High Sobriety Ep. 32 – Aspen Luzier, Rebel for a Change

Welcome to High Sobriety.
Our goal is to save lives and remove the stigma of addiction. Here’s the host of
High Sobriety, John Mabry. Here in the studio today we are grateful
to be blessed with Aspen Luzier, who is the founder of Rebel for a Change. It is
a nonprofit organization that she’s going to be telling us more about it is
a huge not just organization but a movement and a powerful force and people
struggling with the recovery and really the family members the family members a
lot of times are left out of the equation when you’re talking about
somebody struggling with addiction or mental health concerns and the Rebel for
a Change is going to help support people struggling so welcome to the show. Aspen Luzier:
thank you it’s amazing what a solid introduction that was compared to my
introduction last time just how much Rebel for a Change has been working on
the back end like it’s so cool yeah it’s not about kind of what you what you’ve
done in the past my last so if you haven’t heard aspirins first interview
we did that several months back is episode number 18 on our high sobriety
platform you can get that through iTunes stitcher SoundCloud and also on YouTube
so just go to addiction campuses high sobriety on YouTube and you look for
episode number 18 that’s a cement describing really for the first time
publicly what she went through as a child of an addict right touch just a
just maybe a one minute brief introduction of what you went through as
a child it was an amazing experience walking through these doors last time I
was here I was so vulnerable I felt like I was gonna throw up it was the very
first time ever talking about my childhood with my dad who was a
struggling addict and then to where he’s at today where it’s just full-blown and
completely disconnect to the point where I I can imagine that he’s still abusing
but I have no idea because we still haven’t spoken since my last interview
here so yeah difficult and you saw some difficult things as a child you were
putting some difficult situations writing in car with one thing that
stands out writing in the car with your stepmother stepmother bringing me to a
drug addicts home and grabbing her by the by the shirt and pull like pulling
her and saying if you don’t give me the drug money I’m taking these kids and
so yeah there was a lot of a lot of toxic moments as a child when and I’m
really excited to talk about like what’s to come for the future of rebel for a
change for these other children that are going through what I went through to
change the pattern for their lives but you know in the end as difficult as all
of those moments were I wouldn’t change it for anything because it’s allowed me
to give back to something I wish I had awesome well let’s dive right in so tell
us what is rebel for a change what compelled you to to start it obviously
we went through some stuff as a child but go into the audience let us know I’m
curious to know where where you’ve come from from where we were several months
ago when we talked and had you interview you were just starting it for the first
time so now here we are four or five months later what has transpired what
have you gone through what has gone wonderful and what struggles have you
seen right let’s start with that rebel for change was created to raise
awareness for the family members and support systems who are suffering from a
loved one who’s an addict but within the time of me working with rebel and trying
to identify what rebel really stood for somebody asked me a question and the
question was what makes your heart break and that was an extremely pivotal moment
for a rebel for a change because it was something that I knew but wasn’t really
able to identify clearly that the reason why I’m fighting so bad to create this
movement and to create this awareness is for the children we as adults we have
the tools and the tactics to make that change within ourselves we can we can go
boxing we can paint we can talk to friends we can feel that vulnerability
and understand what it is we can make those changes within ourselves but it’s
the children who are involved who don’t have those tools and aren’t even clear
what any of these emotions such as vulnerability really mean and being able to identify that really
set the pace for the change for rebel for a change so before the the it was to
raise awareness for the support systems and family members where I’ve sort of
just changed it a bit and it’s solely for the family members
and the children and it’s amazing identifying that the children has
completely changed the future of rebel so before when we spoke I had this grand
idea that I wanted to create a retreat for rebels and the the recovering addict
once they get out of rehab and they all go to this one place and sort of learn
their new normal reconnect let’s reconnect and to say not to say that
that isn’t something that we’ll do in the future which i think is very
important but I think something that is a little bit and I wouldn’t say more
important but to give some a little bit more value to what is happening right
now is to connect the rebels to connect the rebels in the community because
that’s that’s what this is about like addicts can connect when they go to
treatment addicts can connect or people with substance use disorder is the
appropriate way to say that these days people with substance use disorder have
resources they have 12-step meeting you the abundance of help goes toward and
attention and energy goes toward somebody that’s struggling but you have
these people on the outside that are that are disconnected as well there’s a
there’s Alan on and there’s other times there’s some 12 groups out there you’re
