Hiring the Cultural Fit

and the advice would be to get serious about your culture and values and to choose cultural dimensions and values that you find yourself talking about or living everyday anyway mm-hmm that's the stuff that's gonna stick yeah that's the stuff that's gonna resonate and when you can get that humming when you can get that reinforced when you can get I'll tell you the day I knew it was happening for us at LinkedIn whereas in years past we would be talking about potential recruiting candidates someone would say look at how talented look at this LinkedIn profile got to put the sure the doors were there somewhere little plug look at this LinkedIn profile this person's got the charge and then they'd say little concerning on a cultural fit but they're so talented and we'd rationalize it and figure out a way to make it work we'd hire them because we could coach them or because they'd just get it over time never worked rare rare instances what at work then fast forward was probably six months love months later we were sitting around the table and someone said look at how talented this person is but they're not a cultural fit so let's move on to the next candidate and I was like yes yes that's when it starts to happen yeah and that's the dynamic you want regardless whether you're small business or a large business but at a smaller business you have less room for error because in just less people and then you're closer so you got to you got to really invest the time and energy and getting it right and making sure it's off

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