Helper And Boomer

35 thoughts on “Helper And Boomer

  1. I've been going thru these memes for last 3 hours and man… i never expected this would be so deep and so relatable… this is art frens

  2. Is Wojak origins in Rage comics at all?
    Also I really like this but I wish it was a real voice (easier to understand), not a computer.

  3. We can all relate to Wojak because he's just a kind-faced man, saddened by that which surrounds him.

  4. Memes aside, this kinda made me appreciate my childishness. I'm still a young 19yo lad so I'll take that as an advice

  5. The older we get the more we realize that the world isn’t a chaotic mess or random events, it was just waiting for our confidence to shine through and see the beautiful simplicity it really was all along. We grew up always scared and unsure, now our light shines bright with optimism and hope. Take care frens, I love you.

  6. This is very deep, as it taps into multiple facets of philosophical experience. The experience of what it means to be human.

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