just providing a different Avenue for me and a lot of people who I spoke to Alan
on is great and other 12 spoke 12-step programs are wonderful and it works for
them for me and a whole bunch of other people that I’ve spoken to it does not I
like we’ve spoke about before I wear my heart on my sleeve I typically talk
about what people don’t want to talk about and I want to be heard I want I
want to be heard and with that I want to empower so many other people who are
struggling with what I am struggling with because that empowers me to sit and
talk to and other other people who have been in
my situation so with rebel it’s really more like a cutting-edge new thing where
we’re putting ourselves out there and we’re allowing the world to see our
vulnerability it’s so important because typically in 12-step groups when I’ve
been to you know certain 12-step groups it’s about keeping the conversation in
that room it’s about you go right you go to that room and you share it it works
for a lot of people yeah and I found that that works for me a lot of times I
still go to meetings and it’s still I go to 12-step meetings and they’re very
helpful for me but also on the outside I found that I couldn’t just just talk
about my addiction in one room to one group of people and then to go to the
outside world and try to envy somebody else right I still have to have this
wall up that yeah I don’t want you to know me fully
I finally got that the plumbers like screw it I’m just gonna talk about it
yeah that’s what and that’s what we what a pivotal moment for you when you
finally did that yeah and how many people you’ve helped by doing that on
the other side and you weren’t spot you’re gonna be the catalyst for other
people doing this for the people who are struggling
because people were struggling a lot of times don’t have the voice because
they’re not being heard they’re being overlooked by the person that that’s you
know on you know could possibly die from overdosing or is continuing to get fired
from jobs because they’re using on the job or they can’t get hired because I
always have drugs in their system right these people can go to you or go to this
organization go to rebel for a change and be heard
and act with other rebels and when that movement starts to when that starts to
rise and that wave comes over people what’s gonna it’s gonna change a lot of
people’s view on substance use it’s just save lives can I tell you
speaking about that and people coming to me
wow so working with rebel and all of this stuff trying to identify knowing I
didn’t plan to create a nonprofit this was not in like that that wasn’t the
plan the plan was hear my voice I’ve got a very strong opinion and I and I know
that there’s a brighter a brighter side and you can get there you’re mother of
two you are the why of our a lousier who’s the drummer for
the for the rock band Korn and so you have a very chaotic life yes
with the with the children you do some you do modeling you do a lot of
photography so you work behind the camera as well you have a business doing
that and you’re also an athlete you’re a boxer you’re you’re very active in the
community so you have a lot going on and as you say it wasn’t your plan to start
nonprofit but there was not the plan but to move forward I had to I had to create
a nonprofit to create this awareness that was the only way to move forward
with this movement but what has been very like ok now it’s go time right like
I have talked I have merchandise available I have a very strong opinion
on moving forward with this but something hit me that I did not expect
and I’ll use the other night for example I was at a charity event that my
girlfriend put on and it somebody got wind of what I was doing right before a
change and slightly talked to her a little bit about it and I could tell
that it hit her differently everybody who I speak to speak about rebel with
they’re always compelled and they have a lot of questions and cheering me on like
wow you’re doing the right thing but her it was just like it was she was almost
and like a deer in headlights we parted ways and I could tell there was
something deeper with her she came back to me I don’t know moments later and
just started bawling just she said my father’s an addict and I don’t know what
to do and I’m lost and it was like looking in a mirror at myself eight
months ago and I was just it was one of those I was
so proud for her so proud of her for being vulnerable because without
vulnerability there is no change so for her to come up to me who I am a complete
stranger and be like oh my gosh this is what I’m dealing with I don’t know what
to do I’m Gared but I can’t keep doing what I’ve
been doing I’m enabling him I I mean the conversation went on and on and on and
I’m looking at her just speechless in a sense of God I just hope that what I’m
saying to her and to and to show her that there is a different perspective on
this and there is a different path that you can take with this because here’s
something I’ve learned you are not at fault for whatever the addict might be
doing but you are at fault if you choose to not change how you’re dealing with it
so you say that again Rebecca say that one more time so you are not at fault
for whatever the addict is doing however much they try to place blame on you and
you love them so much you are not at fault for that but you are at fault if
you choose not to change for yourself and for me I was at fault for continuing
to go down the same path with my dad Oh so when she’s talking to me I think the
biggest challenge right now with rebel is am i worthy enough am i worthy enough
to be given this voice where people feel like wow she’s got to hold on this a
