some people run it if they're really really shredded they'll run it all the way to the show because it keeps United keeps the muscle nice and round but some people feel like if they cut it out a couple weeks out their body will relax they'll flush out some more water and they'll get that really really crisp look it depends on your body and how your muscle looks without the gh some people could still some people can still have that really round full look without the gh and some people just get really flat so you take it out you got to kind of feel kind of person you are before you know but I usually pull mine a couple weeks out and I let the carbs do the filling SCOTUS Maximus any tips for building your appetite up I'm someone who struggles to eat enough to keep up with my metabolism and I struggle and the struggle isn't so much figuring out the solution but maintaining the appetite it requires to take in that many calories in the day I'm not sure what you're saying are you saying you can't eat enough to grow or you don't have any appetite you can't keep your appetite high it sounds like you're saying you can't keep your appetite high so what I'm gonna say is clean up your diet take out any junk out of your diet and start from scratch start from scratch start from the cleanest diet you can come up with egg whites rice chicken fish potatoes start with that increase the calories with those foods I guarantee you'll be hungry then when you get really hungry and you're eating a mass amount of those foods then start adding the more calorie dense stuff the red meats the avocados the zekiel breads the oatmeal's the start adding more of that and see where your body stops where it stops a little I take that food back out you gotta start from a base somewhere and put food in from that spot until you know what your body can handle my onion 1989 says what is one trait you would like to improve and what is one trait you have that you're proud of one trait I have that I'm proud of is the fact that I will not quit when I love something so if I'm interested in something if I want to do something if I have a passion for it nothing could blow me away from it I want to make sure it works problem is that I have a passion for a lot of things so if I don't have a passion for something I'll dump it after like if I suck at it I'm like okay I don't do it anymore but if I have a passion for it I will keep working at it until I get it right so that's one thing I'm proud of the things I'm not proud of there's a lot where I start divided try and be nicer just try and be a nicer person I can be an asshole I can be short I can be selfish yeah I'd like to be learn how to be better with people overall that's one trait I want to improve um captain Jason hook says do you think Chris Bumstead can overthrow Bri on this year tough call I don't know when I look at Chris Baum said I see the the embodiment of what a classic physique is okay that's that to me is a classic physique he's not overly muscular I mean he's muscular but you know I mean I'm talking open bodybuilding he looks athletic like it's almost statuesque in a way right like that's to me a classic physique but then when I look at Brianna and I look at the requirements of what classic physique is he has Chris Bumstead 'he's weak points you know chris is weak in the arms and chris is a little weak in the back Brianna has a great back and he has great arms so when you put them beside each other it's hard when you see Chris by himself you're like that's classic all day right no problem that's the guy but then when you put them next to each other you're like oh Briana has great arms and that frontal bicep looks nuts right and then you do the back you know those classic back poses and you know see all the detail and Briana's back and the size and you're like and you see him next to Chris and you're like wait a minute Chris is lagging something somewhere right so I don't know uh I don't know the answer is I think if I had to pick I would have to see them next to each other for sure again this year I think if I had to pick a classic physique was it wouldn't be something you could see on paper it would be something that you just see if you're seeing it on paper Breann wins if you're going by feeling which I don't know even know what that means I'm just saying like that feeling like that guy looks like a classic guy I picked Chris so if somebody can quantify that for me that's great but I don't know exactly what I'm trying to say but there is a look you can feel and you can see that's classic when you look at certain body a certain physiques but then you can see on paper when you say okay this guy's this tall and this way and these are the body parts he has where you say okay Briana has everything so that's the problem is one is a feeling you're getting and one is a on paper it's clearly what it's defined as so in that sense Briana's mr. Olympia may borrow 88 says why is the bodybuilding community dismissive or appear uninterested in the results of the scientific community given that the scientific world over the last few years has been providing some great insight into what causes hypertrophy that mechanisms impact on volume and the effective doses of volume for hypertrophy it seemed odd that many in the bodybuilding world are either dismissing those studies with prejudice or dismissing them despite the fact their own training confirms the results when critically examined uh how can I put this I don't agree I think okay I don't think this is gonna sound really meathead ish I don't think science has all the answers I think some of it is theory some of it is conclusive evidence but I do think bodybuilding does take a lot from science I think when we look at diets I think the way the diets we have now have improved over the last you know look at the diets they're eating in the 80s and then now look at our diets we have a better understanding of how much protein we need you know we've kind of solidified that like gram and a half for pound we have a better understanding of the carbs we need the fats we need I think there's a lot of things we take from science I think there's a better understanding of maybe we don't have to go to failure on every set to gain muscle some people don't train as heavy as they used to but I also think there is theory and then there is practice and I think when you have a guy when you have a it can't amount of guys like ok if a scientist says you don't have to train to failure and you don't have to train heavy to gain muscle ok why are the best mr. Olympia is the guys that trained the