Hello Granny!! Granny and Hello Neighbor Horror Game In Real Life (FUNHouse Family)

a big thank you to all you guys out there because we got whole year's gold only halfway through now we have a new boat will turn your goal subscribe okay super fun if they activate ones it'll get us best year ever so today for you guys we are not only going to be playing escape hello neighbor but also listen to your comment and we have casein as a very scary do what he came here where someone says something to me you guys I can't here for anything right there windows neighbor can epic hit but great granny here's great she can't see she's boring as a back just know love but we're gonna make the best team ever I've got the best vision she's got the best hearing you guys are going down [Applause] my house so we are trapped inside of Britney's house the thing is it's our elevators I in his house but a hell of neighbor is here too so like the pair of them equals one solid person who's like in here including me so like we still have to be quiet we off taupe also I'll fall have to make sure that they don't see us either so we're gonna have to be extra stealthy so you have Porky's yeah that's the wrong wedding [Applause] [Applause] weird you're making money noise Grady get your ass in that room [Applause] and if we stay really still like a statue the neighbor can see a theater they got us this what's the hotfoot this I have time to weapon the neighbor they got Jam like I was gonna did so yes it was a tyrant with a new update I don't have to wait for them to open the door so we can go out there's stuff you ready I'm locked and loaded okay save that unless we really need it okay I'm gonna bring the foot because I'm sure there's something in the office are we gonna distract that spider you ready hey what are you doing [Applause] oh gosh I'm sorry let's go in here [Applause] [Applause] daelin was so loud usually that works probably died for a second okay Michelle day four yes is day four in a hurry because we only have two more days left with handle you only have one more day but they have to get it why it's twice okay okay this is really like those had a hottie can listen there was one thing in granny's kitchen that was new oh yeah there's like a pineapple so that's the last buff that we haven't looked so I'm hoping that the red key is it's gotta be so let's be really quiet let's go get that key hey pre taxes again we're dead then we don't escape we lose okay be really quiet no I hear where's you quiet Oh shot would granny bumped you in the hair casing you bumped her good fourth day that's scared me so bad I can't believe that you guys thought that you were actually going to escape the neighbor and granny at the same time you did get pretty close but granny can't leave the house neighbors and notorious for leaving the house you guys know that number one rule guys if you enjoyed this video do as a huge favor smash the thumbs up button make sure you share the video with your friends help us hit that new goal how much is it go again it's gonna be amazing thanks to you guys you're the best make sure you subscribe and we will see you in the next video [Applause]

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