little different it’s scary it’s really scary trying to move forward with this
big movement and just hoping that everything I am envisioning and have
placed that it really I don’t know that people really get it and how do you show
hope how do you show that how do you teach hope their experience so yeah I
think that’s a huge challenge that I’m sort of at right now is just feeling am
i worthy enough to guide people through these really dark really hard scary
times I could see the struggle there see there
so so much emotion there’s so much behind what people are going through
more and more people turning to addiction than ever before we’re in the
in the greatest most impactful in a negative way epidemic that we’ve drug
epidemic we’ve ever had in our country and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down
for a while so there’s so many emotions and so much
power behind the struggles that people are having and you’re having to prepare
yourself right to take on other people’s problems
and to be able to be a voice for them and encourage them to come out and step
out and I know I have it I know I have that voice because I’m
walking it right now but I just I don’t know I just hope that my story is
perceived well this thing is gonna grow thing I mean look at people that have
already come out it’s amazing how you’ve been surprised at the people who message
to you like it’s crazy I didn’t even like launch the website really and I’ve
got messages daily of everybody telling me their stories and and just not only
that but just like thank you thank you for putting yourself out there because
so many people need this and are gonna grow from this so I know that I’m on the
right path I just feel that maybe it’s I don’t know I don’t know why I I sort of
questioned myself at times I think it’s I think it’s good to never feel
comfortable in a sense with what you’re doing it I think that sure that brings
growth and awareness that you’re making the right decision for other people as
well but man yeah I think one of the great things I’d love to point out to
you too as a reminder is other rebels are going to join this join this
movement join your mission they’re gonna join in and they’re gonna help each
other they’re gonna be leaning on each other for continued support it’s not
going to be just used you’re gonna be given people tools and resources through
the website yeah so there’s gonna be some online coaching available yeah
about that so on the website as this thing continues to grow there’s no set
date yet right right right right yep so tell us what the og piece that’s great
and we’re good at all in order right now so I am
working with a therapist who works for a company called plan group and this
particular company they work with the family members and the person who’s
struggling and each person is given given a therapist a counselor that walks
this journey with them every single day and the woman Kimberly Bush who I’m
working with as our counselor for rebel for a change she is amazing she has and
I won’t disclose this too much because I would like her to have the opportunity
to share her story maybe you know come on here but she’s very experienced in
the addiction world and her childhood is she has an amazing story herself and her
mother Lisa Jackson is also on the board and both of them have an incredible
story of growth together and it allows them to really connect to us the family
members the recovering addicts so I’m excited and and once the one we’re gonna
start out two times a month offering free life coaching sessions via Facebook
we’re going to use the Facebook platform so it can be shared and and then
depending on the response that we get from doing it two times a month we’ll
probably end up bumping up the life coaching to once a week for the
remainder of however long that this goes so it’s all figuring out you know where
would be free counseling free counseling yes all right guys if you’re listening
right now and you’re in need or you know somebody in need in your home or area
and your family and your support group or in your community rebel for a change
calm yeah both are changed right now the website we’ve just got a landing page
I’m proud to say that I’m on the board as well on the board of directors for
rebel for change I want to throw that in there I’m extremely proud to be a part
of this you are a huge asset to us John thank you thank you I’m just honored
honored to be a part of it you will be able to go in the near
future to rebel for a change and receive free counseling from one of our life
coaches is a huge huge benefit now tell us about there’s another facet to this
movement and it has to do with though with the jewelry tell us about yes this
is really exciting for you I know you’re really back oh my gosh it’s you know
what it’s it’s sort of I’m passionate and it sort of hurts here I go I feel it
I feel it coming on I feel the damn emotions coming on ah okay I’ve worked
so hard on this jewelry and it’s such a huge connection to my dad and I just
wish that he could see how how far it’s come along I spoke about the jewelry and
on the last episode and how we were in our backyard and we were taking the
seeds out of a birds-of-paradise and we created we created a bracelet and how
the very day August 25th of 2017 that I decided to speak openly about my
father’s addiction and how it has affected me that bracelet was staring up
at me when I opened a drawer and I was like this is it
this is the piece right here that I’m going to change the way the world
envisions addiction and the family members and finding compassion for
everybody involved so we have the jewelry and I’ve been working very