heaviest and the guys are trained to failure leave out the mr. Olympia is wired why are the best bodybuilders two guys a train the heaviest and the guys a train to failure I mean look you can you can you can run down the list you know rich Gaspari known for training to failure second at the Olympia how many years Lee Haney okay Lee Haney was no okay Lee Haney was known for you know uh stimulate don't annihilate true but he's also known for training to failure so his stimulate is not the average guy's stimulate um you know you have during Yeats you have Kevin Love Roni used to bench five plates routinely you know you have we pick the person pick the bodybuilder pick the greatest bodybuilders on earth over the last 30 years and explain to me why the science doesn't match the profession are you saying those body could have been better if they didn't train that way because I don't believe that I feel like they got the most out of their bodies doing it that way even though science says that's not the way I'm not sure exactly what scientific studies you're talking about but the ones I've seen recently have said that you don't have to train a failure to pull odds on a muscle which I don't think if the Train failed to failure to gain muscle but what's saying that training a failure won't gain more muscle I haven't seen that study I've seen studies that say you don't have to Train heavy to gain muscle which I also believe but is there a study that says training heavy won't gain more muscle than training light there are some and I've seen the results that say it's only oh it's only a little bit more muscle but when you're talking about the best guys in the world if if bodybuilder a is doing the scientific approach which is don't train to failure and don't train heaven you can still gain muscle because if you do it the other way you're only going to be a little bit better that 1% or 2% may be the difference between fifth at the Olympia and first at the Olympia so I'm not sure exactly what science were not listening to maybe you could be a little bit more specific to me I do think we take a lot of our cues from science but body bulbs are also guinea pigs in a way we experiment in our own ways and that we have our own notes we are we're our own science but what is science science is I have a theory I'm gonna put it in practice and I'm gonna do an experiment and see how long it works and see if it works we do that every day we do that every day today I'm gonna chicken this week I'm a neat chicken I'm gonna chicken a fish and egg whites and see how my body looks next week I'm gonna steak and peanut butter and eggs and I'm gonna see how my body looks those are experiments that's science I'm doing my own experiment so we take our cues from the scientific community but we also have our own input because I don't think the scientific community is doing Studies on Ronnie Coleman or during eights or flex wheeler or Luke Sandow or anybody of that caliber I think they're doing their Studies on you know the guy at the gym that kind of trains hard that's not what we're doing we have our own input so I'm not sure why the scientific I'll pose the question back to you I'm not sure why the scientific community doesn't respect the bodybuilding community because we've been doing experiments for 50 years and that's why we have progressed to the place we are the scientific community has coined the term bro science as a joke like laughing at the bodybuilding community why are you go look at that as bro sigh look at that guy he trains five days a week and he does one body part day what stupid bro science is that oh that guy eats six meals a day that's bro science why why is that bro science because the scientific community says that eating your caloric intake for the day in one meal is the same as eating it in 6 meals I beg to differ try it try it my way and go to the gym and then try your way and go to the gym and see who has better performance so you can use the term bro science to diminish the effort that US has bodybuilders have put in to try and learn our bodies and progress our physiques to a certain level but science experiments on ourselves and we respect scientists but scientists don't respect us but I don't believe that any scientists are doing Studies on guys like us so how can your study apply to me fully I mean partially it's going to apply of course but how can I not have my own input if you're not actually doing a study on a person of my caliber or somebody better than me so I have my own questions back to you I guess bad our Buena says do you think that due to bad or no education on enhancement drugs people are getting this bad idea about bodybuilding and not only for the industry but for the general public yes I do that's why I started my podcast so the reason I started the real bodybuilding podcast and I've said this before to those who listen is there a lot of people on the fringes of bodybuilding that have taken up the voice of bodybuilding because bodybuilders themselves aren't doing it I'm not gonna name any names because I keep naming them and I don't want to give them any more press but there are people that I that are not bodybuilders okay they're not professional bodybuilders okay they're bodybuilders they'd go to the gym and they lift weights and they build muscle that's a bodybuilder they're not competitive professional bodybuilders so they're not the elite of the bodybuilding group and there are others who also are not the elite of the bodybuilding group that espoused to know what what the elite are doing they're giving all the information I know what this professional does I know what this professional does I know everything yes all of that is giving the industry a bad name because a lot of it's so I decided to put the podcast so I can get V guys on and you can hear it from their mouth what they're doing and why they're doing it and how they're doing it and hopefully take back our voice and give us back our credibility instead of letting these people who have no idea put out these crazy numbers that are hurting people and just hurting the industry and hurting the way people see us in general that's why bright good says dude do you need a coach in the offseason and I'll put it this way if you know how to put together your daily calories if you know how to put together your what you need for the day to exist your basal metabolic rate and you know how to add the workload onto it and you know how to add a surplus as long as you know look if you have a basic understanding of how many calories you need and what foods to eat then I