Highly Evolved Leela creates incredibly holistic approach to connected passed pawns vs Stockfish

hi all let's look at another amazing game from the tea sack season 15 super final so in round 62 Lila playing white against stockfish so these pairs of games where they play the same opening with white and black so could Lila do the double so to speak double kill is the technical term used in tea set chat so leader with white plays d4 and we have my f6 Bishop g5 so the trump offski a favorite of Grandmaster Judy and Hudson so neither taking the role of Julian Hodgson here every we have check see free might have six d5 Queen b6 hitting B to Bishop c1 so this is a very popular start position in the trump offski stockfish plays d6 and intriguingly we you know we have a different sequence here from our other game where stockfish takes on d5 and this seems a little bit outrageous what starfish is doing in fact taking on d5 but already you know there's a been a commitment with b6 instead of d6 if g6 here for example not trying to open this file up too quickly then Knight a free could actually be a very useful resource here for example Bishop u7e five nine takes Knight c4 and then not the night going into d6 check this is a big advantage for white so already stockfish is committing to a really sharp continuation here where after a takes d6 the King is exposed to a check here Lena doesn't play a check immediately but actually plays c4 but it's here believe it or not Queen e2 check is used and it seems quite effectual on Bishop e7 you know why it has potentially moves that Bishop h6 so in fact stockfish loses casting rights with King d8 on earth his stop fish finking here Lilla actually kind of acknowledges that this Queen check is kind of leaving all these pieces still on the first row and outrageously doesn't undeveloped ink move so we've got every single piece now still on the first row and the black pieces there's been two black pieces develops and you might also think hold on a sec the e8 square could be used for a rook later as well couldn't it so white is really looks under the wraps at the moments Bishop g7 Bishop d3 by ft-7 like e to my e5 and now Knight BC free Bishop d7 white castle's my a6 be free this is afforded by the Knights protecting each other there's no major imminent disaster yet on this diagonal with the Knights protecting each other so we have King c7 a3 which denies the use of the be Foursquare rook a e8 so stockfish has fought this is this would be a quite nice home on the Queen side for its King Bishop c2 now now that be free is pointing c4 that's relieve the bishop of its duty King b8 h free and we have F 5 F full 9 f7 rugby 1 giving the idea that maybe b4 later rock h d8 so both sides potentially have got attacking plans in place based on striking aligning at the opponent's Kings rather subtly at the moment these rooks King h1 is this an important prophylaxis move against blacks potential attacks later one very deep sighted thing about this position is to consider and this might seem totally outrageous but when the king is on on other side of the board in its usual place if these pawns are being used for attack if they're taken out we would have passed pawns without a blockading resource of the King and that's that's an important endgame consideration where the King is because it's often the last you know very important blockade are in end games so just bear that in mind that if these pawns are used for attack we could end up with connected passed pawns potentially on the Kings side without the king being able to help against them we have Queen d8 Bishop d2 Queenie 7 Bishop d3 here it looks as though b4 might be tempting however after g5f takes 95 it looks as of this position white still actually has got good prospects in this example at least so it looks as though it might actually be quite playable I hear b4 might be a move but Bishop d3 was played 98 and now in this position B 4 is played b6 and interestingly not opening up it will give the c5 squared a c5 square here it will be quite juicy for a knight that'd be a nice blockading the square in fact leader chooses not to give a nice outpost square on c5 just to put this on the board you know this it looks like a juicy Knight outpost and it will be difficult even though we've got that semi open file its wings are now on the maps but really it seems the downsides worse than the upside here with that Knight on c5 as an example so this interesting decision to close up with b5 but it does mean why it still has the option of potentially opening things up like this you know opening up the a far at least later maybe that's going to be dangerous Queen c2 we have Bishop f6 so blacks preparing it seems g5 a for now Knight d7 puts a stop on the a5 square and not only that c4 might be vulnerable in some lines Knight c1 and now here this is a really interesting position move 30 wear black commits to an attacking pull move but pawns don't go backwards now if this pawn is taken we really do have isolated pawns which might be chip you know chips way out later as I say with the King over here in endgame scenarios these could be important passed pawns in their own even if white doesn't attack on the queenside so interestingly before we