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okay I want to talk to you today about some holistic health tips and show you some great resources and this one is a book I'm the Green pharmacy you can order it online at Amazon I think I paid about five dollars for this book this is a great book and you can also order both the verbs actually before I again so now I want to talk to a bit belt on my holistic and holistic means whole it comes from the word whole whu-oh and holistic means taking an approach to life that not just one but you know looking at a variety of things that can help you stay healthy in a natural way and some things that come to mind would be I'm getting enough sleep you know best water sunshine fresh air exercising walking but the most important thing I want to talk to you today about is eating you know organic foods are the best they have five times more nutrient than regular food and actually I've been comparing like if I buy an apple from a regular store that's not organic it might have two seats in it and it's not as crisp and it's not as flavorful but if I buy organic apple it has a abundance of seeds is very crisp and the flavor is great and so you're not as hungry because you're getting more nutrients so you can in five more five times more nutrients from organic foods and then then you're getting from foods that you're growing with chemicals and pesticides also at stores like Trader Joe's you can get organic and natural meat and everything in that store is either organic or natural it means it was not grown with any chemicals or pesticides there's so much of poisons in our food too this guy he wrote this book on natural weight loss skewers I had lost 50 pounds last year with this book and he also has another book natural curious they don't want you to know about I have that one to somewhere around here but his name is Kevin Trudeau and I lost 50 pounds with a natural product called HCG you can just google that and learn about it and I think the first day I've lost three pounds and you can lose a pound a day if you don't cheat a twerk Inuk it's not easy you know especially if you used to just eaten anything you want to which I had developed a habit of doing after we got divorced about six years ago I put on quite a bit of weight I was depressed and you know then I'd take my life back and also if you can eat as much of fresh fruit and vegetables food that's not cooked and if you do eat vegetables eat the darker the vegetable is the more nutrients that it has and so if you cook them save the broth and you can use it for soup where you can drink it because when you're cooking it the vitamins and nutrients are going in the water and then most people take that throw it down the sink that you're throwing away the best part okay so I also want to talk about vitamins if you have if you do take vitamins and minerals oh that's good but if you eat healthy you don't need them and until you get to a point where you're eating healthy I would suggest that you go to a health food store and find a mineral a vitamin and mineral supplement that is really good also they're finding out that vitamin D is something that we're needing a lot more of you can take 1000 up to 4000 IU G it's a good liver cleanser it's a good cleanser for your body also the minerals and a lot of Peavy demons were lacking because we don't eat right and also a lot of people especially guys I know you don't pay attention to your health but if you eat processed foods like um crackers anything that's not in its natural state your body is it's a carbohydrate and your body is craving more food also in this book Kevin Trudeau talks how the government allows the yeah man you food manufacturers to put over you know five thousand chemicals in your food and I might have that number wrong but I know I'm I'm thinking probably of cigarettes I know there's over three to five thousand chemicals in cigarettes they're not good for you put them anyways they put a lot of chemicals in there and those chemicals actually are deliberately designed to make you want to eat more food and so when you stay away from those that's why America is getting so fat and our children are getting so fat so when you stay away from those foods you won't want to eat as much brown rice brown products are always the best anything that's why in our society we grew up thinking that's the best it looks the best it tastes the best dust away we're taught but everything that's darker actually is what's healthier you know we get white rice we get white bread but you need to eat brown rice wild rice or you know anything dark raw sugar there's actually something better than raw sugar when raw sugar is brown it doesn't have other nutrients removed from it but it's still a better choice ting and sugar if you want to lose weight you want to stay away from sugar and use something called a guava which is spelled AG u AV e or a I believe you can get it from a health food store and it has a low glycemic rate in other words it processes sugar in your body really slow and a lot of us today are eating our way into diabetes there is a diabetes type one that you're born with and there's a diabetes type two that were actually seeing more in children from ages you know five and up because of the way that we eat before another time I also wanted to mention something called IOSCO bites for my people of color who have sickle cell anemia Diaz kawaii was discovered by an African a doctor and it comes from the wild yam plant and that's called Diablo III OS CoV ite and I'll put a little caption under there so you can just google it and look it up it's working miracles what people with sickle cell you know they are no longer having to have blood transfusions I've had three siblings that I've lost to sickle cell anemia in the last four years and I was a very painful and that's when I discovered the ask why unfortunately it was too late for us this is an encyclopedia of natural remedies I got this also in amazon.com I buy all my books on amazon.com I think I pay six dollars for this I love this book everybody should have one around the house it cost me about six or seven dollars in Amazon and it has you know all the different herbs and stuff in here what is good for what it cures the vitamin and mineral content the health the health benefits and it also talks about the body systems you know and how they work it talks about how we get diseases like lupus and Candida which are related how we get allergies and you know how to treat everything from herbal remedies I like the first book and I think this one probably might too but this one more specifically talks about how to heal with food and before I close I want to talk a little bit about ginger which is my latest best friend and the garlic is really good for you too but ginger is actually anti-inflammatory now you can get ginger powder you can put changer in your breakfast if you eat eggs you can use spinach and whatever you else you want onions mushrooms if you like those and start your morning with change your triumphant ginger in every meal and then garlic of course too but we're talking about Ginger's the anti-inflammatory is good for pain for back problems for any type of inflammation arthritis and you can use as much of it as you want to it contains more than 12 antioxidants which help neutralize reactive molecules or free radicals in your body and radicals are things that run around in your body and cause cancer so read about ginger of the favorite thing about the Internet is that anything that you're diagnosed with you can look it up an internet and find out a cure for it or find out how to treat it naturally but when you're also learning about rips you have to be careful because there are some combinations that are not good for you and there are some things that you shouldn't take if you have certain types of illnesses so if you have any questions just drop me a line no matter what it is that you have I believe that you can it can be cured you know through natural herbs and through a holistic approach to life so I've been studying biology and nutrition since I was 19 years old and I'm well past that now and a lot of people tell me I have a really great skin and I know it's because I am conscious of the things that I eat and put in my body and I haven't always been I slipped up a few times but anyways that's a lesson for today and I promise to drink lots of water put some lemon in it and walk and try and meditate about ten minutes a day Tisa

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