don't know if you needed a coach any offseason as long as you have your own focus okay if you binge all the time and you can't stay on a diet and you have no idea what to eat you have no idea what to do then yeah you need a coach okay you're you need a coach you need a coach to keep you on track and keep you growing and keep you eating and keep you focused because I'll be honest with you the majority of the problem is not people having trouble dieting a lot of people get really hyped up when it's time to do a contest prep the reason people don't make any progress is because their off seasons are because nobody can focus when the spotlights not on them oh it's just the offseason my show isn't for ten months yeah well if you don't do anything for the next seven months ahead in ten months you're gonna look like or you're gonna look the same as the last show and no one's gonna care so yeah if you're one of those people that can't stay focused get an offseason coach mr. Red Lion says could you ever could you go over your weaknesses faults as a bodybuilder over the years be a diet related training supplement psychological holy that's a lot of problems my waist is thick my arms are too small my calves are too small my hamstrings are good from the back but not from the side my back could be thicker I wish I had no anxiety what else what else do you want what their fault what other faults do I wish I wasn't an asshole to everybody what other faults do you want listen we all have faults okay if you want me to pick apart my physique and pick apart my personality it's not her to do right everybody can do it but that's what we're doing that's what bodybuilding is that's why I came up with the term we're not just building bodies we'll build we're building character because as you build your physique and as you learn to change the bad things about your physique it's funny something happens to your brain in the process and you mature a lot faster than you would normally I think as long as you commit yourself 100% to your problems to your to your changing your body so yeah I mean there's a million problems we could go over right but this is like one of the things now the second part of the question says if you could go back and change or alter things that you feel would have made you a more successful bodybuilder up to now what would you do so all those problems I listed I tried I've been trying since I started to fix them some things are genetic my arms are never gonna look like Roly Winkler's arms my calves are never gonna look like ben pakulski scabs it's just you have to be thankful and with what you have and you have to make it the best it can be so it outweighs your negatives just like if you have a negative psychologically like if you're a selfish person you have to make a conscious effort to give back to people so that you can counter that shitty aspect of yourself I don't choose to focus on all the negative things about myself I choose to focus on how I can make them better and how I can just be a better person and how I can be the best body builder I can be with what I have I don't think sometimes things are not changeable so you have to work with what you got 3:29 says swab yet i would like to ask why is it that some people bench would say when some people bench they arch their back like they're a freaking rainbow and only getting a quarter Epson am I the only one like what the that comes from powerlifting so I believe that a proper bench to build muscle leaves your back flat obviously there's gonna be a small arch in your back you know here and there but that crazy arch that you see that's a powerlifting thing it's to get your chest really high up shortens the rep makes it so you can bench more right you're not going as deep but we're not we're not powerlifting we're trying to build muscles so keep your back flat small arches normal that's why I drives me nuts as well when I see people in there evade there they kick their heels all the way back and they got the toes dug in and the arches are back as much as they can and they do like a quarter rep or a half rep with four plates if you're not powerlifting if you're trying to build muscle that's a joke right so yeah I agree with you the arching thing is a powerlifting thing only be real swans has ever had a bad chest strain chest strain I found a good way to not restrain it seems to keep happening to me be real Swan I would go this is what I would do in steps go get an ultrasound figure out what the problem is if it's torn or not torn or whatever because that's most likely what it is is not a strain it's probably a small tear then take the steps to recover see a physiotherapist see a massage therapist take the time off that you need to take off when your physiotherapist says you can go back and train just to be sure I would go back and get another ultrasound and see if it's healed if they say it's healed then go back to training lightly and start slowly back to where you were before then you should be okay if it keeps happening from there might be a mechanical issue or something from there like something you're doing wrong in your in your press that you might have to have a trainer or a physiotherapist come take a look at it but my personal belief is you probably have an injury that you're not letting heal properly d-mac runs 709 says cardio before or after training after training don't do cardio before training use the glycogen you have in the muscle to work out with weights after you're done working out with weights you burned off all that glycogen then go do cardio the theory is that you will burn more fat when the glycogen has already burned off from the weight training anyway so do your cardio post weight training luke strong 18 says what were some of the things you learned about body building as you were coming up that you wish you would have known before you started nothing really I kind of I kind of knew what to expect I knew that if I wanted money I was gonna have to do well I knew that if sponsors were gonna pick me up I was gonna have to have something to offer I think I've always been a realist I've never kind of seen anything for not being what it really is there's nothing about the bodybuilding world that was surprising to me sorry oh Sandridge says what is your opinion on giant set style training that me low-starch have somewhat invented did you by any means ever try it if so do you like it I like it for shock purposes it's not a way I would try it on a regular basis I feel like it's more cardio than hypertrophy that's just my opinion I could be wrong but it's