Holistic Schooling

creating concrete visions of a macrocosmic prism the brilliant dr. wisdom and appropriate ambitions will be open from the center redirected to the moment this is it loud this is it love restrain Joe can change it from the edges we can challenge all our borders there is always some leader very sorry son order why are students being punished we need to look at multiple factors that contribute to this issue one of them being nutrition in schools a study found that the meat served in our public school systems do not meet the singing safety and quality standards that fast-food restaurants have to go buy a nutrient-dense diet is extremely important for our youth it has been proven how nutrition affects learning and memory students who are undernourished are hungry throughout the school day are not able to focus in school behavior is a form of communication how many of our students are being harshly punished for disruptive behaviors which may be of the young students only way to communicate that their body is being undernourished this is a form of neglect in our schools something that definitely needs to be fixed what are some other issues in US schools humans are social creatures and the human body is designed to move in the u.s. time for outdoors and time for socializing is frequently cut programs that offer seumas creative outlets such as music art theater or dance are almost never offered expecting young students to sit still and be lectured at for long periods of time is not appropriate or realistic for their bringing and body development it is also important to take notice that the human brain is not fully developed until around age 25 when we are expecting young children or even teenagers to act like adults it's just inappropriate for their level of development where it gets to honor the great beauty all around you so what would holistic schooling look like holistic schooling would mean students are more self-directed in their learning and are given more freedom to understand and meet their personal needs a school day would not be restricted to specific time periods for prescribed subject areas students would be encouraged to explore what suits their interests and abilities proper nutrition would be offered to each student with adequate time for eating and socializing activities that offer creative outlets and movement could be completed whenever the student wishes holistic schooling gives students a greater focus on opportunities for self mastery in empathy creativity critical thinking and problem-solving skills and allows for greater development and self-respect respect for others and respect for the environment teachers would go through additional self-awareness training to evaluate themselves for any hidden biases is unacceptable that anyone be treated differently based on their skin color or cultural background

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