HELP assistance for mature students

this is Tina and this is her boss Tina is a receptionist at a local Community Services Center and she's great at her job but that's not all there is to Tina she has two small children a dog her best friend who was a bit emotionally demanding the second job selling scented soaps of a weekend markets a gym membership is attempting a tap owner of community services and to help pay her at all a third job teaching Brazilian Jujitsu to us while what Tina doesn't realize is that she is eligible for a help loan to assist her with the upfront cost of paying for her tuition fees help is the government's higher education loan program and health loans can assist students with the upfront costs associated with study like tuition fees or student contributions which means Tina wouldn't have to teach jiu-jitsu or spend her weekends at the markets which means she could spend more time at home with her family help removes financial barriers to study and can set you on the path to us step up in your career so Tina could quickly become the boss at work you will have to repay your help loan once you start earning above the minimum repayment threshold but you're not worried you've made an investment in your career and are moving up in the world if you're like Tina used to be you need help find out more at WWDC stove a you

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