Helper Cars. Part 5. Cars Games & a Baby Cartoon

cars cars cars cars winches wheels trucks and doors they drive and haul right along then together sing a song cars cars cars cars made of many moving parts sing and now give me pen Steve will take you to high gear helper cars helper cars are building a vertical loop on the track the helicopter lowers the last part of the loop the cement mixer pours concrete into the foundation the crane sets the barrier all is ready the vertical loop is open who will drive through it first the police car it's not afraid of anything the police car gets to the top accelerating well done this is the fire engine it turns on the siren down the slide oh it almost fell but it managed to pass the loop to such a big truck it has blocks and construction debris in its body [Applause] the truck gets into the elevator truck weight don't drive through the loop the barrier didn't close in time careful truck uh-oh shoot the truck past but the blocks and debris fell out who will help us to clean them sure the sweeper it goes up in the elevator the crane puts blocks back into the trucks body the sweeper collects the garbage helper cars cleaned everything I wonder who will drive on the new track next time

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