Holistic Ayurveda Retreat | Ayurveda Yoga Villa

hi I'm Harry fear come from Hyderabad I have visited this place for a particular purpose I didn't know much about punch demo and I came here but with a rough idea of come here just take a bunch of our course once I arrived here then I really understood what a punch karma is and the order of the place just shook me off the place here I see is magical of all the things I like the most here is the love with which the people serve here is amazing and doctors everyone not to name the kitchen staff the restaurant people – I put a people everybody has a smile on their face when they catcher anything to you all you get is love from them that what made me you know reckless I have never seen this kind of love from any part of my journey other than this any part anywhere I went you know all I got is something services but here service comes with love what makes it we are needed and the holistic nature of this place is is awesome like you have you have treatment going on and it also emphasizes the treatment is not only very important it's also for your mind when you're mind is uplifted by so many things like we have the puja early morning around 6 of yours before that we have a yoga and the puja is and where we offer everything to the bunch of others and I've found it even though I belong to a Hindu family in the initial days I could not understand but as the program went along then I understood you know what and I really got involved in that I thoroughly enjoyed the poojas in the morning and the evening sessions and the treatments you are much healthier I really like my sessions with the doctors where they would clear all my doubts and well I came here at a point where Western medicine didn't understood what I was really going through I had fatty if you heard some road issues which I would I would not I don't I didn't have any reason for that but when I came here I really understood what what was not going corrected that and what well I needed a holistic approach to my problem and I really got it here I'm so happy that you know God has sent me here the goddess iron Okama she has sent me here to do you know to experience a holistic think that you know what I was missing all through my life how you have to incorporate these things in your life is what I learned from here and it has me had given so much peace apart from the treatment I received so much peace the food here it has cooked with so much love and it is a typical Iowa the Iowa tech foot and I feel that you know as the treatment progressed I could see like you know a bird laying egg and you know a baby coming out of its own this is how we we progress in the basket there's a river by the side a river flows just a side by the property there's so much energy and when you gaze at the river it's breathtaking and the go Mata saber what you do with the pooja at 9:30 nine o clock around it is simply you know holistic it's a world in itself I really recommend that anyone who wants to come here and enjoy Iraida in its true essence

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