closely with a jewelry maker making custom the custom beads for every piece
we have the rebel lightning bolt on one side and then on the other
side of this particular bead it says rebel made with the American flag so
every bracelet that we produce is made by a rebel and they’re all made in
America which is just huge to me all of the beads on the piece are all real
gemstones whether it be onyx moon stone blue Jade
they all have healing powers whether it be high meditation healing powers
strength healing powers it’s just very important to me which incredibly enough
when I looked up the birds-of-paradise to see if it even had any meaning it
sure enough does it’s to have faithfulness and love and have a good
perspective on life and for me freaking perspective is everything so it’s just
amazing how it is all come together and the biggest shirker with all of this
because I am currently and still and always will be a rebel it’s just I wish
my dad could see how hard I’ve worked from this little idea that we had to
just what it is today but I’m so grateful to where the I wear this
jewelry every day and it’s a reminder of my strength and I’m so grateful to give
this power piece to other rebels I mentioned before alcoholic alcohol
Anonymous I saw my dad go through it and was with went there with him and saw how
proud he was every time he got a new chip and it was such this power piece
for him and he was so proud and I was so proud to see him get you know move
forward in the program and I just want to give that I’m so sorry I just want to
give that to the family members because we deserve it you know we didn’t ask to be here and
we’re often forgotten about and we we need that reminder that you know as hard
as it is and difficult and scary and dark it may seem at times that there is
light and there is you can change you have to be vulnerable but you can change
and you can get to the other side of peace and freaking power cheese to get
to that other side and know what that feels like
is nothing can ever take that strength away from you no fight no hardest time
to know that you’ve been able to find hope and peace within yourself and your
family and your children unite with other rebels nothing can ever touch that
so man you got me crying John hey this is a this is part of the growth and part
of the the movement this is I want people to see I’m recording this right
now and on video this episode comes out this is such powerful stuff I don’t want
to interrupt it I’m just I want you to have this time this is you know I called
my father I feel like a lot of people are just waiting for that moment of like
oh god what’s gonna happen you know and my biggest fear is that one day he’ll
overdose before I get get to talk to him so Valentine’s Day rolled around and I
was at a very vulnerable state and let me remind you with rebel and as much as
I’m fighting with this I still go I’m
walking through it myself every day I’m not I’ve never not made it to the other
I’ve made it to the other side of finding peace with it
but I haven’t made it to the other side of like my father finding peace with it
so Valentine’s Day rolled around this year 2018 and I would love to knock on
his door but I can’t he’s he lives in a different state so writing a text
message just wasn’t enough either so I sent a video of a video of me
speaking and I had a really pivotal time speaking to my son in which I put in the
video with my father for my dad and I said to him that I think about you every
single day and I don’t I I love you and I’ve never
abandoned you if that’s what you feel but I just want you to know more than
ever I finally was able to identify who my hero is and it’s you you’re my hero because without him instilling this
fight in me as a child and a strong person like he always said it’s okay
Aspen we’re gonna pull up our bootstraps and we’re gonna keep on going and if it
weren’t for you dad telling me that I would never be Who I am today and with
that no matter where you’re at in your life and wherever you’re at in your
struggle you are my hero then I love you and here we are today oh it’s but it’s
April and I still haven’t heard back so you know it’s hard but I look down at my
bracelets and I keep going and I keep empowering other people who are
writing to so you know everybody’s story is different and there is no answer and
that’s the thing with the rebel is I just want to unite so many families and
so many different aspects whether that individual who is fighting is no longer
with us today or still here or still here and have beat addiction or or you
know made it to the other side I think everybody’s story is important
and the different thing with rebel is I want to talk about the triumph so let’s
get over the sad let’s get over the I am a victim because that goes back to what
I said you’re not at fault for whoever it is in your life hurting you through
addiction and turning it around on you but you are at fault if you don’t choose
to change and those are the stories that I want to share on the rebel page and
doing empowerment groups statewide is I want to now let’s turn this pain around
and talk about the triumph stories and what makes it different what makes us
different than any other group out there let’s fight back yes and that’s why it’s
rebel like because we’re frickin rebels because it’s not easy but once you find
that bite and that fire inside it runs through your veins and it doesn’t stop
and it’s just like you can conquer anything so yes that’s so awesome so
when I sit back what we’re occurred you’re encouraging people to one
recognize where they’re at recognize that man I’m not in a good place in and
this thing is taking me down this person in this situation these situations are