not my style I don't I've done it but like I said just for a shock workout for a way to increase a pump like once in a while but it's not a definitely not a way I would train on a regular basis muscle freak 47 says how do pro stay that lean in the offseason eating over eight six to eight thousand calories I doubt very highly that a lot of pros eat sixty-two thousand calories there might be the odd Pro here and there and that their genetics might call for it you know I mean I don't think very many people eat six to eight thousand calories but you have to keep in mind also if they are it's probably their output I mean if you're doing training in the morning or cardio in the morning training afternoon like my calorie expenditure for the day if if I'm doing a lot of output like from doing a lot of if I'm doing like cardio in the morning training at night or maybe even to cardio or two training sessions is like 5,000 calories a day that's by the numbers like figured out 48 it was like 4900 so if you want a surplus to put on a little bit of weight it's gonna be 5,500 6,000 that's why I'm 30 pounds overweight right so when you're carrying that much muscle you need 5,000 calories just if you've got a lot of output you're gonna need 5,000 calories just to maintain your body so if you're trying to put on size you're gonna want to put that that's surplus and so it depends what you're seeing is it's a massive bodybuilder right guys who way you know lean body mass of 250 pounds that's a big person so that person needs that muscle needs to be fed so then to grow it needs to be any surplus I don't know very many people do in 8,000 calories I mean just in Compton was but he's training twice a day and he's a freak so that's not a that's not a common thing he Fuat DeFranco tony says hey Fouad what's your thoughts on running HCG while running a cycle to make the recovery smoother fact or myth I personally believe it's a myth if I'm on my natural testosterone was probably shut off and it's gonna stay shut off as long as I'm injecting synthetic testosterone so I don't see a point in taking HCG until I've come off and I'm ready to recover my natural testosterone production Sanderson Fitz says could you speak on acclimation sets and how you personally utilize them so an acclamation set is also a feeder says also a warm-up set that's very simple before every exercise there's acclamation sets off like I said feeder sets I don't do an extra side oh never walk up to an exercise and go right to my heaviest like let's say I'm doing bench press and I'm healthy right my heaviest sets probably to be 405 for 6 to 8 reps they'll never ever be a time even when I started and I was young and I was really healthy there was never ever a time I walk up to the bench and just before or 5:00 on the bar or 315 on the bar so acclamation sets are always there to get me used to it so I always have two or three at least before getting to my heaviest set it's just a way to stay safe and that's it you're never ever gonna go it's never ever smart in my opinion to go right to your heaviest set even at 10 reps from zero you're just kind of asking for trouble plus not to mention there is a like a pre-exhaust notion to it as well right if I'm benching and get in I get three sets in I got everything warmed up I got the muscles working a little bit I got everything activated that last set is gonna be better mr. Bourg there's already blood there the muscles already activated it's ready to give me everything it's got you're not gonna go to an exercise like that cold right Chris Tyler ninety three says is muscle density something that improves over time or are there ways to make your muscles appear more dense I think density is partially genetic but it's a lot of it has to do with your training style and it is over time I've never seen anybody at 20 years old look dense right it's usually somebody who's got 5 years 10 years 15 years of training under their belt so muscle density like you see in somebody like a Dorian Yates or like you know pick your pick your bodybuilder that you think is dense that that's not something that happens I've never really seen it in somebody in the first 2 3 years of their training like if you look at E and E and Ian values vary over a year and I said there's very very dense as a bodybuilder but he's into his you know tenth year of training he's 27 now I think or third I think it's 30 I don't know he's into like his 10th year of training to have that type of density and gnarly looking muscle it's not something that he had when he turned pro he was conditioned he was shredded but this newfound like real thickness and real density has come over time and just pounding out that iron right so just takes time big dog fits as you always comment on how sometimes you meet someone who makes you realize you can work even harder can you tell us when this happened to you and who it was yeah I really believe that everybody thinks they work hard everybody when they start because they train with her buddy or whatever who the Train of the train by themselves do you think I'm crushing it I'm crushing it I've seen guys at the gym barely train and then go home and write on their Instagram I killed it today in their head they probably did I know if I worked out with that person I could get 50 percent more out of them so like I said everybody when they're alone or when they're with their buddy who maybe doesn't know either thinks they're killing it they're crushing it I'm working so hard I'm sore in the morning that must mean I'm working hard I'm uncomfortable when I eat I must be eating as much as I can eat until you bump into somebody who does know how to eat or does know how to train then you're like oh I can I can go deeper on a squat and that hurts my legs more holy I'm way more sore the next day or oh I can squat after one minute I don't need a five-minute break wow I'm really taxed I can't breathe this is really hard I think I'm gonna puke that's a thought people have had when they've trained with me that's the thought I've had and that's what you asked so when I first went to work with John Meadows he got more out of me now he didn't get more out of me in training intensity as far as like speed of the speed of the workout or going to failure he got he didn't get more out of me in terms of weight lifted because John was stronger than me when he was younger but I think at the time we had trained together we're about the same strength um where he got me was training techniques he started adding some rest pause into my program he started adding some static holds into my