Help End Animal Overpopulation With The Situation

Hey, what’s up guys? This is Mike, “The situation”, for PETA. I partnered with PETA because wanted to use
my platform to raise awareness for the overcrowding in our shelters today. I actually visited a shelter recently, about
a month or so ago, and I diffidently was over crowded- and I learned that it is a growing
problem. Fix your animals, once you get them- if you
decide to get an animal, make sure you can afford it. Take care of it for its full life- because
if you can’t then you are going to eventually give it away which is not the best situation. When I hear something on the news about animals
being abused, it is a very, very sad thing, because animals don’t have a voice. If you have witnessed animal abuse, I would
suggest calling your authorities because that’s the right thing to do- immediately. The best thing that you can do to help homeless
animals today is: A) If you are looking to get a “pet” visit your nearest shelter.
B) If you do have a “pet” fix them so we
do not continue to over crowd the shelters. For more information on how to help animals
today, please visit, and that’s the situation.

31 thoughts on “Help End Animal Overpopulation With The Situation

  1. I can't stand this guy either ( I don't know anyone who can, really) but I kept reminding myself this video isn't about him… so I managed to finish it!

  2. thats what your donations go to. peta gives the situation money to speak out for them, beacuse everyone watches jersey shore. i mean how much cheap meat and cheese and eggs does this guy eat a day? this is PATHETIC. peta is pathetic.

  3. Hey PETA, if your against hunting, did you know one of the reasons people hunt is to stop overpopulation. Think before you act!

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