Help Christians in Northern Iraq

There is butchery in the Middle East. Genocide. More refugees now than any time in history. The UN reports that an average refugee spends 17 years in a camp! Are we going to let these children grow up
there? Governments and charities provide short term
relief. For the long term, these people need a haven,
where security fosters productivity. Without jobs, the wounds of genocide will
never heal. On the beautiful Nineveh Plain in Northern
Iraq, a cradle of Christianity for almost 2,000 years. We can rebuild a community torn apart
by ISIS. In Defense of Christians and the Knights of
Columbus pushed a genocide resolution through the US House of Representatives with a unanimous
vote. Now, we are collecting microeconomic data
and looking for partners to invest in Iraq in order to accelerate the revitalization
of the Nineveh Plain. IDC has assembled a team of policy experts
and practitioners who know how to create both jobs and security. But we need your help. Learn about our suffering brethren, and pray
for them. Donate here to help us change the situation
there. If you’re a job creator, invest and mentor
entrepreneurs in the haven. Join us. Spread the word in your faith community. Let’s help them fight back against the same enemy that threatens our shores. Christians in the Middle East need your help! Sign up here to learn more about how your
expertise can support our efforts in Iraq.

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