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alright hey crew John from JDM Expo and today our inventory videos featuring this guy right here it's a 99 Honda Civic type-r and yes it isn't ek9 and it's got all those good old type our parts and definitely good old performance straight from the factory this one is up there in mileage it's got about two hundred forty four thousand kilometers so about up there around a hundred fifty thousand miles or so and but as you would know with Honda's these definitely they last a while so that's not that much mileage for a Honda motor if you know what I mean I've seen them go well over three hundred thousand plus miles with just the usual timing belt and regular maintenance so uh yeah let's have a look at this you're gonna like what you see got the signature ek9 front end here with the headlights made a little bit we can easily polish those up with some headlight restorer you know how these plastic ones are championship white is all around nice and I know we usually don't feature Civic so much because these have been pretty popular for years in the tuning world but definitely the eg and the DK are well known into look inside in the interior that black and red trim it's very stylish Recaro seats as you can see the drivers head a little bit worn but not torn or anything so that's good at the Honda steering wheel here shift knob we do have Cleary on audio deck here they have to type our gauge cluster and can see right there two four four three four seven and we do have a defi gauge controller here so you got a couple of defin gauges here we do have an oil pressure gauge up here on the pillar so got all that and let's look back here you have like added performance for your audio it's a small camp in there it's part of the fusion audio system they do have added on here so with the clarion deck and the speaker's a pretty decent sound and not a lot of weight either so that's a good thing let's see the headliner take a look at that – also it's in pretty good shape what I'm gonna be showing you here in a second a good old b16 let's take a look and it's a long time known in the JDM fanbases there's a lot of memes about it – that'd be 16 now you got a little bit of the coding on the valve cover coming off here but sealed up real good this is genuine B 16 of JD alone usually people would swap these out with their domestic versions where everybody lives the a/c condenser and we have the radiator here so their radiator stock um for the most part this is stock you've got the strut bar there it doesn't match here on the plate this is a genuine sight bar you have a grounding kit on here going to different points on the engine and I interestingly enough they didn't even have hid conversions on this more do they have LEDs so they actually kept this pretty original so yeah I will type our hood a little bit of dirt over there and probably slap on some headers here a different air filter more out of it but from the factory these put out close to 200 horsepower anyways so pretty nice red lines at 8400 rpm those of you to know about the spoon version going up to 11 grand well that's a good time to I'm taking the and behind this hatch here you can see you can always put these down get plenty of cargo room have the speakers here in here and underneath spare tire and some tools so you got everything you need here and all right so let's go ahead back over to the yard and you can bring it to the garage in take a look underneath yeah all in all this is definitely quite comfortable you know type-r is a pretty good balance even though it's the higher end performance model it's still comfortable that VTEC kicking in really nice you can hear that shift when it changes the Kim they sound and then the suspension is stalk as well so what's really great about this is it's not uncomfortable you know even though it's type-r it's got enough of the performance of sporty or suspension but it's not too crazy if you know aftermarket coilovers that oh well alright crew there you have it the 99 ek9 honda civic type-r if you're interested to this or any other vehicles make sure to hit up our sales team info at JDM – explore calm or hit us up on our social media pages Facebook Twitter Instagram all that good stuff any DMS on those pages will go directly to our sales team and you can ask them whatever you want if you're looking for something in particular you're looking at this guy or any other general questions about importing into your country so as always guys thanks for stopping by make sure to hit that subscribe button or hit the notification belt if you've already subscribed so you'll be able to see some of our latest inventory we've got a couple more classics that have just arrived a couple of Ken Mary's and a whole bunch of other good stuff so you're not going to want to miss those and as always guys thanks for stopping by and see you in the next video

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