Hitler is Disappointed by his Allies – WW2 – 061 – October 26, 1940

October 26, 1940 You are Adolf Hitler. You have defeated and occupied seven nations
in little more than a year. So you have power, yes? So everybody does what you want, right? Well, what if they don’t? Maybe you don’t have quite the total power
that you think. I’m Indy Neidell; this is World War Two. Last week, the Italian War Council decided
to invade Greece, Japan made an oil deal with the Dutch East Indies, German subs sank nearly
40 ships in the North Atlantic, and there were skirmishes along the Thai-Indochina border
that may herald a real beginning of hostilities. Here’s what follows: On the 24th, a secret agreement is signed
between Britain and the United States. The US will equip and maintain 10 British
divisions in time for a campaign in 1942. British PM Winston Churchill loves this. He also loves, when he’s told the 26th,
the British request for materiel to be bought from the US: 78 million rifle bullets, 78
million cartridges that would fit Thompson machine guns, and 250 airplane engines. Britain has plans to take the land war to
Germany in 1942. Of course, even getting there by air has its
problems. I talked a while ago about Britain’s coastal
radar and now I’d like to say a few words about Germany’s. I can thank Joe Gatt for pointing out in a
comment that German radar is not so inferior as many sources would have us believe. Germany has what is called the Kammhuber Line,
named after Colonel Josef Kammhuber. This is a series of radar stations running
from Denmark to central France. Each covers a zone of around 30 by 20 km,
but they have overlapping coverage since their Freya radar has a range of around 100 km. Freya also uses a smaller wavelength than
British radar, like 1/10th the size, consequently it has a smaller antenna system, which can
thus more easily and effectively be rotated and positioned. It has higher resolution, so it can detect
smaller targets, but it is more complex so it’s harder to master, and takes longer
to build stations. Germany had but 8 at the war’s beginning
but Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Göring has had many more built this year. Each zone of the Kammhuber Line also has a
main radar-directed searchlight and a few more searchlights in the area directed manually. They’re also starting to back up the Freya
radar with smaller range Wurzburg gun laying radar to pinpoint invaders once they’ve
been more generally detected. Each zone has a main and a backup night fighter
to deal with such invaders. A plane crossing the line would ideally be
lit up by the master searchlight, then, hopefully, the manual ones would also follow suit, and
the night fighter or fighters would intercept, guided by radio. But there’s still plenty of action over
Britain. On the 21st, Liverpool is bombed for 200th
time. The next day, 180 Italian planes gather in
Belgium. This is because on the 24th, the Corpo Aerie
Italiano- the Italian Air Corps established last month to support the Luftwaffe in the
Battle of Britain, sees its first acton. 18 Fiat BR 20s head for Harwich and Felixstowe. Three are lost in accidents. The GDA, the defense area covering the local
ports, has only 8 anti-aircraft guns by now, the others had been moved to guard RAF airfields
over a month ago. The Italians are not just bombing the British
Isles this week, though. On the 20th, they bomb Cairo and American
operated refineries in Bahrain. Italian leader Benito Mussolini, with his
dreams of glory, new colonies, and great power status, has been worried about being sidelined
in the face of all of Germany’s quick and total victories earlier in the year. He thought Britain was going to agree to peace
terms and if that happened Germany could then dictate the whole shape of Europe. “Mussolini was desperate to obtain the right
to involvement in peace negotiations. He calculated that a few thousand Italian
casualties would buy him that seat at the table.” Hitler didn’t have anything against Italy
joining the war, not so far, but he has overestimated his ally’s strength. “Mussolini had famously boasted of 8 million
bayonets when he had fewer than 1.7 million soldiers, and many of them lacked the rifles
on which to place a bayonet. The country was desperately short of money,
raw materials, and motor transport. To increase the number of divisions, Mussolini
reduced them from three regiments to two. Out of 73 divisions, only 19 were equipped. In fact, Italy’s forces were smaller and
less well armed than they had been on entering the First World War in 1915.” We’ve seen that Italy is planning to invade
Greece and soon. Now, Hitler had planned to leave Mediterranean
affairs to Italy, but he learned after the fall of France that it’s not that simple. Italy wants things, Vichy France wants things,
Spain wants things, often these are conflicting things— he has to balance all of that. For example, there’s no sense provoking
the forces loyal to Vichy in France’s colonies by giving away some of them to Spain. But that might be necessary for Spanish help
in order to deal with Gibraltar. It’s far easier, though, to have Vichy France
police itself until after the war, and then Hitler can give French colonies to whomever
he likes. So this week he’s trying to sort this all
out. Hitler meets Vichy Deputy PM Pierre Laval
