Hill and Holmes’s impeachment inquiry testimony, in 6 minutes

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  1. Hey guys.. this is a waste of time and it's really gonna hurt the Democrats.. From seeing how trump supporters have blind loyalty. It's not gonna matter if trump is found guilty. Look at it now.. they're ignoring the big picture..that trump ask a foreign country 2 get dirt on a potential candidate.. So while the Democrats are wasting time.. trump and the RNC's gained a very large campaign funding. And they have enough money to spread lies at those electoral areas 2 get votes..

  2. TRUMP’S SCRIPTED MELTDOWN ON THE WH LAWN SHOULD HAVE MADE MOST OF US PITY THIS PATHETIC MAN-CHILD. He needed to refer to a script consisting of four short sentences written with his Sharpie in order to remember what to say! Surely, someone has enough influence (power?) to encourage (force?) Trump to resign or at least try to do him that service. Trump is heading for a mental/physical breakdown; his rush to Walter Reed Hospital is a clear warning!

  3. It took a strong willed english woman to finally speak the real truth , the russians orchestrated all helped by a foolish american president who thinks he doesnt have to answer to anyone other than putin

  4. You put a naked woman on all fours wearing a DAWG COLLAR, with a gloved hand in her face and the caption, Smell the Glove and you want to know what's sexist about that?
    TRUMP: What's wrong with being sexy?

  5. All this is a waste of time. At best, this goes to the Senate and dies. Trump gets reelected and you people commit suicide over it.

  6. Zelensky said Yovanovich was a bad ambassador who did not accept him as President of the Ukraine in the phone call transcript.
    This lady is upset she and her policies are out of the loop and she's a Yovanovitch supporter..obviously.

  7. Yes Mr Schiff. We are watching around the world and what we have witnessed over the past few days has just reinforced our opinion that Donald Trump, the USA President, has continually engaged in corrupt or criminal acts during his Presidency, not to mention those illegal acts he engaged in prior to his Presidency, such as his Trump University scam. Trump lies repeatedly and continually promotes his own personal interests over that of his country. If Israel's Attorney General can charge the Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with corruption charges then I see no reason why the US Justice system cannot do the same with the even more corrupt Donald Trump.

  8. The cons are willing to sacrifice America's sovereignty & the security of our loved ones for 1 immoral & corrupt president. Thanks for finally showing us exactly who u are. 😉 I live in a southern state & saw a lot of people turn away from Trump today. 2020's coming one way or the other, & it will be a referendum on Trump.

  9. nothign changes the math that HiLIARy is the one who PAID Russian for dis-information which was then deployed to corrupt a FISA hearing & spying on Americans. And hiLIARy was the one promising to start WW3 in the skys over Syria. And the Ukraine (among their other machinations) hid Podesta's brother's unregistered Foreign Agency while crafting a ledger to set up Manafort. 
    Hill is a Soros protege. You are about to learn the Biden's actual haul from running their Ukraine oligarch protection racket is >10 million USD.

  10. Many people listening to this don't understand one important point. They think that the NSC and State Department workers in Ukraine were working for The United States Government under Trump. Actually, they were working for Soros' Open Borders.

  11. Slipshod chaos 'leadership' allowed under Trumps direction. There must be, I can't imagine how many, authors totally willing to write about it in favor of trump for x amount of dollars.

  12. It's sad for the Americans that they have to wash their dirty linen in front of the whole world. Some of the details in these testimonies are very confidential foreign office processes which are now in the open. What is surprising is that in spite of such professionally and experienced public servants coming forth to testify, placing their careers in peril – lawmakers are still not able to reach a consensus.

  13. You all will see when John Durham report comes out. The left hates us and only cares about themselves. Ukraine took 7 billion dollars with no accountability. You All will be shocked and betrayed by the left. The narrative get Trump out before people go to jail.

  14. who cares if she's not lying I don't care at this point what Trump does as long as he does not commit a felony I give him hundred percent support. You cannot go by hearsay a lot of what she was saying was her own thinking. So what Donald Trump desires for Biden and his son through one of the filthiest Gas Company to be investigated was his own fault. How do we know that the prosecutor was the bad guy just because the Democrats and this so-called non-partisan doctor tells us. I'm not buying none of it. Donald Trump is like a lot of us why are we footing the bill with our money just support people in the backyard of Europe would you guys like to reconsider history how many times has Europe started a major war in just the last few centuries how about Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich and Europe's rise for the fourth Kingdom the final Kingdom better wake up. What we have is a bunch of children in government crying out like a bunch of children on the playground that ain't getting their way thank you Donald Trump putting an ice pick in these pieces of trash

  15. Donald trump is an absolute Moron, if he wanted Maria yovanovitch removed, why did he not just put out a tweet. why did he have to go thru clandestine and insidious methods to get her removed.

  16. Nuclear: Hill reviewed the dossier, knew Christopher Steele, the former British spy who authored a dossier against Trump. Bingo! Bias witness, Never Trumper. Bad Day for Democrats

  17. The impeachment testimony has been pretty weak. Do they have anyone who actually talked to Trump? It seems like a bunch of gossip and assumptions.

  18. I think if people can see past the fact that they are watching an impeachment inquiry of a US President, we should feel honored that such intelligent, honorable, and dedicated professionals are serving our nation around the world, sometimes at their own peril.

  19. There are more dangerous things than trump and one is Russia and the other is the Republican party that has abandoned all of their obligations to the nation and its people. Without them trump would never have been elected and trump would have been thrown out by now.

