Horse Rescue Heroes: Auction Rescue

(thundering) – They just want love so bad. – [Auctioneer] 700, he’s
cowboy colored ain’t he? There’s shoes on all the way around. 500, 350, 450, high of 350? 350, 350, high 350? Sold three and a quarter,
Horse Plus three and a quarter. – That’s a lot of money but… – It’s amazing because
it’s thanks to your support and the Tazzy Animal Rescue
Fund from Los Angeles with their extremely generous donation. Payton actually got struck
by somebody that was buying horses. The comment was made, “You guys bought all the horses up…” Right here it looks, it’s swollen. So we need to get that police report, but let’s get this baby over into the pen with the other sick horse. (upbeat music) – So, we’re getting ready
to head out to the auction and it’s been a busy last few days. I’ve been fundraising. It costs our organization
about a thousand dollars to rescue horse from auction,
feed it, get it veterinarian care, and shelter it, give it training, until we can find it a home. And it can cost $650
depending on size of the horse we rescue so we try to raise
a thousand dollars for that, so, right now we can rescue 17 horses, I’m going to continue
fundraising throughout the day And hopefully we can save a lot more. – All right let’s go. – It’s gonna be a busy day. – Yeah. – So every auction, I
make a spreadsheet so when we are at the auction we
can be calculating how many horses we get and then
I also have to calculate how many donations we have
so I know we can actually afford to get that many horses. – So every time we get
to the auction town, we check into the hotel first, then Tawnee goes online
and she likes to see how many horses we can rescue. Costs the organization
about $1000 a horse, to purchase it, transport
it to our shelter, get it the vet care,
farrier care, vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, and sheltering til it’s able to find a home, so we have to raise $1000 a horse and so she logs into our Paypal account, she logs into our, the credit
card processor for our website and all the Facebook fundraisers
and she adds it all up and then we are able to let people know, keep them updated on how
many horses we can rescue and we would really like to
rescue 20 horses tonight, so, let’s hope for the best. – About 100 horses go through
this auction ever week. With those 100 horses
come hundreds of people and every horse is sold
off to the highest bidder no matter who it is. – So at this auction you can buy anything. You can buy fish hooks,
you can buy saws, tires, they’ll come through here
pretty soon and auction off these things they haven’t sold. I’ve even seen an AK-47 being
sold in this parking lot. It’s something else. – So what I’m gonna do right
now, is I’m gonna go through and count how many horses
are here approximately. (counting) I just went through and
counted all the horses. There is over a 100
horses here tonight, so, I’m just letting the group here know. – So one thing you don’t,
I can’t really capture when the horses are safe at our shelter is when horses are at these auctions and they know like, their
future is so uncertain when they meet somebody that
they feel they can trust and that loves them, they
just soak up the attention, like they just want love so
bad and they’ve been shoved down alley ways and into slaughter trucks and on their way to
Mexico and they’re just, they’re so tired but they want love, they’re yearning for it so bad, and it’s, it’s just devastating. Because they’re, these were
peoples pets at one time and then they, they get older or injured or just at the wrong
place at the wrong time and you know, these
horses need help so bad and that’s why we come here
and we try to help them but we desperately need support so we can because there’s so many we can’t. We can’t do it without you’re support. (ambient music) – So these pens right
here they put stallions that can’t be with other horses in here. So, right now there is no stallions that are being aggressive or anything, but these are the stallion holding pens. – When we’re at auction, we’re looking through all the pens. Sometimes there’s horses
in the back corners. We want to learn as much as we can. We’re looking for age,
temperament, injuries. We just want to get to
know them as fast as we can before they go through the auction ring. – For one thing, I see
when we come back here, that a lot of times they will
put saddles on skinny horses so you don’t see it. Yeah, so you don’t see it
until after you get the horse. Normally, it’s a really thick
saddle pad and a bulky saddle and so you don’t really see it. – This one’s up to weight
yeah cause it’s filled out, but that is, that is common. – Big bite, big bite. Not the whole apple, not the whole apple. Thank you. (ambient music) – That’s the slaughter truck coming in. It can haul about 40 horses. We routinely see slaughter
