Help Students Receive Revelation – Avoid Artificial Spiritual Experiences – Pres Dallin H Oaks

it is so important for us to help students receive revelation but we must be careful not to program it in an artificial way our youngest daughter came home from a class once and I asked her what happened and she said well the teacher said today we're going to have a spiritual experience and she had all of us hold hands and I said how did that make you feel and she said it made me feel icky and I said you got the right feeling these things are are vital and sacred and they must be encouraged and taught but they must not be programmed like that particular teacher was trying to program a spiritual experience for a group of young women I think it's interesting that as you started to talk about this item that you started with the idea of teaching the doctrine you know sometimes when we think about inviting the spirit some people might incorrectly go to those types of activities that maybe are more emotional than spiritual instead of thinking that the role of the Holy Ghost is to bear testimony of the father and the son to bear testimony of truth and as we teach the gospel in simplicity and clarity that that's when the Holy Ghost can come and magnify those efforts and and and bear witness of the truth that's one of the critical ways of inviting the Holy Ghost is to simply teach truth clearly from the scriptures you

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