pulling me back and they’re keeping me from really reaching my goals and
reaching out to be the the person that I was meant to be well don’t just take
that pain and sit in it and continue to play that victim role yeah so which is
so easy to do so I was there I did it yep I did it and it’s so hard to reach
out and ask for help is
it’s one of those difficult things I have to do is to say oh my gosh I’m in a
situation that I can’t handle on my own I’m supposed to ask for help what are
you talking about no I should do this on my own yeah IIIi have tools I have
resources I have experiences I should be able to
do this on my own well I found I couldn’t do it I just kept going
backwards in my addiction to my mental health issues without getting help and
maybe you don’t have addiction or mental health issues but someone in your family
does and you’ve been tormented by the situation’s that you’ve been put in and
and the struggles that you continue to go through here’s the place rebel for a
change where you can go to if you have a story that you want to tell if you have
a story that is extremely powerful that somebody else could learn from reach out
to Aspen how can people reach you how to connect with you wonderful so we have
the landing page I’m a rebel for change calm but there isn’t a way that you can
email me through there and if you if you just want to say hey I just want to
email you right now I only want to go to the web page its info at rebel for
change calm everything comes straight to me very active on social media too I
share a lot of like the behind the scenes of rebel on my my personal
Instagram page which is addict of the pop and each word is separated by what
is that little high underscore underscore there we go
so yes please follow us Minh Anh addict underscore of underscore underscore pop
happy Opie attact and that brings me to why am I an addict of the pop like what
addiction thing so my strength piece and why I call myself addict of the pop is
because I’m addicted to boxing and if it weren’t for finding boxing I would have
never found my strength to talk about this and rebel for a change would have
never freaking been created if it weren’t for boxing if it weren’t for
title and I title boxing title boxing Cool Springs where we both go so I I
give so much gratitude to title boxing of Cool Springs they were my church and
they still are and it was very important from
to move forward with title and rebel and somehow try to co-brand
or cowork with one another oh man am I so excited to like and I
have to sorta tiptoe around like what is sort of happening because I’m it’s all
sort of in the works but you tell us yes right now title and I have coat not I
once a co-branded but sort of Colo go branded a pair of custom boxing gloves
that I are in the mail to me right now so it says title on one side and rebel
made with the American flag in the lightning bolt on the other side oh my
god am I so excited we have custom wraps custom title boxing wraps for rebel for
a change to so I okay this whole nonprofit thing for me I want
to empower people and fundraising can sort of to me seem like I’m pulling at
strings and I’m just asking people please help please help and I don’t I
don’t I was very hard for me to ask for help so for me fundraising I wanted to
sort of go about it on a different scale so moving forward with with title Oh hmm
okay so we are gonna have a piece and this
will be the rebel for a change fundraising piece that I want to go
statewide with God if I could like get my own bus with like rebel for a change
I like there I am driving down state to state getting ready for all these
empowerment groups and pieces so everybody who attends the fight for
happiness fundraising event you come you’re wearing white you’ve get you get
your custom gloves your wraps and we’re all sitting in this room and not why why
do I want to get on a stage and cry and do what I’m just now doing right now
it’s great it’s empowering yes but I want to be like okay now this is hard
yes but now let’s fight let’s have and let’s talk about why we’re fighting
so let’s get our gloves on and I’ve I’m getting like faux walls and all this
stuff built right now that we’re gonna drape canvas we’re getting ready to
shoot that shoot the promo video for this so if this sort of sounds a little
all over the place that’s because I’m still tactically tactically TechEd
technically putting it all together so we will have buckets of paint everywhere
and you get your title gloves and you dip them in you pick you what you want
you have your own canvas and we talk about why we’re fighting and now we
empower each other let’s redefine the word fight right fighting isn’t bad not
when you’re fighting for something good and that’s been my freakin whole story
fight for happiness I’ve hashtag to everything so we are going to learn to
fight for ourselves I love that you’re doing in a group it’s not like hey let’s
just get one guy in a room and you go paint canvas not so important that
you’re doing it as a community we are going I don’t we’re gonna find this
industrial this is where I’m like and still in the process but we are gonna
find this industrial building or whatever the case may be we are going to
build up the walls we are going to drop down the canvases invite all of these
rebels in we’re gonna dip our gloves and paint and we’re just gonna go at it and
and it’s gonna be amazing and it’s gonna be so empowering so then you as the
rebel you leave with your gloves and you leave with those memories and you leave
with those paint splatters all over your clothes and you just remember how
amazing that felt and you take it home with you and you don’t lose it and then
we take the paintings and we wrap them and then we’ll auction them off for help