  20. Ms Hill is bad to the bone
    You too Mr Holmes
    MS Hill you are the meaning of a strong honorable intellectually out number those Devils

  21. Schiff is a drama queen with a pencil neck and bulging eyes – just needs bigger lips and he could be a cartoon character for a fish. A LYING FISH – won't even allow the Republicans to talk and he won't even tell who this FAKE WHISTLEBLOWER IS…WHY????

  22. This whole scam is to take the spotlight off of Biden’s and hunters money laundering and try to clear his name while wasting millions more of our tax dollars

  23. If Killary would have won the election rigged for her we wouldn’t know about any of this corruption going on during Obama administration

  24. Ohhh the drama!!! Hahah Trump isnt going anywhere, and wont even be impeached… this will be the fifteenth nothing burger about trump, and this will be career ending for Biden the ukranian grandpa lol

  25. People hate on the republican lawyer for giving decent questions, but it just shows he’s probably a good guy. Partisan. But interested in what happened.

  26. "I heard someone talking on the phone and what i thought they might have said was blah and what that might have meant was blah blah" Washington Post grow up and stop showing your obvious bias.

  27. Trump PERPETUATING Russian NARRATIVE…undermining national security policies for his own personal gain….Extortion, Bribery ,etc.

  28. Nunes is a total a**wipe. His denial of reality is symptomatic of why the Republican party is going to crash-and-burn. I hope the entire rats nest of the Trump administration ends their days in prison.

  29. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said there is clear evidence President Donald Trump used his office for personal gain and undermined America’s national security.

    Speaking at her weekly press conference on Thursday, Pelosi, however, said that no final impeachment decision had been made.

    She said that it was up to the Democratic-led House Intelligence Committee to determine how to proceed with the impeachment inquiry as House members continued to gather facts and hear from witnesses.

    “The evidence is clear … that the president has used his office for his own personal gain and in doing so undermined the national security,” she told reporters. “He has violated his oath of office.”

    Pelosi made the remarks as the Democrat-led House Intelligence Committee conducted its fifth and final day of public hearings on Thursday in the impeachment inquiry centered on the July 25 phone call between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.

    The US House Intelligence Committee resumed the public impeachment hearings on Tuesday.

    The Republican president called Pelosi “highly overrated” and "incompetent” for not passing the so-called US-Mexico-Canada Agreement, or USMCA.

    “The woman is highly overrated,” Trump said. “We can’t get USMCA approved because Nancy Pelosi is grossly incompetent.”

  30. But Biden did it. The agreements are so laughable. The truth a lot of democrate soliialist did do many crimes with proof. Lol

    I'm so tired of the Republicans insulting our intelligence and playing stupid and gas lighting undisputed evidence. Even after all of this they persist with the stupidity and arrogance. The Republicans are complicit and do not deserve reelection, in fact they deserve to be investigated. When we attempt to hold Donald Trump accountable, the Republican party calls that a coup. When we report on the truth, they say fake news, when Donald Trump is caught red handed no doubt about it, the Republicans say, "So What!", he can do whatever he wants. If Donald Trump kills someone on 5th Avenue, the Republicans will blame the media for driving him crazy, Donald Trump is never responsible for what he says, does and is. ~ That's called a cult of personality and a dictatorship, not a President that serves the constitution. His always Trumpers, always lie for him, they bought into the Trump brand, not the American Constitution that our forefathers honored, and the America they built, fought for and died for. Donald Trump serves greed and power, he answers to RUSSIAN Oligarch money AND Valdmir Putin's marching orders. ~ AMERICA HAS BEEN INFILTRATED AND OUR DEMOCRACY IS UNDER ATTACK ~ LET'S TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY ~ VOTE BLUE, PROTEST OUTSIDE THE WHITE HOUSE – NO MORE BS!

  32. Shiff and pelosi wanted to give quid pro joe biden an electoral victory served on a silver platter. Two wrongs doesnt make it right. Republicans cannot not let that happen.

  33. When this gets to a trial in the Senate it is absolutely going nowhere. There is no bipartisan movement to remove this great president. With Nixon, pretty much everyone knew what he did warranted his removal from office.

  34. Dr Hill is my HERO. It is worth mentioning that the female witnesses have been true patriots. Not a political bone int their bodies. The republicans look like fools with their pathetic conspiracy speculations, with NO TRUTH to them at all.And why are the repulicans useing putins talking points?

  35. If Hunter Biden took the money with the help of Joe Biden why impeach Trump for call him out, Trump should be applauded!

  36. As a kid I like riding a merry-go-round keeps going around in circles with a bunch of the noises going up and down but when I got off I ended up at the same spot just like this just a waste of time and money

  37. Why does Schiff bring up an argument already lost (Russian collusion). Whatever the truth may be, why contaminate this case with one already decided? The man is really a fool. I understand why he hated Trump, generally speaking Trump is an abomination as president because he does not believe in democracy and reasonable norms. But stuck to what you might win. Stop dirty in the waters with what you already lost and giving the other side ammunition.

  38. The corruption everyone wants to eliminate is being stopped. ASK WHY We waited for the Mueller investigation. PLEASE watch the testimony then wait for the IG report. Then wait for the Durham investigation. There are things you are not being told by the media. This really is dangerous.

  39. LICK HIM UP. 🔒 Children and women who have been sexually assaulted as the orange turd knows, do not always say “I have been. violated” or “Donald J Trump raped me” when they have been violated either. Doesn’t mean the orange turd didn’t sexually assault anyone. Same applies with extortion and bribery.

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