HobbyKids DONATE TOYS! πŸ˜€ What Are Your Favorite Charities?

I guess TV time doing chores left at some toilet after doing some videos not starving to give them away we're gonna be sorting and separating most of this we're going to be giving away and donating it we're gonna give the toys are barely used because they're mostly just used in a video clip collection like this this is when we start to back them up a hobby kids are gonna help me honest honest intruder pop pop pop lover in the Bubba see when you make noise and lights out our fans would not what video that was on yeah leave your comments if you guys know nice knowing you go to a new family the dinosaurs how is he gonna get a new home he likes to play with them real quick before he gives away we got a rap [Applause] what are you doing he wants all things he wants to keep the most annoying one mommy can't seem to get rid of that one here's a Superman we give it away oh there it is you find it horseman bum collection is finally being given away we've had this so long the shark I think he's time for a new home [Applause] don't worry yeah able to give it away dinosaur that's pretty cute later [Applause] somebody is shall remain nameless over there oh sure about this because we're still using okay but scary-looking Superman it's either reverse yeah but we're done with it now maybe we can hear at your presence together towards I think that [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Ranger [Applause] never crazy mignonette diamond [Applause] [Applause] trucks each month we like to donate our toys to many different families and organizations today we're dropping off at the goodwill give this video a thumbs up if you love sharing more toys too and be sure to leave your comments of who your favorite charities are subscribe to hobbykidstv for more learning and fun

21 thoughts on “HobbyKids DONATE TOYS! πŸ˜€ What Are Your Favorite Charities?

  1. Dude I have most of his toys and it hurst to see someone donate them it feels like I’m watching my mom donate toys and I’m happy that you donate to people who will actually play with them

  2. Please try the burning method I do the Burnings message The only things I care about Elmo Thomas teddy ruxpin Mr. Potato head captain underpants dog man Whatever that Princess Knight show Sesame Street peanuts And lego's comic books Furby World Of Wonder Mickey Mouse only

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  4. To be honest hobbymom decnically made the hobbykids give the stuff away. I bet they have no toys left now

  5. Hey hobby mom and dad we love you all and hobby pig ,frog and hobby bear i just wanted to say is your are the best yputubers and family and god bless you πŸ˜‡

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