Help us Unmask the Game Master! Project Zorgo is Still after us!

whoa if you guys saw our last video then you know that the YouTube hacker threatened to delete ninja kids TV we could not let that happen this guy must be stopped so we're taking the fight to him we're gonna take him down but we need your help to be our eyes in the air so if you ever see anything or hear anything that might be a clue put it down in the comment this would be the best way to take down that hacker to get free night what if it's the hacker should I answer a Gascon down below yeah but let's answer it yeah I'm just gonna risk it okay hope it nama actually nice to see you guys being educated we need your help what what do you want helping but youtube hacker he's after us this is not perfect we can we can capture that hacker where are you guys please kill right away they didn't tell us they're gone they didn't leave an address I got a text it's from a blocked number but it says it's from Hope and Noah it's pretty far away so how are we gonna get there well it's just ask dad to drive us yeah we shouldn't be worried cuz that hacker we could just tell him that hope no we're in town and we wanted to go hang out but guys what if it's a trap from the hacker calm down below I think it might be a trap do you think we should go I don't know I mean that moisture showers too pal weird some people are telling us to go but some people are telling us to stay yeah why should we do comment right now I don't know you know what even if it's not we have to risk it to save our friends yeah guys let's go yeah let's go okay guys we're almost at the address rooms there okay so I'm just gonna drop you guys off call me when you want to be picked up Guardian thanks dad love you let's go guys be careful guys the hacker could show up at any second hey guys I'm a little nervous coming down below if you're nervous guy this is the long driveway yeah well superhero kids told us to come here is this the hackers house whose house is this I'm kind of nervous yeah yeah watching us at any moment right now there's celiac so a lot of youtubers are coming into town and I wonder if the hackers here for yeah what if this is a big trap oh no it's really I'd say come back because you probably shouldn't stay like that all day because the hacker could come at any time Oh is she gonna make it don't get stopped here Lin you're not gonna make it oh no Peyton I see you come back I just realized this thing open okay guys let's get that hacker yeah is this the hackers house it must be good idea yeah guys make sure if you see the hacker tell us this can be a clue guys coming down below if you guys think this is a clue maybe okay we don't want the hacker to find us maybe whoa guys I think that was the hacker I don't know I didn't get a good look it was it the hacker comment down below Haku before either well it's definitely not good that the hacker knows we're here we got to stay on guard yeah it's been a while this is awesome we got your message about the hacker what we didn't send you a message yeah you did you showed us the address of this place yeah why do you win blasters so are those the hackers on the roofs are kind of short yeah honestly I don't think they are the hackers what do you guys think comment down below well what have we surrendered we've got this thing let's see if we can get him to come down hey guys [Applause] you know you know these guys yeah we're awesome they're like our like our friends they're awesome yeah cool nice to meet you oh whoa whoa you think I'm cool why are you working with these hackers these aren't the hackers he's a ninja kids why aren't they wearing ninja suits well we can't wear ninja suits every day ha ha hey guys we saw the hacker inside the house so if we work together we can take him down yeah his store over there is unlocked let's go guys yeah it's locked oh wait it's locked yeah we made it maybe we should try doing the front door this time okay guys I hope this is a mom Oh guys oh nice calm down boy oh you think we can get in this house how are we gonna get in here yeah is a window yeah see don't bring a lockpick sure I keep down the door yeah okay guys stand back I'm gonna take down this door one two yeah no kidding I'm so glad you guys are here yeah we came as soon as we got your message actually that wasn't us that was the hacker what the hacker sent us here I knew it we can't leave her well it's helped us then we're staying all right [Applause] we have to work together okay but I don't know this is the hackers house okay I'll find myself that goes so much better he has pretty clean bathrooms for a hacker huh I wonder if he has any snacks okay guys this is kind of creepy checking out the hackers pantry but maybe I can find some food for the others maybe not let's just get out okay guys I just have no idea what just happened the door slam the lights went out and there's no light anywhere wait I think I have a light on my keychain okay can you guys see me I can see you guys a tiny bit I'm gonna I'm gonna go turn on the lights oh the lights not working it just one sweeper now okay the doors locked what do we need the doors law guys okay we got led to the house by the hacker just like all you did really what about ho we split up to look for clues and she disappeared we have to make sure we stick together nobody will leave the group understand no it is vlog Ashley okay yes we have to figure something out omniverse Viki somewhere Ashton there's no keyhole on this side it must be on that side guys Ashton are you okay yeah I'm okay but we have to get the hacker and hackers trapped in there okay let's make a plan we have to find a way to get in that door because as soon as we get in we can unmask I think it goes outside we have to find another way come on guys [Applause] we've got you now hacker dad give it up where's my sister we have caught the hacker guys Chadwell click it and do it seemed sure didn't do it we've done it now let's see who's under this mask what another mask guys there's a second mask this was unexpected but we're going to take it off too possible Oh huh where am I Noah what's everyone doing here what do you not remember anything hope you are wearing that hacker mask huh I don't remember anything all I remember is coming to this house and searching for clues and then I just I don't remember this doesn't make any sense it's like you're under some kind of mind control hey guys I think there's something strange about this mask I've got it the hacker was using this mask to mind-control the most important thing is that we're all together and we're all safe hey guys now that we're all together the hacker doesn't have a chance but we still need you guys to be a part of a team so stay tuned if you see any clues make sure to comment down below even on this video see you guys next time

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