Honda Civic Type R–A DAILY DRIVER??

well here's a car that's had a lot of hype over the last couple of years it came out last year in North America the 2017 Civic type-r this is the eighteen model no change still has all of the horsepower and the go-fast bits on the outside that you either love or you don't there have already been two reviews on the channel I encourage you to go back and watch them one by Brian Chou he went to the launch of Mont Tremblant of the racetrack when this car was officially launched in North America I wasn't able to go to that one and also mike ger in Toronto had a chance to drive it so this is my first chance I kind of waited because we'd already had reviews up but everybody said you should give it a shot cuz it's that good so what I'm gonna do is walk around it talk about it and really what I'm here today to tell you about is can you live with it every single day of course it has the track record at the Nurburgring for a front-wheel drive car that's all the showbiz the reality is most people are gonna use this every single day and that's what I'm here to find out so let's have a look around all right I tell you what we'll do we'll start on the front and then we'll get to the controversial bit that's at the back and I gotta tell you I think this is a nice-looking cars available in white black or red and that's it and you get the black wheels now at the front you get standard LED headlamps which is nice and the black chrome one of the issues with the modern Civic is this the cheese grater look at the bottom of the front and rear spoiler or bumper and it gives you I don't know it doesn't do anything that's I think the biggest problem it does make the car look more grounded if it didn't have that those bumpers would just be big white masses so that's why that's done to anchor the car now all of this arrow air intakes there and there they're all active either for ground effects or to cool the brakes and when you come around the side you get 20 inch continental tires these are sport contact six and what it's the size again they're two forty-five thirty twenty so big tires gloss black and big beautiful brown bro brakes now here's the vent to help let the air exit I was recently at a Portia event and they showed the most turbulence for aerodynamics is actually right here inside the top of the wheel and if you can get the air out this way and release some of that pressure it really helps with aerodynamics and to make the car a little bit faster I want to show you one thing so this this car is brand new it's a 2018 that is 2,000 kilometers on it so I'm not sure what journalists had it before but look at those curved wheels that's just tragic like look at that it's just really sad the way some people treat these cars now here we are we're getting to the back of the car and the controversial part of it and it's the huge spoiler okay now I understand you want to have aerodynamic effect and this car did go around the Nurburgring the fastest lap time for a front-wheel drive car and it has to be production car so in order to make that lap time they needed the downforce in the back and that's why if you want to do a lap time like that you have to sell the car the way it went around the racetrack so that's why it has all of this arrow it's got fins you can even see here all the way across the top but I wish that they had for example like a lock system here that you could just quickly release this very big spoiler and leave it in your garage and then you could drive around looking more like that instead of like that now I recently went on a Porsche program in Europe where I had a chance to drive the 911 gt3 but the churring package and that really was impressive because it gave you you know all of the horsepower and and basically everything except for the big wing so I think that that would be something that somebody who's maybe interested in driving this but doesn't want to drive around with that in my opinion ridiculous looking wing would be an option alright back to the cheese graters you see it back here here's another one on either side they don't do anything what I do like however is when you look at it straight on from the back side you see the way it's anchored on either side and then you get the fins for aerodynamic effect and the beautiful try exhaust tips so that is pretty good now this is based on the hatchback version and one of the things is it's a very practical car so this is a really quite big and useful cargo area and here's a neat thing so the tonneau cover doesn't go this way that comes this way okay that's your privacy screen and if you want you can take that cartridge and put it on the other side or just get rid of it all together it's very useful and of course those seats go down as well so the actual car to live with every single day it's very very practical it's a nice size and I'll show you the curved wheels on the other side the back isn't as bad but there's one there there's a nick there and on that side you see it as well I mean the cars new anyway that's the outside as I said once you drive it this grows on you because the car is just that good let's have a look inside okay so what you have are beautifully bolstered sports seats so you get the red and the black you get Type R in there you get the cutouts just so you know there is no sunroof and you can see manual only now that sort of golf ball style shifter is metal and I picked this car up on a real hot day and I put my hand on it and it was very very hot now the opposite I had a Carrera that had a metal shifter like that and the opposite is true on a cold day it's freezing cold so just be aware of that and then you can see here each one is given a plate with its you know the registration number in behind that there is a wireless charging pad which I absolutely love I'm addicted to that and above that is the seven-inch this the audio system that's the same across the entire Honda Civic family same thing no volume knob then you get the two-tone red leather steering wheel a gauge package behind that it has a lot more information about the engine the boosts all of those sorts of things that you want from a performance vehicle so the seats I would give a 10 out of 10 these are fantastic they're heavily bolstered so if you're a you know husky fit try it out and see for yourself if it's actually gonna work for you now one thing is so this looks good right you get those beautifully bolstered seats now you go to the back and that is there's nothing like they couldn't put red inserts in the middle they couldn't mirror the front seats they have all of that in the front with the red nothing here except for the seatbelts they could have at least mirrored the material and you notice right away there is no fifth seat in the middle now the one thing I should say I forgot to mention with the head unit you get Android auto and apple carplay on every Honda product so that's a quick look at the inside it is it's still a Honda Civic it still has to be you know attainable for the vast majority of people and I think that they they have done a nice job on this car but I really have no complaints other than the color code in the backseat of what they've done with this car alright let's go for a drive before we get going there's one thing I really don't like electronic parking brake look for this high-performance model with a manual transmission couldn't they put in a regular handbrake I really missed that and it's it's not intuitive I don't like electric parking brakes I prefer having a regular handbrake alright so what do we have at work here well we have a 2 liter 16-valve VTEC engine with a turbo charge system on it to produce 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque you've got a high horsepower engine a relatively high horsepower engine and then you have a good amount of torque only going to the front wheels so you have a limited-slip front differential and you have a different suspension geometry to help get that power down so what is it like to live with every single day so I'm driving in the city I tell you what I'm gonna let this guy behind me pass and then I'll do an acceleration so just just above idle you can get up to 2,000 rpm really quickly just above idle and the boost comes on really strongly at about 2700 rpm to the point that when you put your foot into it in first or second gear the traction control light is coming on it's amazing to me that all of the new technology it's available for car manufacturers to use makes them better for a vast majority of people so if you like the fact that you want a higher horsepower Civic but you don't need to race around all the time you have a turbocharged engine that produces enough torque at low speeds to make it livable you have the high horsepower from when you want to go for it and then also you have an adaptive suspension its standard equipment on this car oh by the way I'm on a hill and the brake hold so that's where the electronic brake comes in handy holds it while you get going somebody actually emailed me a couple of questions first of all they were thinking of getting not just not this Civic but another Civic and they wondered had driven to manual in a while if they if I figured that the brake hold system was good enough on a steep hill and absolutely there's no problem with that somebody also asked what is the easiest car to learn manual on that was on one of my live chats I do by the way every Sunday somebody typed in and said what is the easiest card to learn manual on and I would I would suggest anybody a Honda Civic is the best and you don't need to even go for a base model this would be really easy to learn on the transmission is velvety smooth you've got the short throws it's not on and off like some transmissions and clutches the pressure point is so precise that you can stall it a perfect example of that is the new came in in Boxster with the turbo four-cylinder engine in the S model actually both of them are turbocharged sometimes you can stall it it's it's that sort of on and off this one absolutely no problem so what we're gonna do now is head out on the highway and that's where you can have a little bit more fun the redline in this car by the way is 7000 rpm so I've got 5,000 rpm now just under the speed limit and he just can wind it all the way out to 7000 rpm and it doesn't ever sort of run out of breath some turbocharged engines kind of run out of breath at higher rpm this one is not the case so here we go a little free space there's 7000rpm just hit the rev limiter a bit and you can get away from people in a hurry in this car so that's what makes it fun and the steering is is great on the highway this thing just feels stuck down on the road it really is a wonderful car I'm enjoying all the time I've had with it I really don't have any criticism of the way it drives at all so the mid-range and high speed acceleration really is great so could you live with this car every single day oh yeah absolutely for me as I mentioned I'd like to have it without the big wing on the back but yeah I would love to to have this put it this way if I was 25 again and I'm not this would be a car that I would really lost after but even then when I was that age I wouldn't like the big wing on the back so in the Canadian market this car starts at 41 thousand dollars there's really only one option package you can get for about eight hundred and sixty dollars that's the illumination package the door sills and a few things on the inside would you get that I don't really think it's worth it but that car is amazing to drive every single day and it's worth every penny of that forty one thousand dollars to me I kept on thinking what does this drive like what is it like it feels so much more expensive than the car actually is it just does everything absolutely effortlessly it's the best Civic that they have ever made I'd love for them to do what Porsche has done with the gt3 make it available with the Touring package without the big wing on the back for people who are a little bit older who like to drive but don't want to look like they're trying too hard all the time that is a magnificent car well done Honda you