for bringing in money to help move forward with rebel so man and what’s it
called again fight for happiness fight for happiness yeah so very excited I’m
so proud that title is even allowing me to to put rebel and their name on the
same product because without them without title I
I don’t know where I would have been today with this oh I’m with you I don’t
know I don’t know where I would be without title as well title boxing just
so you guys know is one of the fastest-growing franchises right now the
United States for health it is they have 150 locations all over the US and some
in Mexico and Puerto Rico and they’re headquartered out of believe
Kansas but I’m actually the featured member they have 50,000 members across
the United States and I’m lucky to be the featured member here in April two
thousand eighteen with my story so that’s something you can go to go to
their website and check out if you’re interested but title boxing has just
been huge and in my growth and a my giving me empowerment to do this this is
I mean I had I had visions of being doing things like this doing public
speaking doing things that I’m doing today when I was sitting in a trailer I
was kicked out of my home and I was sitting in this in this in this trailer
of a halfway house that had holes all over the place and mold but I still had
hope I still had some hope I didn’t do it alone I had to have help and title
has been a huge benefactor in me being able to release that energy and that in
that negative junk that I was carrying and given me a voice and it connected me
with people like you and now I’m on the board of this
organization that you started that really was birth out of out of us oh my
gosh releasing together in that room you said it was kinda like a church yeah for
us for that period of time and moving forward but if you’re out there and
you’re struggling and you got a lot of stuff you’re hold man I look for title
boxing club maybe there’s one in your area that you go to yeah I recommend it
you don’t have to have any kind of like boxing experience anything there
trainers are amazing they will teach you step-by-step and you really put into it
what you want out of it so you know if it’s if it’s if you’re in it freaking go
full force I know I have I mean I’m to the point where I’m sparring with my
trainer but yeah title boxing is so empowering more so for the mine than
anything the Fitness is just the bonus yeah
Fitness is just the bonus so I’d love to talk about one more kind of go back to
maybe a negative aspect is is what struggles have you found so I know if
you’re out there and you maybe you have a vision of starting a non-profit maybe
that’s something that you’ve had in your mind maybe there’s something that you
want that you want to go in and be empowered to go do what are some of the
struggles that you’ve run into in building rebel for a change
eight seven eight months yeah so what has surprised you through the process
the first struggle was having somebody understand where I was coming from to be
like okay you know what this is worth creating a non-profit for there was a
little bit of me talking my lawyer into like okay we’re gonna do this we’re
gonna move forward because at first I was like well maybe these things there’s
an easier way so I think the hardest thing with a non-profit is just staying
true to what your vision is and not letting go of that and not letting
anybody try to like change where you see whatever it is that you’re working on
going what I’m sort of currently working with now is just you know unfortunately
when you’re dealing with a non-profit you might be feeling you know you’re
coming from a good place but good old IRS they need a business plan they need
to know where the money is going you need to project all of that stuff and
identify everything so as much as that sort of is like the downer of it because
I just want to move forward with empowering people you know the nonprofit
side of it it it is a business and so there’s that aspect of you know you need
to come together come to the plate with the knowing what kind of fundraisers
you’re going to do and be able to project what money you think you’re
going to bring in and all that stuff so it’s very intense it’s very very intense
so you just gotta you just gotta know that get through this hard time right
now build that really strong platform so when when it does exceed your
expectations you’re just ready for it yeah that’s huge to be able to lay the
foundation you know you’re laying the foundation first you we want to go out
and you want to go out and do all the fun stuff and get you know
people covered in paint and paintings and doing the fundraising and doing the
fun stuff but I think it’s important to share what you’re sharing thank you for
your honesty yes that’s really it’s really what’s taking me the longest time
to is just getting all of the business side of it protected which is so
important oh my god it’s so important so you never
want to cut any corners but yeah I’m ready to like run like a horse and I
feel like a little hamster in my house with my little legs just every night
going going going going I want to be a horse with my hubs in the field with the
wind through my hair and I want to run as fast as I can but I’m doing the
little legs like turbo work right now yeah yes the gerbils are important
absolutely it’s not gonna grow it’s not gonna it’s
not gonna grow and be able to support it’s not gonna grow and support the
power that that it’s going to create yeah in the years moving forward and the
millions of dollars that are anticipated to come in over the years with this this
is not something that we we take lightly yeah me as a board member that this