go into that committal decision rh6 is an example let's have a look at night ce2 in particular unveils the bishop for a 5 so this possession if g 5 bishop takes f 5 this is difficult for black yes as an alternative rook ef8 knight be free and a 5 again again is is kind of difficult for black white could in that we've actually quite a dangerous attack even using the a file it's a pretty dangerous attack here for example like this blasting through so g5 it's natural to want a counter-attack but Layla is kind of you know pattern matching to games it's beating itself with and and perhaps you know it doesn't really care if it chap makes the king or wins with past pawns it's going to be looking very very far ahead you know when we look at the downsides of positions you know I've been wondering this myself that sometimes we can get very involved in a kind of nerdy kind of way in particular variations particular moves particular resources and we might think you know we're putting a lot of work in but actually sometimes it's a slower approach to looking at the downsides of a position than the more philosophical approach Luther here is kind of almost almost more philosophically that it might not be looking at millions of millions of positions like starfish but it's pattern matching with these long distant dreams you know maybe of the of these past pawns are one day you know being very very important you know think of this dream it's very important I believe with Leela games to to think about the underlying really really long-term plans which you wouldn't normally expect of engine games but that's what gives gives the game such instructive value are quite often the way the Leela has these very farsighted concepts so not so much nerdy in analysis as holistic in in in the way leader is checking these positions and matching in a way to what it thinks is winning probabilities so here we have Bishop takes f5 being played oh sorry not not Bishop take F takes G 5 which isolates these pawns if Bishop takes F 5 is being played just to demonstrate this then tactically g4 is dangerous for white for example this position it becomes dangerous after Knight a5 c4 is vulnerable if the Queen drops back then g4 drops and look at White's King it's starting to look psyche here blacks getting a big advantage there's a nice blockade here White's attacks not going anywhere it looks as though why it's played in a really terrible way in fact here so blacks getting the advantage there so f takes g5 is played Bishop takes Knight 1 to e 2 Bishop takes D to Queen takes an L Knight a5 and here it looks as though again c4 is is like an issue but so is f5 so which is the more important issue and also as I say it's like nerdy downside analysis versus holistic downside analysis the holistic view of the position would say look even if even if we go a pawn down maybe if we get to connecting passed pawns over here then that you know holistically casually that's going to be good why worry about anything just look at these distant plans yes c4 might not be an issue not yeah it looks like an issue but we have h5 now pawns don't go backwards is this gonna be a target fi was definitely being targeted and stockfish again doesn't seem to really it seems a bit reckless sometimes with its pawns that may be in in the short term this looks safe enough but surely in towards n games this is going to be a real liability this pawn here a long-term liability from a sort of more holistic perspective at least wish you consider not just pawns they don't go backwards but at some point you know this could backfire this h4 move if if stockfish has played rook e8 then Knight g-free this position looks as a white scanning enough block a potential on the f4 square and in fact this looks interesting this this kind of variation where the h1 is picked off white secure enough here protecting c4 to indulge in this pawn grab just as an example so it looks as though yes the h1 is already in some mortal danger here so h4 instead of rook ef8 Brooke 1 2 f2 Brooke EFA and now Queen h6 this actually is you know hitting h4 and perhaps trying to overload the quincas now there's a concept of rookie free hitting the Queen and you know if f5 is also another major target you know these pawns are looking a little bit vulnerable the only thing stopping you know major issues would seem to be the balancing act of taking this pawn but as I say from a holistic perspective this isn't just an exchange of pawns why it has two connected passed pawns with the king over here away from easily being able to take part in blockading these the dream of these two connected passed pawns that's the dream the undertone of this game which may be leader is already kind of grasping so we have 9 e8 if rook h8 rookie free quint f7 then Queen takes d6 as possible so if we look at this position instead of Queen f7 which drops these six if rotates then this is going to be quite favorable that the rook hits h4 it protects c4 and we can get this kind of snare where the Knights about to grab eight for eight Falls not going anywhere it's it's been victimized here and it's gonna be taken in this variation for example like this and maybe even have five drops and that's gonna be grateful way it's gonna be safe