24 thoughts on “Honda Civic Type R–A DAILY DRIVER??

  1. Holding out for a 2020 model year. I have a feeling some cool changes or options are coming. I want though!

  2. Honda is a very capable engine builder. Look up the Honda RC166 racing motorcycle. That thing is amazing! That's why I believe in Honda.

  3. Now that I have a type R, what I thought I would hate about the electric parking brake is actually love. When you get in the car and put on your seatbelt, tap once on brake hold and the parking brake will automatically release once you start moving. Every time you come to a stop, the car will hold its brakes with the brake lights on without your foot on the brake pedal. Once you start moving it releases. When you park the car, the moment you remove your seatbelt, the parking brake automatically engages. Pretty awesome.

  4. Hate on it all you want but unless you are making the payments on it, keep your comments to yourself if you are criticizing someone who has one.

  5. My favorite part is the wing, why would I want that gone, it makes it look so impressive and stylish, keep it as is, no changes except maybe some power things installed where its all manual now…

  6. My son loves his till i take my vette out of the garage but 60 mpg on the highway its a nice little car

  7. Most definitely Honda, give the option on the Touring Sport model for the Type R package….I have a 2019 Sport Touring MT, but I like my leather seats and sunroof…. Would gladly step up for the Type R performance, with no wing, but I would get it the wing if I had to

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