Honda Civic Type R at Lightning Lap 2018

24 thoughts on “Honda Civic Type R at Lightning Lap 2018

  1. You just don’t know how to race a front wheel drive my friend !

    I can easily shave 5 seconds out of your too much steering imput lap !

  2. 1:42 thereabouts. You see him turn the wheel more and less and yet the car doesn’t change direction at all… complete understeer.

    But damn this thing is impressive for a FF.

  3. Jesus Christ. The steering wheel shuffling!! Keep them at 10/2 or 9/3, no need to move your hands on track.

  4. Clearly didn't get the most out of it. They've got it lapping far behind cars it obliterates at other tracks (not mentioning the Nurburgring)

  5. Think this performance is more indicative of the driver, not the car. Goes in too hot several times and waits too long to get on the power. With the LSD you can get on the throttle at the apex. I see him waiting to straighten the car before going on the throttle. Re do this with a professional skilled driver and the focus doesnt stand a chance. lets see how it does in road and tracks BDC test which is finalizing this week.

  6. Pretty close race against the RS, the Sti and the Type R. However, I don't think the Type R was being pushed hard enough…

  7. Different drivers with different driving skill levels, how can you rely to achieve a credible lap time on each car?

  8. Look how shitty those drivers are…
    3:27 71.8 MPH in this corner for a Civic… Corvette ZR1 in this corner had 64.5 MPH…
    This magazine is BULLSHIT

  9. I barely begin to watch the videos of the LL 2018 and already know it’s best of them all. Congrats! I’ll look for the printed magazine here in Brazil too.

  10. Why use a helmet mounted camera? It makes the video hard to watch. A fixed camera would have been so much better.

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