enough white even if c4 drops why it's still gonna be a pawn up there as well as two connected passed pawns so okay so we have 98 rookie free Queen f6 and now this this dream is getting one step closer with the queens coming off king safety won't be a major short-term issue anymore you'd think as much and it's more it's gonna be more about these these past pawns we have rook a full protecting sea for hitting H for Bishop c8 on rook h8 you might think why not hold on to the point the thing is King h2 and Knight G 1 this is pretty nifty stuff for playing for Knight f3 and say Bishop C two and a bit maneuvering but eventually h4 can be taken pretty safely covering c4 covering all squares we're still f5 as a major target next so yeah this kind of thing could potentially happen Bishop C ain't the pawn is just taken so officially a pawn up 97 but it looks to the hole on set isn't there a counter on this poem of 95 coming up Knight f4 95 but leader is really not concerned as I say in the short term in the short term I believe Lila feels if it's got two connected passed pawns it's like you know that's a forecast that these going to be worth their weight in gold and that upset the undertone holistically for looking at the downsides of the opponent's position so not the short term calculation vignette window that normal chess engines have so maybe you know stockfish is calculating it's going to win this pawn but Leo also froze in another thing 96 which encourages simplification putting an entrenched knight on e6 but really it's to really highlight the dream more simplification means the dream is getting closer to reality that holistic dream of the collective past pawns we have rook f6 being played here not wanting perhaps to give up the d5 square so rook have six bishop f1 rook e8 if here bishop takes a 6 d takes rook takes 95 is a big square and for example this possession at the moment it's equal on pawns but we could arrive at this kind of scenario with g4 being played and this is this is a fascinating thing so even if this happens in the short term black could be a palm down but then a long term we've really reached the dream scenario of two connected passports so even a palm down here in this variation if these pawns start driving forward we can see that the holistic dream is more more important here the two connected passed pawns are being driven forward here why it's also got this nice gigantic bishop on this diagonal so it looks as though black spools of suppressed the Knights not in that great either it looks let's and what that means squares it's a big advantage for white so this undertone is is the point of reference for what's happening in here so rook e8 rook g3 and now this is taken taking so at the moment we're equal on pawns 95 rook g6 here if Knight takes e4 Bishop takes Knight takes there's rook takes e4 the rook is actually still protecting there that's not impossible so 95 rook g6 rook C free protecting that form we have rook g7 rook h6 rook G sinks if Rock d7 here then Knight f6 forced the rooks that's fine for white to do that so rook g6 range for rook F a rook f4 and you can see where we're closer than ever the before to this idea that these could be really important the endgame these two connectors passed pawns and as I've said you know maybe this is part of the contingency plan either it was to chat make the opponent's king or to celebrate the opponent's king being over there not being so easy to defend here against these past pawns so rook f7 Bishop e2 rook g5 King h2 like g6 rock up to 95 rook f1 Rob G a high-level shuffling in progress rook g3 King g'wan King see a rook g5 it looks as though f5 has been surrounded at the moment and now it's been taken check 90 XF 591 bishop f1 so leader is actually having after all this after winning f5 and even dreamiest scenario than before to connected past bonds one pair of it's gone now it's looking as though the road is clear and a pawn up at the moment rook f8 g for these pawns are starting to be pushed might be free rook f2 Knight d2 setting a little trap then if rook takes D – then there's check but Leela doesn't fall for that so after Knight d2 Bishop g2 covers every quite well and also prevents the five nice bishop on that diagonal Knight takes e4 so again stop Fisher has managed to equalize on pawns so from a short-term missed view it's ticking all the boxes from a holistic view it looks to be nearly busted look at the two connected passed pawns now so Lina you know the worry is less when you have that undertone you're thinking for very long range you know pattern matching to games that you've won before when Lena beat herself up all those millions of times perhaps you know the emerging patterns from a human perspective the power of connected passed pawns seems to be a major theme not just the form pawn connected passport should be another t-shirt shouldn't then yes okay Bishop d5 is played king c7 so here yeah king c7 it seems to be going the wrong way it doesn't want to get in the way of these pawns it doesn't want to be involved tactically in things that there was no real participation now it's being cut from this side of the board anyway so these pawns must be laughing now that the Kings just going over there they've