the 22nd at Montoire in the German occupied part of France. Hitler wants Laval to pursue a more active
policy against Britain. Laval says that of course he wants to defeat
the nation that committed such offenses at Mers-el-Kebir and Dakar, but he also wants
guarantees on the status of the Vichy government. Hitler avoids giving them. The next day, Hitler meets Spanish Dictator
Francisco Franco at Hendaye in Southern France. Franco does not enter into an alliance with
Germany, nor does he agree to allowing German troops to pass through Spain to attack Gibraltar. Hitler tells Franco such an attack could happen
already January 10th, and then Spain could have Gibraltar, but many hours of discussion
prove fruitless for Hitler. “It is perplexing to many that Franco has
failed to join the Reich cause, and Hitler presses for a positive move from the Spanish
leader. Vague assurances and uncertain proposals are
all that Hitler leaves with, and the Spanish dictator, tired of conflict and short on resources
after the Civil War, will remain on the sidelines of the great conflict.” Doing so would likely allow Gibraltar to remain
in operation for Britain and would close the Spanish ports to both warring sides. Hitler finally tells Franco that Germany has
won the war. The British are hanging on and hoping to be
saved by the Soviets or Americans, but that can’t happen for at least a year or two. The only threat from the British is possibly
occupying some Atlantic islands or helping to cause trouble in the French colonies. This is why Hitler wants Franco to join his
broad front against Britain. But for all that Franco may have ideologically
in common with the Nazis, he cannot escape the fact that Spain’s survival depends on
imports. Partly from Britain, sure, but heavily from
the U.S- American oil and grain. Britain and America are well aware of this,
and also that Spain is not in good shape after the Civil War. So they have crucial economic leverage, and
Germany cannot make up the difference in imports if Britain and the US pull out of Spain. That’s why Franco has said before- as we
saw- that he wanted Germany to actually invade Britain before he’d join the Axis Powers;
he doesn’t want to sabotage his supply chain. Of the long meeting with Franco, Hitler says
to Mussolini he would “rather have three or four teeth extracted than go through that
again.” On the 24th, Hitler meets with Vichy French
PM Philippe Petain. They also meet at Montoire, with Hitler angry
about Franco denying him the means to attack Gibraltar. Martin Gilbert writes that Petain is evasive
this day about making a strong Vichy-German collaboration. He does not agree to enter the war against
Britain, even though that would have gotten the return of at least some of 1.5 million
French prisoners of war lost to Germany in the Battle of France, nor does he agree to
try to drive Charles DeGaulle and the Free French from French Equatorial Africa. See, Petain wants France’s colonies guaranteed. Hitler rejects this, saying that France started
the war so they have to pay for it materially and territorially. “Hitler, despite his apparently limitless
power after the defeat of France in 1940, proved incapable that October of persuading
his debtor Franco, his vassal Petain, or his ally Mussolini to support his strategy of
a continental bloc against Britain.” Actually, tomorrow- woooo the future- October
27th, DeGaulle announces the formation of the Empire Defense Council for the Free French. Those French possessions that are loyal to
Vichy will be asked to join. This is a broad appeal, a call to war, and
will be known as the Brazzaville Declaration. There’s more British news this week. On the 26th as the week ends, the 42,000 ton
liner Empress of Britain is damaged by a bomb attack from a Focke-Wulf FW200 off the Irish
coast. Two days from now, U-32 will finish the job
and sink the ship. Now, that U-boat is under command of Hans
Jenisch, submarine ace. However, it will be sunk the 30th by British
destroyers, and he and 33 of his crew will be taken prisoner. He is the first submarine ace captured, and
he and his men are interrogated. The interrogator’s report- quoted in Martin
Gilbert’s “the Second World War”- reads in part, “The prisoners were all fanatical
Nazis and hated the British intensely, which had not been so evident in previous cases. They are advocates of unrestricted warfare,
and are prepared to condone all aggressive violence, cruelty, breaches of treaties, and
other crimes as being necessary to the rise of the German race to the control of Europe.” German successes thus far in the war “…appear
to have established Hitler in their minds, not merely as a God, but as their only God.” And the week ends, a week marked by Hitler’s
negotiations. Though apparently Franco, Petain, and Laval,
unlike the submarine crew, don’t think of Hitler as a God. Neither does Winston Churchill. For this week on the 21st in a speech to the
French, he says, “We seek to beat the life and soul out of Hitler and Hitlerism. That alone, that all the time. That to the end.” He also says this: “Good night, then; sleep to gather strength
for the morning. For the morning will come. Brightly will it shine on the brave and true,
kindly on all who suffer for the cause, glorious upon the tombs of heroes. Thus will shine the dawn. Vive la France!”

