Holistic Activities for Children @ ipsaa

it's escalating and objectives both rely on one basic principle and that is to and full the creativity which is inherent in each child so aware that we offer it might be something as simple as three but the child engages with clay from the perspective of not making something but even touching the kind aesthetic the creative somewhere start menu and that is a very brief and often it's done in a free space there is no burden of making this or that and I think that's the beauty of itself in a block room which has been deeply researched by me worked very closely with local da filters to make something that was researched that all available to children of Olga so Angelina with their own blots they make what comes to their imagination what comes to their experience from a table and chair to a house to the big dragons – maybe just a bed in which they can live and this many many stories and for many stories come out so the block room is a very special edition editor it's a unique concept where we have actually worked to stand that how children understand the dynamics of my tree physics my tree balance might be mathematics but what they really do about it is all these things in academia but they have that sense of I can create I can join others in Fiat and that's the beauty of the rock your body X again comes from the principle of children understanding by experiencing what assignment what they can do with that scientific temperament so puppetry and what tree and thus gives them that immense creativity they actually touch in themselves the logical part through a robotics plus so the judicious mix of both the creative and the logical the free and the disciplined and this is the offering that we want to make to oil denizens of exile we reception we learn a lot from them and that learning are offering actually

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