trucks and kill buyers come to the auction
and bring skinny horse. These horses are in horrific
condition and a lot of times they are horses that have
bounced through the slaughter pipeline. – I don’t know where to begin. There’s so many horses here
tonight that need help. (typing) There’s a pen full of skinny horses, no doubt castaways from
the slaughter pipeline. They’ve most likely been
in the slaughter truck and pulled off to be
replaced with fatter horses. But there’s only so many donations and we can only save
as many as funds allow. – See? – Okay so.. – And look, they’ve glued it or something. – Yep, we’ve got epoxy down here, cause this whole front of
the toe is just ripped off. And he’s sore on it. I touch it and he picks it up. – And then they spray
painted it to cover it up. – I want to be in there, you know, looking at the horses
and see what’s happening, but… – Don’t eat all of it. Okay fine, but you’re gonna
have to drop it at some point. You can’t eat the whole apple baby. That’s stingy. – This is a very important part because if I don’t show these
pictures to our supporters and our donors, they won’t
know that they need help. So I’m going through and
just making sure my donation links are working. It’s always the biggest worry of mine, sending out a blog or email and having the donation links broken. So then I have my computer
read the email back to me, I know Jason reads it but I
just want to make sure that it’s good, and I could
read it but sometimes, I mean, I could read stuff
and it looks fine in my head but it doesn’t come out right. So I just have my computer read it before I sent it out just to make sure it’s okay. – I don’t know where to begin, there are so many horses
here tonight that… – By the end of the night, most of everyone will be gone, except for us and the kill buyers and then it’s like 99% kill buyers and it’s just us bidding against them. It’s heartbreaking cause we’re typically
out of money by then. These young men here are very brave, because they hop on horses
they have no clue about. Pretty much in every auction
across the United States there’s kids like this that will hop on horses they don’t know and ride them through the auction ring so they raise a higher
price in the auction. And you get commission for that? – I get 10 bucks a horse. – $10 a horse if he
can ride it through so, they’ll go through these horses back here and see who they can
ride, if they can ride it, they get 10 bucks and they can
ride it through the auction and actually really helps the horse out because horses that people
can see being ridden they’re more likely to
buy and they won’t end up going to Mexico or Canada so, you guys are doing amazing work. We just want to interview
some of our volunteers here so you can see, you know, what
they’re seeing first hand. What it’s like when a horse
is in the slaughter pipeline. I’ve been in the professional
animal world for over 20 years and I’ve got to say this
is, this is gut wrenching. Everyone of these horses
seems to have a story. I can’t imagine what
must being going through the minds of these horses. – It’s really sad seeing
the horses a lot of times. Its really sad that they
didn’t have the option to do something else and you can tell there’s
pain in their eyes they’re scared, this could be
the end of the line for them like, they don’t know what’s next. I’m very happy for the ones we do save. It just gives me piece of mind. – The auctions we’ve been to in Wisconsin, they’re not of this scale. A lot of them are also higher end. There’s always the few
stragglers at the end, but the kill buyers ultimately go for, but there are some low end
ones that we’ve been to but they’re not of this
magnitude, this place is huge and there’s a lot of horses here that really needs some help. (phone rings) – Hello? – [Leilani On Phone] Hi! It’s Leilani from Tazzy. I can tell you’re at
auction, is that a horse? (laughing) – It is, it is. – [Leilani] Are there
a lot of horses there? – There is over a 100. And there is some in really bad, bad… – [Leilani] Well I got your
newsletter and I just saw them. I can’t believe people
let them be that skinny. That’s horrifying. – It is. It’s heart wrenching to see their faces and see every bone in their body. This is Leilani from Tazzy Animal Fund. She’s worked with us for years. – [Leilani] And we know
how hard you guys work and we trust you so much
so Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund so our monthly donors are
committing to $20,000 donation. – No. – Nooo. – [Leilani] So you guys can
