HI-TECH SECURITY – Gmod DarkRP Surveillance Base Security (NEW JOB The Help Base Defense)

all right let me see your bass let me try and put some of this stuff in your bass then follow me there's a brand new add-on on the server where you could be a security CEO and what this does is you put security in people's bases and it should be pre dope I'm hoping I've been trying to figure out how to use it all day so don't blame me if I don't know how to use it properly come up all the way at the ocean at the park or love the ocean oh my God look at that what the hell is this obviously let me eat I wasn't gonna get into duel aces is that the only way in this way there you go hold up let me link it all to give up its purchase Moree steer lays up alright we need to put this laser somewhere all right bottom line of your lasers up that should be good I hope there we go now it should work oh yay so someone cuts the wire should there we go and then you've got a yeah yes you did it it took about but we did it down they go okay that'd be a hundred gram big thank you for that take it easy it's not connected to the terminal as well my base because otherwise I'll just turn off all your all your stuff it's on drop my base they can turn off all your bits so I'm just going to do it separately for no yeah right take it easy let me out this way tip alright it's a compact space and I'll show you what I have in vase I have a terminal where it can control all these other terminals really dope like a PC you really love it you guys are new to the channel remember to subscribe if you want to keep up with the content also leave a lot you really enjoy the videos face the yeah my bro well now you know excuse me we keep working in excuse me excuse me guys please don't wipe it out please oh you got to be nice I'm trying to sell security I'm not I'm not trying to be nasty I'm trying to keep this security going okay I'll show you inside my vase real quick let's go inside have done lasers everywhere well actually put it right where the laser is to make it work and there's a little button on top to actually put it on so this device already connected to this you come over here it's connected this web so I put this hard lock bowed security yeah please yeah 100k down the tube then I come to your house and fit home security okay yeah 100k what do you think it's gonna be cheap we do laser we do laser motion-tracking doors when people raid the alarm will go off so the instant they open up the door so what you will do I can actually see that other guys terminal you see connect up all the terminals up this I can actually set off their alarm you want to make me safe I meant to be making base is safe I am a security myself that girl was shot in the ass now he's bleeding from the inside that guy done a good job at blood all over my wall look at the butt on the wall Sony's cleaning it up and let him joking or eating their decoration yeah for Satan you can't be my security guard my friend I've only made a hundred K so far that's not enough money did you did you Chuck v afro as well oh you're the best I can't believe it Copley will actually make you buddy I'll call get from our base have people ready fo me put a tier 5 on these runs for it well where's your base don't take the candy trust me it's laxatives oh my god hey where are you great yeah come on let's go maybe you are proper security I can be hundred Kay's over a hundred K or me oh my god yeah I did lose for tier five it's alright though that's what happens that's what happens bad ah people it hits away and this cool dark are you old yes true that's true I will give you under it gives you please head dude how does that work I'll come with you let's go so I'm baking with him he's still building so can you set up the alarm like yeah of course go from here to here like a laser yeah I can I can yeah let me start sorting out now all right should I do it out sideways across here across the base yeah oh yeah thank you me now I spend 100k on you he did notice if you don't look them in the eyes if you don't look them in the eyes man right yeah you're right well don't take off their socks man okay it's all sort of so this is terminal for now alright now you've got to set a password you gotta set a password or a pin that you know the password is it's 6 9 6 9 there we go okay get ready understood I can open these up one sec keep them open keep them open okay thank you go keep and spend money let's connect it it's linked there we go so now when I walk out you'll hear it ready ready yeah uh-huh what kind of years oh wow come on open and everyone can start like counter idea you idiot excuse me sir ji Jun is securi okay cool ki let me it I really like your bass by the way I can't steal from you on the security so don't worry I'm not gonna steal anything from your your gang life for it right so I can fit motion sensors but the only problem is you can't wriggle them up as well or I can fit lasers and when the lasers get broken the alarm will go off but you need to put the pin code in to turn it off but it's up to you what do you want motion sensors are you want lasers okay where would you want laser at the door or okay all right let me back out the door and I'll sort out for you nice well I'll start sorting out laser for you do you know my charge it's a hundred K all right it's a hundred K on those expensive it's expensive but trust me it's worth its while and this laser on wow it's very difficult to get it straight I dare you so