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  2. Meanwhile in the northern French town of Nouvion local café owner, René Artois, is busy getting ready to open the café for today. In the back room he has an urgent meeting with a woman named Michelle Dubois. From Ze Resistancé. She will say zis only once!

  3. Great episode delivered with energy,  thoughtfulness and a wonderful quote from an address to the French from Winston Churchill……..fantastic !

  4. One of the things I find hilarious about Hitler and Franco is that the Spanish armed forces bought German trucks and planes but had to import tires and fuel for them from the UK and the US because Germany didn't have enough rubber and petroleum to export…

  5. You say "Italy's forces were smaller and less well armed than they had been entering WW1 in 1915"
    … But the exact same is true for Germany. The production capabilities of Nazi Germany were LESS THAN HALF that of the German Empire.

  6. Italy plays for Germany the same role as Austro Hungarian empire played for Germany in WWI.
    Germany gave Italy a free hand on the Mediterranean issues in WWII, as Germany had given a free hand to the AH empire on the Balkan issues in WWI.
    You may guess the results in both cases….

  7. Mussolini thinks a few thousand casualties will get him a seat at the negotiating table.

    Italian soldiers: Gee, thanks for thinking of us, Duce.

  8. I'm away for this channel for a few weeks, and as expected, Indy has now started answering multiple calls in the same video.

    This is progress.

  9. Funfact sur De Gaulle, il avait été nommé général à titre temporaire en Mai/Juin 1940, mais après guerre il n'a jamais été confirmé dans son grade, du coup il est redevenu colonel.

    Après guerre il s'est mis en retraite, sa famille a dit qu'il n'avait pas demandé à la percevoir pendant les années où il faisait de la politique pour rester indépendant et en dehors de ces années politiques il recevait une retraite de colonel. Du coup ça donne une autre vision des photos d'après guerre quand il se baladait en uniforme de général.

    Funfact on De Gaulle, he had been temporarily promoted to general in May/June 1940, but after the war he was never confirmed in his rank, so he became a colonel again.
    After the war he took retirement, his family said that he had not asked to receive it during the years when he was in politics to remain independent and outside those political years he was receiving a colonel's pension. It therefore gives another view of the post-war photos when he was walking in generals' uniforms.