go rescue 20 more horses right now, more than you could’ve. – I’m gonna cry it’s not even. – [Leilani] 20 extra horses. – Are you serious? – [Leilani] Yes I’m serious. – Oh good, I can’t, I can’t yell too loud or the kill buyers will
wonder what’s wrong. But unbelievable. – Wow! – [Leilani] But we can’t wait
to see the 20 special horses you rescue. – [Jason] It doesn’t happen
often I’m speechless. – Yes. We’ve never gotten a donation like this when we’re at an auction, that’s that. – [Leilani] Well, the pictures
speak for their selves and I know all the work
you guys do, you’re, you’re volunteers, everybody affiliated
with Horse Plus is amazing so, it’s our honor and our
privilege, so just go get some awesome horses and make sure
you show us who’s coming home. – Yeah we will, we will. Thanks. Wow. Thank you. – Thank you! – Thank you so much, we’ll
save a bunch of babies tonight. – And older ones. – And older ones, we’ll
save as many as we can. We need to keep this quiet. If the kill buyers hear that
we have a huge budget tonight, they will bid up against
us and they will try to.. – [Cindy] Cause they run the prices up. – They’ll try to waste donations tonight. – [Auctioneer] If you are buying a horse, we do ask that you pay
for it before you leave. You’re more than welcome
to leave him overnight if you need to or we’ll try to find
someone going your way. (auctioneer yelling) 1000 bucks. – [Auctioneer] 700, 500, 500, 550. 600, 650. 700, 675 CJ. 675. – It’s really above slaughter
price at that price. – [Auctioneer] Where’d she go? Hey, he come from the Amish. He come from the Amish and he’s just been a big
ol’ slave his entire life. – So this horse has
spray painted front feet. He’s got silicone like
caulking holding his shoe on it’s a mess. (auctioneer mumbling) – This whole front of the
toe is just ripped off. – Yeah. – And he’s sore on it. I touch it and he picks it up. (auctioneer mumbling out prices) – He’s out of … Auctioneer Rambling – I know. – [Auctioneer] Sold! $850, closed 850, 9824. (clapping) 38 years we’ve never had nobody
buy every horse everybody. (auctioneer mumbling out prices) – [Auctioneer] Sold! 275, 9824. This is a little gelding,
they rode him all the way up with a saddle. Come with a saddle horse, $1000. 700, he’s cowboy colored ain’t he? There’s shoes on all the way around. Anybody need one a
little bit stronger boys? He’s a good little horse. 485, 485, 485. 475. 9824 gets him, 9824 Horse Plus – So far, we’ve rescued
21 horses and miniatures and we’ve spent almost $7000 and that’s a lot of money but it’s 21 horses saved
and that’s just amazing. – Okay, so I’m doing a live video… – K. – Feed here. We’ll let this truck go by. We need your help tonight to save horses, please make a donation now. Okay, then I’m going to add,
add the donation button. Hey everyone this is Tawnee at Horse Plus. We are here at the auction
tonight and we need your support. There is over a 100 horses here right now. – [Auctioneer] His whole
pen, he didn’t have no grass. He just got worse for the days,
so we brung him to the sale. He’s doing right thing. He’s getting rid of ’em
before they die on him. Help ya self. (auctioneer mumbling out prices) Sold! Three and a quarter. Horse Plus, three and a quarter, 9874. – [Jason] 24! – 9824. How many you want? – [Tawnee] We can take them all! – They’re takin’ them all… Horse Plus thank you. You got your numbers get ’em. Wonderful. Here’s what they do. The ones that can be straightened
out, they straighten out. The ones they can’t, they help them on their
way to their next life. – [Auctioneer] 3197. (upbeat music) (auctioneer mumbling out prices) – So we’ve rescued a lot
of horses this evening, we are at 48 horses so far and 48 horses and miniatures
that’s a lot of animals…. But we’re maybe going to get a few more. Donations are coming in, we’re excited to see what happens tonight. Right now we are bidding on
a beautiful horse, skinny, so we’ll just see what happens. Right now the auctioneer is at 425 trying to find someone to pay 425 for him. He’s at 410. – We got it. – We got it. We just got that horse for 400 bucks. – 25, now 50. (auctioneer mumbling out prices) – What happens is as
the auction goes on is, there’s everyone’s leaving
that is just here to buy horses for kids or families or whatever, and it just ends up being the kill buyers and by then, we almost have 50 horses. We really can’t rescue more. Funds are depleted. And so, it’s really devastating
at the end of the auction because the kill buyers
are just scooping ’em up. But we try to keep bidding
to try to keep the prices up a little more and they’re not just
getting them dirt cheap but it’s, it’s very sad. (auctioneer mumbling out prices) – [Auctioneer] Rocky Mountain mare, they could not find her papers. Isn’t she nice boys? (auctioneer mumbling out prices) Sold! Six and a quarter. – Hey everyone! Tonight was a crazy night. We, we rescued a lot of horses. Pretty sure we rescued 50. The auctioneer thought we got 49, and then the auctioneer said