I'll do that there there's no way getting away from it can you do thank you for make you do thank for me you guys can you put a post in here we need a post in here just here just an extra post so this concealing it dude I've been doing this all day wait try to teach me I know I struggled with it for the last five hours there we go you see now if you push that in push it right in now we don't want a motion sensor dude let me let me do my job it scare western side by Fred I there we go you set the password do you remember it alright let me out I'll sort the scent out there we go alright now if you press the lock if you lock it you press the lock do you see the lock pick the lock you got writing it right in your password and then the lock just putting their arm stop it show you how to make weed do my baby alright listen you come inside to give me a hundred grand down this tube then I'll do your base it's a hundred grand though chuck it down tube there we go you see nothing oh and chicken nuggets tonight boy I'm coming out don't kill me there's special nuggets all right let's go some lucky visor Scout you got hook what you got a hook right here oh my god what have you done to the front of this that looks amazing okay where'd you want the lysosome what you want you can have a motion detector beeping one if you do a laser then if it gets tripped I'll do like a right here that later cross yeah have you got another way getting in like no Clyde in the stuff yeah is enough and put it down yeah yeah you can look alike he took one HP so I took his life physic that's physics let's go I need to go talk to him where's your inside basically easiest way to get inside yeah at you can send me all the way around here it's not my we can wait again yo everybody get up we are gonna get a shower Lippe that's alright nice bloody yeah this one big our space in it it's out right all right now right in the password your own password I worry about make or write in a pin code just around and pincode they'll need to be let back out real quick if you can let me out a lot real quick out this way and they'll collide it and I'll quickly come back into look below ladies it's all working out for you trying to keep me inside of wool you say nobody mind forever larger hello excuse me I'm gonna lick you oh we got an army right here I will meet again everybody then you can kill yolk and nobody please get like could you move please I'll be ready to be ready three there's another guy on your baseball a he's hiding somewhere yeah there's another guy so I'm running gotta end up white no I'm just retarded I look elided you left it no collided alright when people walk in what you want to do is right in right in your pink coat so if you're writing your pink coat that whatever your code is and then hit the lock button it will lock the whole system went on walks in your face the alarm will go off yeah and all you do is write in the code or I'll lock it kill the people and then lock it again whenever and anytime someone comes in it's not locked it's unlocked there's a guy there is that there's a long ago you never Carla I just told you a little locket right in the pin number that I told you to do write it in and then click the lock button are you struggling without something now it dude writing the pin right in the pain get the unlock button hit the unlock button Eva sighs one lock one unlock hit the unlock button tell me what you piss we're struggling struggling there we go for God's sake right now right in that pit man you've just read and clicked the lock button instead it's the oh yeah oh there you go there you go I got it I got it yeah you hear it when that stops that means I hear it there we go now it's locked if some walks in the alarm will come off hey yo come in come in come in oh I see he said no I have to have I mute it you have to write in your PIN again oh my god I thank you thank you yeah yes please let's cut the other way [Applause] let's go thank you Miss collect accidentally man named Wilson yes I shot the guy who was inside oh I shot the guy who was inside and then he leaves you very charming elevates all right no no all right take it easy I've have to fly because that's the way role play well I say yeah it's been a good day of setting stuff I guess I think someone's inside my base am i setting something happy and me man yeah he's telling services you can secure your baby well you scare me man will you come along with your melon head I hope you guys enjoyed this like share subscribe and I'll see you guys in a next episode if you want to come and join in and test this out for yourself link in description below you can come join the server it's amazing and I'd like to see some of your security guys on there defending my base that's what I would like to see I've got the best at it as you can see but at least I tried alright I tried maybe we'll make a follow-up episode of this where I actually know what I'm doing yeah see you guys bye back

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  2. So hi elite I love you and just one suggestion could you make it so you can link some sort of camera to the terminal and have people and your master terminal watching the cams so when they get Raided and they are not home they can get alarmed

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  6. That new security mod is pretty bad try to find a security mod where if they trip a censor it activates a turret

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