  10. As a proud and grateful Frenchman, I regularly show my respect and honor the memory of the great Churchill in front of its parisian statue (by the Seine river and the Alexander III bridge) -as I just did last night. The great patriotic leader of a great sovereign country. All the best to you, British comrades, sons and daughters of the great Churchill, still fighting for freedom ! 😉
    Vive la Grande-Bretagne libre ! 🇬🇧
    Vive la France libre ! 🇫🇷

  11. I have read conflicting reports about Spain staying out of World War II. Some reports claimed that Spain was actually militarily week and would have been more of a burden to Germany than an alliance was worth. I have also read that Franco was very aware of how vulnerable the coast of Spain was to British attack and by staying out of the war he removed the possibility of an English invasion of Spain. I suspect that Franco was simply biding his time because he knew the war was young and anything could happen. Gibraltar was simply not worth the risk.

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  16. There was some really impressive and surprisingly early technology in WW2 – as you mentioned, radar (including the cavity magnetron) but also electronic computers, encrypted digital phone calls (SIGSALY), the jet engine, nuclear weapons, radio based navigation for aircraft, radar proximity fuses for antiaircraft shells. A fascinating subject in its own right, for those so inclined.

  17. Very nice round up. Ya know Indy you've got a great deal of growth opportunities. Vietnam remains very popular for the last of the boomers and older. Maybe you could sing up free lance people to work with the same set graphics etc. Vietnam btw is very good about being welcoming to journos and academics working on their history

  18. Hitler probably feels like Scar from the Lion King: "I am surrounded by idiots",

    Also, a conqueror failing to establish a continental bloc against Britain because one of his allies relies on British imports? Where have I heard that before?

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    That being said I really DO enjoy what you do and I'd like to to thank you for doing it.

  20. Silly boasts by militaristic dictators aside, Germany was barely ready for war and all of these powers were either exhausted or not yet prepared (perhaps in a few additional years). This doesn't excuse Mussolini (or Stalin for that matter, even though he classifies as more of an ally than everyone but Italy here), as they knew this when they declared war (and signed M-R pact). Hitler may have been hell bent on war, but these two let their greed take the place of national security. Of course, I don't think anyone gamed out the scenario of France surrendering and the UK fighting on with growing American support. Franco and Petain's actions make sense though.

  21. Liverpool got bombed over 200 times and is still standing. I guess cockroaches really can survive almost anything

  22. Some commentary about that sneaky Canaris guy, who was sent to try to convince Franco to join the war but gave Franco all the reasons to not join, would be nice.

  23. we have 8 million bayonets! … so like 4.5 for each soldier and pretty soon we'll have enough rifles to put at some of them to use

  24. Franco was the smartest dictator…probably why he survived until the ‘70s. Also Spanish Fascism was much very different from Nazism, which is why they weren’t so close.

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  26. I am reminded of the quote of Winston Churchill when told that the Italians had joined the Germans. “It’s only fair. We had them on our side in the last war.”

  27. Franco had a front-row seat at the premier of 'modern warfare'. Certainly had his fill of it no doubt. Then he sees Germany not exactly able to get the British out of the war through the same air power which won him his civil war. The British and the Royal Navy were downright scary actually.

  28. Germany must know or suspect that America is outfitting the UK so why wouldn't they see the US as a hostile state even this early in the conflict

  29. 4:52 Military History Visualized said that bi regimental divisions were a good idea in minds of Italian high command, since that adds flexibility. But it also requires an army to have a larger number of trained officers and more firepower of the army to benefit the army. It was used for propaganda, but made for something completely different.
    EDIT: its at 2:15

  30. #teamtree, since history is being censored on YouTube, we should show that history has a voice and we should be a part of planting 20 million trees!

  31. Apparently Admiral Canaris kept telling Franco to stay out of the war as well and if I was Franco I'd rather listen to Canaris than Hitler.

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  33. 4:44 Obviously they would just use a bayonet without the rifle, that's why Mussolini talked about the number of bayonets not the number of rifles.