program started adding more drop set it's just just really things I didn't think of and didn't think of how to utilize them the way he taught me to so there is always somebody who can get more from you just recently worked out with Jordan shallows was doing lying leg curls I thought I was killing it he goes hey do it this way showed me a new way to do it hamstrings are fried it's not always oh that guy made me throw up working harder is sometimes working smarter too so there's always gonna be somebody there's always gonna be somebody who knows more there's always gonna be somebody who can push you to your limit or past it so I think the best thing you can do if you really want to be the best you can be is find those people if you have to pay pay those people if you have a local bodybuilder that's a pro that's offering to go train with them for a couple hundred bucks pay the money and go get your ass kicked because you're gonna leave there and you're gonna remember that for the next year before your show you're gonna go I'm not working hard enough I remember what it felt like I remember what he got out of me I can never go back from that now because I know I'm not I'm not giving it everything I got that's what it does it's not like going to train with John once was not the solution to all my problems because that one day he kicked my ass no going to train with John once was a solution because after I left there I knew I had another gear that I didn't know I had before I got there so now when I go home to work out I can never go back from that cuz then in my mind I'm like you're slacking you're slacking go back to where John took you or else you're slacking so it teaches you that you have more in you so that you can never be a lazy again that's the benefit to training with people that are better than you find those people and get and get better yourself Mike McMillan one says when calories get low deep into a prep to utilize more green veggies towards your carbon take for added volume with your meals to fill your stomach No add more water I don't I don't more food I mean yeah maybe you want to say like I go from like a cup of green still a cup and a half sure I'm not gonna lie but that's not I don't go from like a cup of broccoli to like four cups because I'm like I'm hungry no you just suffer with the hunger that's part of bodybuilding drink more water that's it there's no trust me man when I'm hungry I'll eat anything I'll look for food in the fridge I open the fridge I stare in there and I'm like there's got to be something in here to eat there's gotta be something I can eat that's not that's calorie free there is no such thing everything is calories even if they're easily burned off or whatever it doesn't matter I in my mind I can't do it I'm a little bit OCD like that when I'm dieting I stick to my diet if I'm super hungry and I need something its water it just does old guzzle guzzle until I'm like bloated and I'm like okay I don't I'm fine I'll get over it I deal with it that's it the carbs Fortier says after I'm done training legs I don't have an appetite appetite until an hour or so I can't even stomach a post protein shake is this normal or am i doing something wrong no if you're training legs hard that's totally normal I lose my appetite to that what you are doing wrong is waiting and I'm not saying you have to get the anabolic window and all I just think you should eat now if you're drinking like an inch or workout shake that has AAA's and all that stuff in it that's fine you're protected for a little while but I would in my opinion at least go home and have a shake I know you said you can't have a protein shake but at least have some aminos you know if we can drink some essential amino acids post-workout at least you have something flowing through your body but you can't be so full that you can't drink a protein shake you know I mean like it's a little bit much like you have to be able to just chug a protein shake it's if you get good protein if you get a quality protein it's literally like water like it should be very smooth going down so protein shake with a banana post-workout you got to get it in you know within half an hour if you're drinking it if you drink in an intra workout shake with essential amino is in it just try and drink a shake within and a half it within a half an hour then we didn't wait an hour after that and then eat a meal last one and say 99 says thoughts on high trend low test cycle versus vice-versa no I don't think it's a good idea hi Tran is alone not a good idea listen man that shit's toxic it's like it with your mind it with your body I think Tran is a valuable drug I think it's better to be used sparingly or during a contest prep can be using the offseason like in the test deform but sparingly meaning like six week cycles of it eight week cycles of it max and not in high doses if you are going to run it longer I don't in the offseason my trend cycles at their highest were 600 a week which is high but for short periods of time and they're on average 300 a week now I'm not saying that's it there's other stuff in my stack but I don't like hi trend OSes it seemed to with me quite a bit and they with my blood work so I don't advise that if I had a choice if you're giving me a choice hi Tran and low test versus high test and low Tran I'm taking high test all day long I don't think there are a ton of side effects from high test depending on what high is relatively high I mean if you're taking over 1500 milligrams you're probably getting more side effects more acne more water retention but higher estrogen levels more gynecomastia all these things but a proper dose for your body for what you're used to I would go with high test low Tran all day long because the more toxic a substance the worse it's gonna be for your blood work the worse it's gonna be for your blood pressure the worse it's gonna be for your liver the worse is gonna be I mean it's just the problems go on and on right so I would yeah keep the toxic drugs like the trendy Anna draw all the d-ball either keep the doses low or if you're gonna keep the dice at doses on the higher end keep the cycle shorter so that you're not killing your body with this extremely toxic stuff for long periods of time just my two cents okay guys that's gonna wrap up QA number five we've been on for about an hour and a half now so I'm gonna cut this into maybe three parts just to kind of make it easier for viewing thank you guys for watching and until next week get your questions in on Instagram sacrifice without regret and train your asses off you