one of them wasn’t counted, so, I think we got 50 horses tonight and it’s amazing because
it’s thanks to your support and the Tazzy Animal Rescue
Fund from Los Angeles with their extremely generous donation. After the auction’s
over, we have to go out and find the horses. They’re all over in different
pens throughout the auction. It was raining, lightening,
thundering, crashing. The horses were scared. We just had to get them in, where they could be under the barn and be safe for the night. (thundering) ♪ Morning’s come and seasons
go and life can get so hard. ♪ ♪ It’s easy to forget the things
that make you who you are.♪ ♪ I hope that when you look at you, ♪ ♪ You see yourself the way that I do. ♪ ♪ When it feels like
you’re walking back, ♪ ♪ When you’re out of
luck and on your back,♪ ♪ Girl, don’t get too far from home,♪ ♪ Just remember that you’re not alone.♪ ♪ In the face of another storm,♪ ♪ That you feel like you’re on your own.♪ ♪ In that moment you can’t control,♪ ♪ Just remember that you’re not alone.♪ ♪ Ooh, ooh, oooh,♪ ♪ Remember that you’re not alone.♪ – So we had an incident happen tonight. Payton actually got
struck by somebody that was buying horses. The comment was made, “You guys bought all the horses up” and they were pretty angry. Now, I’m pretty sure I can
see it’s swollen on her face. Right here it’s, it’s swollen. So we need to get that police report. This is the real reality of what horse rescue heroes go through. You know, you may see on the website, everything looks great and yay, we rescued all of these horses. We’re putting ourselves out
there in very uncomfortable situations where people are
extremely angry at times because, you know, they
wanted to buy all these horses and trade them out and you
know, we’re coming in here and getting them and they,
they get upset and angry, and it’s something that just, there’s no way you can get around it when you’re in the rescue world. – Okay so. – I think we rescued 53. – It’s like 12:30 in the morning. We just got back to the hotel room and we rescued 53 horses. – And that is the most horses we’ve ever rescued in
auction before at one time. – We bought 50 at the auction and we got them all
sorted and put into pens with hay, water, and then somebody wanted to sell us three more and if we didn’t buy them, they were selling them cheaper. – Cheaper than slaughter price and… – A lot cheaper. – Yeah. Like half price almost. – Pretty much and if we didn’t buy them, they were gonna go right on that truck. – They were gonna load ’em
up on a semi trailer so. – We’re just gonna get the
blog sent out real quick and… – So, just an update to our donors, because you know, we had an
amazing auction rescue night, early morning and I think
it’s always very important that even though I’m tired and exhausted that our followers and donors get… – Recognition. – Recognition and… – Closure. – Closure for the night
like we’re at this auction and this, they donated and then they’re gonna get an email with a few pictures and a little update like, “Hey thank you”, cause I really appreciate them doing what they can to help because without them we wouldn’t
have been able to rescue these horses. Filming this episode
was absolutely amazing. I’ve been going to auctions
since I was a little, little tiny girl, my mom
would take me to auctions and we would rescue veal calves and I rescued my first horse
from an auction when I was 19. That was the first, the
first rescued horse. My neighbor was a kill buyer
when I was little growing up, and I always saw horses coming and going and at the young age of 19, to rescue the first horse, you know, that our organization rescued
and we rescued over 6000 horses in these last 16 years. To be able to bring a
film crew in to an auction was just unbelievable
because I can try to tell our followers and donors
what I see at auctions but it’s impossible. So this episode has given
you a little glimpse into my life over the last 16 years. I want to say a special thank
you to all of the donors who made this auction rescue possible, to the Tazzy Animal
Rescue Fund in Los Angeles for their extremely generous donation and I just want to put
this episode in memory of all the horses that I
have seen in the slaughter pipeline that weren’t saved. Over the last 16 years,
I’ve watched so many horses load up on slaughter trucks and I’ve always wished I could tell people what its really like and in this episode, you all saw a taste of
these slaughter trucks and I would just want a special memory for all the horses that didn’t make it. (soft music)

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