still got the dream in mind we have rook a to on g5 it seems as though this might actually be a plausible move here tats going off tonight be free to play g6 believe it or not this pawn in this variation seems to be triumph after g7 but you know H full stops rook g5 and white could end up queening and picking up the night with it looks to be a very advantageous position but Lina holds off with g5 by playing okay – for the moment and now King h2 the other thing about this not only we have a lack of a blockade oh we've got a shepherd there here this King can Shepherd these passed pawns rook e8 g5 shepherding the fast porn potentially night eight four and now g6 this pawn is really running running away and in fact it's this with this bishop eyeing its target destination Square and also dominating these Knights somewhat especially this night on the rim is being kind of dominated as well visually this is a really impressive position for that huge Bishop on d5 an awesome piece here we've you know idea of pushing so black is actually on the verge of losing material here we have rook g7 and now an outrageous shepherding implication or this next move kingi fears oh the King's gonna go into the dark squares with King f4 c4 is played if Knight tanks g6 that goes into a self pin the King just pops back back in bed and then just to exploit this pin winning a piece so that's actually not possible so sing c4 King f4 might be free king g5 the king is shepherding the pawn king h6 that's another major advantage of the king being over there this King can play an active role in celebrating that passport starfish is basically capitulating here giving up a piece so uh now Knight tanks wrote these seven Roxy to rugby a rook takes c4 we're h4 after h5 rook d3 this this was the game end position it seems so with both engines thinking you know White's like plus it's a piece up this porn is also a major passport black spawns are going nowhere so a very very interesting game when I first saw this game I really didn't have a clue about it i sat on the analysis I thought what what does is really represent wasn't it kind of scary that c4 seemed like liability then I then I started to realize that in some variations Lena's actually a porn down but still winning what kind of engine it can be so casual to not really care about the short-term battles it's one that really is pattern matching to when it's learned from beating up itself that the you know these long range holistic plans set the undertone for not being so concerned about the minutiae details of the short-term tactics as long as the undertone of the connected pass pawns can triumph in the end I believe that this is what this game kind of demonstrates I hope you got something from it if you enjoyed this game then please click on top left box which should appear shortly to become number at chessboard or net play against other youtubers you could also test yourself on the variation is covered in this and other games from the improved menu the puzzle box option which has a link to the annotated game comments question installation see the description like share subscribe with the notification bowl really appreciated thanks very much pause a book addendum if you go to chess board donate you can also you can invite me for a game as well or I invite you for a game but you can also go on the improved menu puzzle books and you'll see this set of two games the romp offski attack ice olena versus stock fish so twin only 20 came out there meaning there was far more holistic though there were there were less variations to analyze it I think it was important to understand the fundamental game patterns here of the connected passed pawns in particular but concretely White's play for a clear advantage here I think this was to do with unveiling a 5 so this move and now it once that happens Bishop takes up five okay if the g5 here blacks play for a clear advantage I think in this line Boop thanks I'll hold on g4 then Bishop tanks now I think the c-4 could have been attacked and that overloads the Queen trying to protect G 4 and C 4 and then taking implants getting good position white play for a Clara voyage here c4 is attacked ah I think it's the idea was rook afraid quite interesting to invade with the Queen with the idea of rookie free it's quite a quirky idea and there's a weakness of the last move there we'll just do five to keep this brief chief so ff4 is played I here I think could Wayne I've safely taken with the rook here or is it running into tactics now I'm not so sure about this alright that is that is possible because I think it's the Knights gonna hang off so that's just possible just one more white play for a clear advantage here in this line I wonder not so sure f4 is under lock and key I wonder if we can just play taking on h4 oh well yeah that they look quite this is a I remember now this is position where white is outrageous they are pulled down but the two connected postpones are really running away with it now so yeah holistic ISM versus nerdism I'll call this you don't have to worry about the short-term if you've got the long long run plan covered the power of the connected passports okay I hope you enjoyed this video and got something out of it pens very much