48 thoughts on “HOSSTILE Q&A #5 Part 2 – Does The Scientific Community Respect Bodybuilders?

  1. Science is an attempt to explain the world around us. The moon would still rise even if not a single astronomy text were ever written.

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  8. The answer to the scientific question is actually pretty simple: those "studies that are produced" are pretty much toilet paper. And ALL OTHER FIELDS OF SCIENCE CONFIRM AND POINT THIS OUT! Want to know why… because there are so many lack of controls in these studies that THEY CANNOT BE RECREATED! and that is the MOST IMPORTANT THING IN SCIENTIFIC STUDIES. So often people try to create these studies and they dont yield the same results at all! So you cant consider that science… i'll give an extreme example but its how SCIENTIFIC STUDIES WORK. What is the freezing point of water? Ok, people know its 0 celcius… at an altitude of zero… THIS CAN BE RECREATED AND TESTED AND CONFIRMED…. but they control for those things… if you change alititude or add salt or shit like that and the control goes away the result is different… imagine they kept redoing this test and sometimes the freezing point is 15 degrees celcisu sometimes its -10 degress celcius… you would be like, we have no fucking clue what the freezing point of water is! but that example is EXACTLY how the results are coming out from these sport medicien and diet studies… completely different answers to teh same type of test,,, so it cant be confirmed…. ONE STUDY DOESN'T PROVE SHIT! OR A FEW STUDIES CONFIRMING IT DONT BACK IT UP! In science they want completely controlled and retestable and confirmable studies, and there are so many variables that they cant control for it makes the results not worth that much… Diet isnt controlled, sleep isnt controlled, genetics are all different, age is different, amount of training progress is different, race is different, there are too many things in the studies that dont get controlled, so no real meaningful and recreatable results can EVER be taken away from these… (They are literally attempting to come up with new statisitcal methods to interpret tehse studies because the "REAL STATISTICS" always show things as non correlated, so the studies are borderline useless.

