Honolulu Pride Parade

10 thoughts on “Honolulu Pride Parade

  1. Gross. Since when is a man’s weird sexual fetish for another man’s stinky hairy butt hole something that merits publicizing? Some people eat their own boogers, too but it’s not something they need to march in the streets for.

  2. 43:38
    I was there with the Lavender Clinic! (blue cap)
    Amazing turnout this year and had a blast! Thank you for covering the parade with respect and aloha <3 Happy Pride

  3. Why does a so-called family friendly event have to involve strippers dancing scantly clad and men wearing dildos on their hats? Those are only two examples of the depravity featured at this event

  4. Quite disappointed they didn't follow the script and did not read the bio I turned in. Instead they introduced a fellow newswoman. That is why their adlib went wrong. Such a disappointment when someone comes from the mainland to participate.

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