30 thoughts on “Highly Evolved Leela creates incredibly holistic approach to connected passed pawns vs Stockfish

  1. Alphazero and lela are the type of people that sacrifice their queen in the short time to get 3 past pawns and queen them in the end game in move #80 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. Leela is learning how to recognize winning patterns, so for her, creating connected passed pawn, getting rid of the queen and the rook etc … was done in order to create a pattern that was more and more likely to win. Really enjoyed your explanations! And … the word of the day is "holostic" 🙂

  3. Thanks KC, as always, great commentary. Wonderful, again, I am really thinking that pawn strategies, at least at higher levels, should be focused. In this game, there was a clear pawn strategy. I watched a video about Malik Mir Sultan Khan and while completely different strategies, they share the pawn push theme, at least, I thought so :-/

  4. Insightful and impassioned analysis. You have been describing SF as the Mighty Stockfish. Now the era of the Mighty Leela has officially begun. Thanks for bringing it to us from the beginning.

  5. Great call out of Leela's pattern matching involvement in its games vs SF's fixed tactical horizon, which is comparatively very short term.

  6. KC, has it been determined that engines, if left free to do so, would choose the same, very limited number of well-known Openings?

  7. I have the feeling that it's the “high level shuffling” that elevates the engine play to a level that humans cannot comprehend. I honestly can't get my head round all that shuffling, even though I am certain that it is essential for the long term goal. The positional factors of weak pawns, connected passed pawns, etc, make sense to me but that shuffling: it's beyond me.

  8. bishop D5 !! cutting of the king, blocking the pawn , attacking the knight and securing the queening square, not too shabby for a move …

  9. Recently, TCEC was running a test round "Champions vs Glaurung" of bullet games (1'+1"). In Leela's games against Glaurung, the eval graph was a sight to behold. Within 20 moves Leela's eval would be over 10, while Glaurung was at 1 point something. That would continue for another 15+ moves; then Glaurung's eval would suddenly jump from 1.8 to "hey, I'm gonna be mated". Talk about long-term vision.
    P.S.: Here is one of the games (some of the previous ones were not recorded):

  10. There's a new app for Android called Bagatur Chess Engine that says it's "AI with a neural network" that is "tuned to play against Stockfish". It has it's own GUI & says it plays about 2700 on it's highest setting. I don't know if that means it will self learn & get stronger the more it plays like A0 & Leela? I had it on my phone & played two 20 minute games against Komodo 12.1.1 on my laptop in Tarrasch GUI, Bagatur drew the games. Against Stockfish on my laptop it lost the two 20 games but played very interesting. For it to draw against Komodo it appeared to be playing over 3000. I'd like to see how it does against Leela.
    I did a quick search & seems like this engine has been around & in development for quite awhile.

  11. After stockfish played Na5, it was amazing who quickly Leela shifted from the king attack to blowing up Black's kingside instead and locking in a good endgame.
    All while that Knight was anchored on a5.

    the knight kept up pressure on the c4 pawn but Leela kept using different pieces to defend c4 and made progress.

  12. the vision of leela of 2 connected pass pawns and that if done right she will be fast enough to make the opponent loose a piece

    but lets all admire stockfish loosing a knight in the corner that was a spectator for the game which allowed leela to play with a piece up in the board

    also the disaster attack splitting up the 3 pawns and end up with 2 separate pawn

    and then the game was to take out this 2 weak pawns
    one was taken easy and the other was exchange with another pawn when all was to far gone

    leela show a lot of potential in splitting the 2 pawns
    given that 1 knigth was practically not playing

  13. This could have been a battle of two pairs of connected passed pawns, but it feels like leela had all the pieces prepared to support the push (perhaps indicative of it being a long term plan) whereas stockfish had to constantly respond to leela's threats and couldnt capitalize on the opportunity to use the pawns before leela could blockade or gobble them up.

  14. Thanks KC. A wonderful result for Leela and done in her usual exciting and entertaining chess style. Chess will never be the same again 🙂
    Edit: wasn't is great to see the Tweets from Demis and GM Peter Heine Nielsen.

  15. Thanks a lot KC! Amazing game indeed.

    Perhaps after showing all non-drawn games from this sufi, can you show a couple o those, where it looks like Leela blundered a win?

  16. I'm glad you covered this game. The two Trompovsky games (61 and 62) were decisive in the TCEC superfinal. I am unfamiliar with the Trompovsky, so I checked games you had covered before and discovered the Gary Kasparov game you covered in 2010. Watching that video makes me appreciate more fully the effort you put into these videos. You are very much better these days. Keep it up, and thank you.

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