  9. I can only think of 2 top bodybuilders that train in that old heavy free weights to failure style… Luke Sandow and Chris Bumstead. Everyone else I can think of seems to be on the on the high volume machine thing.

  10. Amazing content as always, provides an element and a dimension into bodybuilding that no other channel has even come close to producing. Agreed in regards to classic; it’s a division driven by a combination of lines, structure, and conditioning, the first two of which you either have or don’t. If you have to question if you belong in this class chances are the answer is no.

  11. Why do people care so much about what others think? Especially "science" wing nuts. Look at it like this, some of them are KIND OF jacked. While the actual Bodybuilders are, what? ACTUALLY JACKED.

    It's like going up to a millionaire and explain to him how to be a millionaire yet he already is.

    I follow nothing they say I do the complete opposite of everything and lmao it works.

  12. Science takes someone that’s never lifted in there life then puts them
    On any workout plan on earth and they build muscle because they are a virgin to training. That’s not science it’s common sense and it’s sad a scientist uses this type of data for their study articles

  13. HAH broscience. There’s a reason why serious bodybuilders follow processes and routines from 20-30 years ago…it works. Yes there can be a place for evidence based training but if something isn’t broken why try and fix it? Show me a top Olympian who isn’t following protocols from decades previous.

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    Inb4 shitstorm of opinions!

  17. Your opinion on proviron hoss? Hear and read a lot saying it's pointless if you're loaded up with gear but it was one of the first to come to your mind so maybe what I'm reading is wrong

  18. I'm a scientist by profession, graduate in Pharmacology, and Fouad has nailed it; the study groups aren't a perfect translation to bodybuilders and there's still a degree of extrapolation. I prefer to look at some of the studies investigating MECHANISMS of muscle growth and then pair them with the ANECDOTAL evidence from the ELITE bodybuilders and see how they fit together.

    From what I see the best muscle growth comes from failure, heavyweight, two rep ranges, high intensity, and lower volume and just fucking progress it. How can anything beat that when its constantly progressing?

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  20. I have worked in biomechanics to drive scientific and computer models, and agree – you need to create your model based on the elite of a profession, not the average person that lifts weights. The elite are elite for a reason, mostly a genetic component, but how they do it, their technique etc all play a factor and must be part of the scientific model. Too many studies are involving aging men and women over 65 years of age, or are in vitro studies involving a chemical that can't be absorbed by the body.

  21. The hamstring tear and therapy might be related.. I remember watching Brian shaw get chiropractic adjustment for his hamstring the day before the show and ended up tearing it while competing.. there should be a lesson learned file for bodybuilders lol

  22. When you figure out how to be nicer, let me know! Lol I think this is why I dig your show we have very similar personalities!

  23. Point blank, the science is still behind the bodybuilders who have been in the trenches and adapting and testing for years. The science is behind and is just now explaining what bodybuilders have been doing for years. Not the end all be all but to be considered

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