Holistic Medicine: Energy work & Personal Readings: who I am and what I do!

hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Julia and this is my channel okay so today I'm going to be talking about Who I am and what I do so there's two things that I do one energy work and – I do virtual readings I'll get more into that that'll be the second thing I talk about so stick around if you want to know about that first energy work I combined two modalities together reiki and polarity therapy you can look up on your own a little bit more what these two things are but to just give you a little taste of what it is Reiki is off the body hands-off more in the field maybe touching certain areas but it's about just being the support being a conduit for this pure energy to flow through me and DTU your energy field has its own intelligence beyond just your physical mind can comprehend it's almost like your subconscious up and knowing things that you don't consciously know so what it's happening when I'm just communicating with your field and being there and allowing this energy to flow through me to you your energetic system is like oh yes it's like juice it's like life force and your body takes it and it goes where it needs to go it's a little less structured than polarity therapy polarity therapy is about dealing with the three poles of the body everything is energy everything has three poles positive negative and neutral water I like to say is like energy I mean wow energy is like water it hasn't been a flow to it and it can get stuck in and mucky and dirty so it's about balancing these three poles in creation we have three poles that's the only way we can exist okay for things to run a battery has a positive and a negative side it's a circuit that is what gives it its power we have to have both poles positive and negative to exist and in my work it's going to be a little bit different for everyone based on what's going on for them maybe they're having more emotional issues maybe they're having more mental area issues maybe they're having some stuff happening physically and they're really in pain or maybe it's beyond all of it and it's something deep and spiritual so within a session I'm going to combine and do exactly what's best for you polarity therapy combined is bodywork it's working on the body sometimes it's hands off sometimes it's hands on there's different types of touch sometimes the deep sometimes it's like moving sometimes it's just like it's different for everybody but it's about connecting it's like I'm plugging into your your system for just a short amount of time that we're working together to help this energy flow through you and to support and just give us we all need a little push sometimes you know that's that's really what it is and to be a support I'm not really doing much because your system knows what it needs to do with sometimes with our circumstances our environment our tendencies our beliefs our habits it creates these blocks within us because we aren't really going the right way and some sometimes and we need someone to kind of just hold us and support us because life is hard and what you can expect from experiencing this work is less pain more feeling free more like emotionally mentally some being calm and relaxed sometimes actually most of the time this work can trigger process so you may leave the session you may feel good but then you might break down crying in an hour because it brought things up but when things get brought up that means they're being healed so it's really a great thing to be able to actually deal with something that maybe we've been trying to kind of stuff down for a while there's anything that let me know if you have other questions about it you can email me message me whatever but then to what the second thing I do is non-local so if you don't live in Arizona and you're nowhere near me I can still work with you we booked a session this may be he over the phone call or video chat whichever you prefer but basically I use Tarot and oracle cards and we see what comes out and I say okay this is kind of what I'm sensing here this is what I'm dealing this is what this card means what does this mean to you we kind of get get to talking on what's going on in your life and what you feel is tripping you up or what's been bothering you or what do you need clarity on a lot of people they come and they get readings to just fine to just get some clarity usually we often know do or what the answers are but sometimes the answers are deep down and we just want some validation we just wish to hear someone else say we basically talk about okay where can we go from here I want to make this clear so being a reader it's not like I am old I'm only I only received messages about someone if it's meant to come up and be seen or be hurt or be felt I only received messages that are in the highest good for me to know so that I can relay messages to you it's never invasive or because if your energetic field doesn't want me to know it's not gonna let me know it's very there's boundaries still okay I get messages through a knowing or a sensation or I see it or I hear it it's got to be a little bit different for everyone and most often people get readings including myself when they're just seeking some support and some some kind of just someone to kind of help them process what's going on because we really do need people to talk to sometimes that are outside of our friend group sometimes our friends we don't we needed almost not a stranger but a trusted individual that's kind of outside of our group of people to talk about this life stuff with that comes up for us this these confusions we just want some clarity sometimes that's what my readings are for to help guide people back to what they know they want to do they know that this is what's meant for them they know this is where they would go they know this is what how they want to experience their life my readings are very much focused on just bringing to light there your light to remind you of your power of your individuality your purpose I'm not here to tell you what you're meant to do usually you're the one who already knows what you're meant to do now I can just help you asked to help ask the right questions to help you reflect on sometimes we just need that bird's-eye view we need someone to be emotionally out of it so they can say okay so this is what I'm hearing blah blah and so on just also another thing I am developing my practice so I'm figuring out who I am as a practitioner as well that's why I'm putting this video out to maybe I'll put another one of these videos out at some point in the future but as of right now I kind of just wanted to let people know what the heck energy work is it's not scary none of this is scary if you're scared you're living in fear and the reading with the readings are just like it's like a counseling session honestly but it's not so much almost just it's a safe container I in all of the work I do whether it's virtual or it's in-person I am just trying to create a safe container for you to have your thing to validate your process your thing whatever you have going on whatever it is you're trying to figure out I'm just trying to help you to come to your own conclusions but also be there for some insight and guidance you should never listen to someone who tells you this is what you need to do this is what's wrong bla bla bla bla bla don't listen to those people I'm sure to a degree we all can be like that sometimes but really it's about what because you know the answers you have the answers but sometimes like I said we just need to have that support to really have that extra energy to kind of allow the space to be bigger for us to really hear our own guidance and tune into our our own knowing I'm here to remind you of your own intelligence that is waiting to be heard you already know the answers but we all need somebody to listen sometimes to make us feel like we're not crazy or that it's just the right thing or not sometimes it really does feel confusing and we don't know what to do so yeah here's for you if you want to book a session whether that be in person or not shoot me an email and direct message through Instagram or Twitter whatever works for you I'll be having my website come up probably within the next month there's a couple months if this resonated with you and you felt like oh yeah I do want to talk to someone or I do feel like I could benefit from this work which energy work anyone can benefit from this work it's amazing just hit me up I am happy to help support you and the ways that you need like subscribe share this video thanks for tuning in today I'll see you next time

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