  34. The truth can be found here: https://archive.org/details/TheGreatestStoryNeverToldFullMovieBannedIn22WesternCountries360p30fpsH264128kbitAAC

  35. Hitler indeed said he would prefer to have every single one of his teeth pulled out than meet with Franco again. The Caudillo absolutely played him, kept delaying and delaying until the war was over. There's a reason why he remained in power until 1975, the last of the fascist leaders of Europe.

  36. Please make a video on how the Danish resistance took pictures of the Freja radars, and Thomas Sneum flew them by plane (D.H Hornet Moth) over the North Sea to Britain. Thanks!

  37. Churchill was not the man he's purported to be. He wanted war with Hitler FAR FAR more than the other way around. And in his bloodlust to crush Germany he bankrupted the British Empire and gave up half of Europe to Communism. Western Civilization has been in a downward spiral ever since.

  38. Yo indy have a free episode

    "June the 18th, 1940, 75 ships were getting ready to set sail. They had 7 hours to finish loading the three ships, the Ville d’Alger, the Ville d’Oran and the El Mansour. The bombing continued, a column of the German Army was less than a day away. Another vessel is chosen to be loaded with gold, the El Kantara.

    At 14h, the ships started the preparation to leave, the last vessel was loaded in extremis at 18h and left at 18h30, just before nightfall. It was impossible to navigate through the minefield and protective nets at night.

    So everything is okay now? Right? Nope.

    You now have a question: who did that gold belong to? Vichy’s France or De Gaulle’s France? Neither, it belonged to the Banque de France, remember it was a private company at the time.

    Churchill, also, was quite interested in all that gold, war is quite expensive you see.

    The ships just barely got to Dakar, they were promptly unloaded and the gold was sent to Thies, in a military fort.

    Full Story @ Quora.com

    NOTE – Not fact-checked but sounds plausible – and timeous, maybe you can give us a clue?

  39. There you are, watching your WW2 channel and all of the sudden:

    "You are Adolf Hitler."
    You didn't ask for this. You didn't choose this. Yet there it is.
    (extra credits viewers will relate 😛 )

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  41. Indy's dance card is full with those ringing phones!

    About the German radar, if I remember my Navy EW training, they shorter the wavelength, the shorter the range. Search radars are typically longer wavelengths and lower frequencies. Targeting radars are the opposite shorter wavelengths, higher frequencies.
    It sounds like the main German radars are closer to a targeting radar, and not as effective?
    Maybe that's why much is not written about them was they weren't effective.
    Just a guess. I'm sure a viewer who is an expert will correct me!😁

    Another fantastic episode by Indy and the Time Ghost Team.

  42. British Docs
    published in 2016 Confirm that it was the British by plane who brought Franco from Morocco to Spain to begin the war with the Communists.

    The problem is that even the Italians did not use their fleet to invade Gibraltar and Malta in the fall of 1940

  43. Guys, at 2:27 – British radar at this period doesn't rotate! It's fixed sets of masts to send and a separate set of masts to receive looking outwards from the UK, hence why they needed the Observer Corps once aircraft crossed the British coast. The receiving display looked nothing like modern circular displays showing "blips" and it was a real skill to read them.

  44. Can't blame Franco for staying out of it. Especially with the traitor(well he was to the Nazis anyway) Canaris whispering warnings in his ear. I'm not sure if Spain entering the war on the Axis side would have changed the outcome, prolonged the war for sure but there was no conquering the American supplies, British willpower and Russian numbers. Franco made the right move for Spain which was his obligation. Hitler just wanted too much, too quickly and with unreliable allies like Benito who acted like a little brother wanting the attention.

  45. I've got a framed set of pictures from U-Boat ace commanders that survived WW2 and each picture it autographed by that commander. Years ago I thought it was cool. Now that they've all passed into history I treasure them. It's truly sad to see veterans of WW2 dying off so quickly. I shed a tear when hearing the last WW1 veteran died, I think I will openly weep when I hear the last WW2 veteran dies.

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