thing is going to be big yeah it’s gonna it’s gonna change thousands of people’s
lives and you’re doing you’re doing the tough work right now and pull back on
the reins a little bit yeah lay the foundation and then move forward what
about this song so you posted on Instagram addict what’s your Instagram
again as a part of the pop you posted on there you went in to talk about a rebel
fight song yeah and what happened with that so we were getting the mission
statement video together because for me I want people to feel the strength and
feel the pain and see it visually because just if you read just a plain
mission statement it’s not really going to captivate people the way a video
would so a very it is very important for me to captivate this targeted audience
with a mission statement video and sort of give back to them of like yeah that
that’s us so I reached out to some friends of mine five-star media in rizzi
Myers and we got together and I went to the studio
just thinking okay we are going to just create this really pretty melody and
this girl Rizzy is phenomenal like holy crap Alicia Keys mixed with every other
amazing female artist out there she’s out of control so I’m thinking okay
we’re just gonna put together some pretty melodies and put it on the
mission statement video well what turned into that was her saying Aspen sit down
with me we’re gonna write the lyrics together and I was like wait what we’re
right we’re writing lyrics like we’re doing a whole like song and it’s amazing
because that’s how sort of rebel has everything has happened it’s just sort
of like happened without trying so there I go starting to cry because she said
well what’s what’s what’s been the biggest challenge for you this far and I
said well the hardest thing is I’m working so hard and it goes back with
the bracelets to is I’m working so hard and I just wished that my father was
here to see me now oh I got chills the song is one of those pieces where
you’re confused and you don’t know which ways up or you found your strength or
you’re still trying to maybe even say that no we don’t have any issues we’ve
got it all together this song is what it is the rebel cry I
call it the rebel cry in a sense of strength and there is every word in this
song I wish I could play it for you right now
oh gosh so it’s not a hundred percent completed correct not a hundred percent
completed completely produced yeah it’s it’s all produced it’s just we’re
putting all the pieces together and we’re changing some sounds and all this
stuff so I do have a video up on youtube you can see the behind this
what can people search so if you go to rebel for a change YouTube channel we
have the booth hot without behind-the-scenes making-of the video
and also if you go rebel for a change calm we have making of the video on
there too so you’ll be able to see it awesome awesome
talking here with Aspen lousier you can connect with her on addict underscore of
underscore the underscore pop P o P and that’s in relation to her addiction to
boxing at title boxing you also connect with her at info a treble for a change
calm right now you’ve been I just want to say thank you so much for coming in
and being vulnerable again with us to be able to share your truth and your
strength what a process that you are going through you are changing as an
individual mm-hmm you’re gonna be changing other people’s lives I just
don’t applaud your efforts for where you’re at and continued strength to just
take one day at a time and that’s that’s all we have out there is just one day at
a time if you’re interested starting a non-profit want to connect with Aspen
and see talk with her about some of the ups and downs that she’s gone through
you can do that when is the jewelry gonna be for sale on the website yeah so
the jewelry have all the prototypes done right now I’m having people wear them
just to make sure they’re 128 percent ready to go so hopefully I’ll have them
ready come summertime okay yep and I anticipate having you back for a third
and final interview what you’re saying really launches yeah just be bringing
you back I’d really like to talk about the in the very near future still doing
a rebel retreat but it’s uniting the the rebels in the community and uniting the
children and still letting the children be innocent through music therapy and
play therapy and being able to talk with other children but then allowing them to
be kids again it was sort of my thing of like when a
woman becomes pregnant and she has this new baby and she goes online looking for
all of these other like mom groups well like let’s amplify that by X amount
of percent let’s let’s create sort of that same kind of concept but for family
members who need that support group and went to interact with other families and
children that are really having a hard time
with it so allowing the kids to really find a place to call home to in play and
then also in the near future I’d like to talk with big brother big sister and
creating those types of mentorship for these little kids who have sort of a
void whether it’s their mom or dad no longer there or in recovery or
grandparent or brother whatever the case may be so I think it would be and I
really a great third episode when this is all really finalized and ready to be
launched awesome I look forward to having you
back thank you so much for your time and your energy and your passions for
bringing me on listen to me cry this is awesome
again you’re listening to a high sobriety podcast this is put on solely
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the by the leaders here at the compassionate treatment organization
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