Honda gave me a Civic Type-R to Explore Japan [Sub ENG]

Konnichiwa, here it's Marchettino-San and this is my new Honda Civic Type-R here in Japan! Well guys, if you're following me on social medias, particularly on Instagram (@Marchettino) you may noticed after several years I'm back in Japan and for this trip, Honda Japan has been kind enough to lend me this Civic Type-R, to keep the japanese style! During the trip I'll be using the Type-R to move in and out Tokyo, I'll do several trips out of the city to make some videos and post some content and now I wanna show you this car as I've always been curious and I'm happy to use this car to travel with in Japan and to put more miles I'll post you also the video review of this car around mount Hakone! The Type-R has a shape that looks like a UFO, look at the rear! Look also at the exhaust tips that remind me of a certain italian car..! A car like this goes truly noticed in Italy but here in Japan it's almost unnoticed just look at the cars around, here we have so many cars we don't see on our market. After all, here the Type-R feels at home! Oh, look at how cool are the typical japanese taxis! I didn't drive it that much so far, mainly in the city but I have to say this is truly a great sports car and strictly manual, what a gearbox and now we go for a ride around Tokyo to tell you more my first impressions but also to show you the city and to move because I fear to get a ticket! Believe it or not, driving around Tokyo is a hell, to find this parking and stop 10 minutes I spent 2 hours, it's impossible to find places to stop! And if you stop in the wrong place you get a ticket in a few minutes! If you remember when 3 years ago I went in Japan, I had the "slight" problem that Nissan gave me a GT-R press car with the multimedia system in japanese! This time I prevented myself and asked to get a car with english language and here's the reply: Again the same problem! Hopefully I have pocket wifi on the mobile phone so I need to use it for the sat-nav, the problem I can't use or play with the multimedia, by touching randomly a few buttons I found out this car has TV! On this channel there's the japanese version of Giorgio Mastrota (*famous italian tv showman famous for selling beds on) Let's go for a drive around Tokyo! Driving around Tokyo is not the easiest thing ever, first because I'm driving with the steering wheel on the wrong side second the indications are all in japanese, hopefully I can use the satnav of the mobile phone otherwise I wouldn't be able to move a meter! And if there's something In noticed, one of the most complicated things is to find a parking because there's a few and the few ones are truly expensive! The cheapest I found was at 2,50€ per hour! This morning I thought I parked legally and 5 minutes after I got this on the windshield, I got it translated and thought where to pay for the ticket but instead I found out it was a warning, if I didn't remove the car asap the vigilant would have come back to write a ticket, just like in Italy uh? The engine is not bad, sure Tokyo is not the ideal place to test it properly infact as I said to make the review I can't wait to get out Tokyo, find some mountain roads to use this car properly. Moving around the city with this car ain't bad, an automatic gearbox for the city would have been better as the clutch pedal is quite hard but for a sports use, the pedal and gear stick are absolutely amazing! I'm not sure you can see it but sometimes you find tiny parkings, if you're lucky you may find a free spot but they're very expensive! Don't ask me why but there's a giant chef with mustache above there and a building with giant cups! This is also the beauty of Tokyo, wherever you move you find unusual and weird things to see! Finally found a parking, the let down is that it's available for just 1 hour and how it works, you make the parking invoice at the machine (if you can translate it), and simply you put the invoice on the windshield so the vigilant can see it. That guy's the vigilant anyway here the instructions, clear right? I got it explained by a local and so here you put the yen, here the plate of the car the invoice comes out and you put it on the windshiel! What I just noticed, this is a bicyle lane and look on the bikes, these are warnings that say you can't leave it there, the same kind of warning I got on the car. Crazy! Here japanese are strict, japanese follow the rules and if you do it wrong, they're ready to ticket you just consider this morning I found a parking free until 9am, I showed up at 8:58am and the vigilant was already checking the neighborhood! Driving around Tokyo is not the easiest thing, I'm stressed to say the least and now I leave the car but after I think I'm getting the underground I can't wait to take the car around proper roads to make a full video review! Make sure to Like the video, suscribe to my YouTube if you haven't yet and as always thanks for watching, ciao!

29 thoughts on “Honda gave me a Civic Type-R to Explore Japan [Sub ENG]

  1. Sa Honda civica mi pare quella machina e batman che accattai a mi nipote rosario ndo negozzzio di cinisa a Reggio Calabria

  2. Si ma dentro c'ha le stesse plastiche della Tucson…cioè la merda ( ex possessore). Fuori invece è un orgasmo multiplo!

  3. gran motore turbo ..E degna di prendere il posto alla vtec 200cv ha tutte le carte in regola pero non ha fascino come la vecchia gloria ..Deve piacere..

  4. A me invece quelli scarichi mi ricordano quelli della Corvette c7 , anche se la corvette ne ha uno in piu😉

  5. Noi questo tipo di macchine le chiamiamo le filippino car ! Riguardo ai vigili ….a Roma si sono estinti ! Ce ne sono più di 6500 …ma nom si vedono più da anni ! Mà !

  6. Ci sono salito, davvero migliore dell’rs3 o classe A amg. Peccato solo il costo del bollo in Italia che si aggira intorno alle 1800 euro. Per 30mila usata è una gran macchina. Complimenti Honda

  7. Caro Marchettino, io una decina di anni fa, sono andato a Catania, dovevo andare in un palazzo, prendere l'ascensore, salire al piano dell'ufficio e dare un documento e andarmene subito. Quindi perdita di tempo pochi minuti, sostai l'auto alle 15, davanti a questo palazzo sulle strisce blu. Ho perso circa 2 minuti per consegnare il documento, e già sul parabrezza della mia auto c'era un verbale, per fortuna c'era scritto solamente che se non avessi pagato la sosta oppure rimosso l'auto da lì mi avrebbero fatto la multa. Quindi non è solo Tokio, ma anche il sud Italia che ha
    questo sistema!

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