Honda civic air conditioner fix hack WILL WORK ON ANY HONDA/ACURA VEHICLE

okay today I'm gonna do a little video showing you guys about these oh one through Oh 500 Civic air conditioning compressor air conditioning issue basically this is the second car I've came across to had this problem you would let's say your air conditioner the car is cold you fire it up first time for the day turn the AC on works fine like it's supposed to blowing cold the compressors turned on and spinning properly but as soon as you get to driving it down the road you know you get mean a mile or two down the road you notice that your compute your the air is not blowing cold out the vents anymore it's it's hot air and you know your life and everything your AC light is on and you you know everything's like it's supposed to be the fee even the condenser fans are turning and everything but your compressor itself is not running basically what I found is that even though the system is fully charged with 134 a cooler refrigerant what it is is the compressor clutch itself gets wore down and it's when the compressor engages these clutch it's got about six different prongs that go in and engage the compressor so so it so the compressor kicks on engages and over time these cars get you know a couple hundred thousand miles on that compressor is going to the clutch is going to wear and it's not going to want to grab anymore so it disengages the clutch basically I found a little way it's a little hack I figured out – you don't cost any money or nothing to fix this little issue out having to go buy your new clutch or buy you a new compressor all you do are you going to do is take your 14 millimeter stick it on that nut right there that sumbitch off and just this uh clutch assembly piece pulls off air like so it's got little grooves grooves in there and what you're left with is see the see these all these little circles these actually are what engages the clutch on your air conditioning compressor it presses in and these poked out and catch on on the compressor and those grooves right there it actually turns the AC compressor on so obviously these get this metal gets wore down and it engages but it's not catching enough so what I did as you can tell I took a grinder and just grind it down the bought the base of this clutch just right here so that way it would when I bolt it down right there up here against the bearing when I bolt it down it's going to sit down just a hair deeper instead of it being backed out it's going to sit sit sit down a little more pretty simple all you got to do is take it put it on a table something take your grinder you don't want to grind too much like I did the first time this is the first one I've done like this I grinded I end up grinding about I don't know wait way too much off you just take your angle grinder and then grind on it I would say about the thickness of a quarter or something or a penny but grind that much off see this ain't even perfect you ain't got to be perfect you just grind a little bit of material off so that way that's this clutch will catch and then you stick it back on there and tighten it back down now I screwed up this one and took too much material off so what I what happened was every time you turn the car on the compressors engaged you don't want that even with the air conditioner turned off when I start the car the compressors spinning that's no good if you happen to do that it's not the end of the world all you got to do is get your washer I gotta happen to just find this old block washer and a being a mine and I was about the thickness of a you know a dime or something because I took that you know took the too much from Terrell off just stick it on out there on that shaft where that bearing is and put your uh your clutch back on there make sure you get it in the grooves press it back on and then put your nut back on there so it get tightened back up here don't want to hammer it thing down too much and it's spinning freely it's not making a metallic sound it's not rubbing against the actual compressor you want it to spin freely like that so now let's give it a shot see what happens say you don't hear it you don't hear no noise it's not spinning it's not rubbing any the Middle's not over just barely rubbing that's what you want right there you want to not be spinning so let's turn the air conditioner on and see what happens got it on spinning professor is working like it's supposed to now it's not making any funny noises or nothing now we're going to rev it up about three or four thousand rpms to get that compressor to kick off like it's supposed to to see if it cuts back on if this thing cuts back on like it's supposed to then we fixed the problem give it a little bit of rail I can get it cutting them off and cutting back on like it's supposed to that's your teeth fix right there you don't have to save you a couple hundred dollars from buying your new compressor and it your AC's nice and cold now like it's supposed to be so if you have your a 102 oh three oh four oh five Civic and your air conditioning is cutting out on you if you're driving it a little wild a highway driving it down the road and you're and you've already checked your your freon and everything everything is good you can check you content you can check this before you do anything is take your tire off might have to move your inner fender well out of the way take your hammer with the car running start the car up turn the AC on when they see compressor cuts off you know rev it up a little bit with it running they seeking fresh fuel kick on when you rev the car up if they see compressor is going to kick off if it doesn't come back on the AC compressor just stays off it does it's not spinning take your hammer or something with the bottom of the hammer just tap on it like that tap on it a few times if that thing starts if it engages then you know that's your problem that's what it is it's not catching it's not engaging that's all you got to do now that's just a cheap little fix little hack I figured out and I know this is the second Civic that I've had an issue with this on and I'm sure there's a bunch more out there just the same thing and this take care of it you out having to spend any money so but uh doctor said if you guys if you guys have any questions give me a drop me a comment and I'll see if I can help you guys out fixing these things and yeah that's it all right yeah thanks have a good one

23 thoughts on “Honda civic air conditioner fix hack WILL WORK ON ANY HONDA/ACURA VEHICLE

  1. 09 civic removed spacer washer behind compressor clutch. This video led me to the answer I needed. It works.

  2. I have a 2007 Civic SI. Compressor is on the right side (passengers) and almost sitting on the frame. Wish it was as easy to get to as on your repaired Honda. My AC is doing exactly as you described. Any experience working on a SI you can share or ideas to offer?

  3. After I take the nut off, I can't remove the clutch plate, it stuck. Any ideas on how to remove it safely?

  4. Thanks for sharing this info. Do you happen to know how long this repair has lasted ? Eventually going to have to replace the clutch.

  5. I tried this on my 2001 Ford Taurus…removed compressr, removed
    clutch…removed spacer, grinded down
    clutch spindle, cleaned, wirewheeled,
    polished…installed…clutch Held!!!…

  6. You sir just solved my ass backwards of a problem I have been dealing with for months. Thank you a million times man you just made my hole week! 07 civic

  7. Civic 2007 i confirm work 100% with removal of the small shim between the clutch and compressor –pull it with magnet

  8. Great video. I think I have this problem right now with my wife's 2000 civic, thanks a bunch for this posting…

  9. Just did this for our 04. New parts are in the mail. But we are going on a little road trip today and could use the air. Worked like a freakin charm! Raising a proverbial beer for you sir!

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