Heidi Gutekunst: Talk ? The Societal Importance of Work

good morning today our famous work and we have Haiti good constable come on in hello morning so many times when we come into a moment like this we just we're not really present so we're just rushing we might think about what was your honest just saying what are my thoughts what am i doing next what is the meeting that I'm going to next so I'd like to invite us to start with really being present for one minute not really thinking about being silent for one minute but to really listen into this moment for one minute think about what are my thoughts what do I feel in my body what do I sense in this room and what is really going on so I'm going to put on a Kong just going to go off in five seconds and then I'm inviting everybody to really sense into this moment thank you so I have a dream and my dream is that people and especially the leaders of this world would be very aware of their own actions very aware of what their of the consequences of these actions are and I think to really be aware of your own actions you read to to develop yourself as a person so your own maturity your way of thinking your mindset and your awareness and why I think this is really important because I feel that at this moment we are really damaging this world I'm not only talking about well all the catastrophic that are happening for example Brazil is this moment and all the wars but also how we actually connect how the way that we are with each other because I do believe that people are not bad people are more good so if we are aware of what we do and how that affects this world and I think we wouldn't be we wouldn't on purpose want to do so much damage in this world but I think there is things that come in our way there things that make this really difficult and that is the lack of connection lack of connection in between people and I think this leads to us wanting to really be or this means that we want to be really really seen we want to be valued and we want to be appreciated as people and when we don't when we are not being seen and appreciate and unvalued then we start to do things to really be see look at me Here I am and this leads to us being really greedy this leads to us really competing you know am I better than you do I do I feel more seen that you if you don't see me and even to fight each other and and I really think this is a important thing to go on and I see this on Marian levels I think I see it is in our families with the children when we ask children what do you want most out of your parents the children want their parents to be present they want to be seen and they want to be valued by their parents and many times we are not really there we are somewhere well I have this deadline I have these things that I'm and working on I can't be here with you or we might be there really physically but we are not there with with them as a human being I think we see it's really in organizations see how people don't have a meaning at this moment they don't feel really engaged whether it's 43 percent of people who are engaged or whether it's 70% as Gallup is saying we have a huge report proportion of people who go to work and now are not engaged there we see it in the lack of trust so people say that they don't actually trust a leader to speak the truth when there is a tricky situation so we're living in the world where there is lots of lack of trust I think we see it both in organizations and in our societies in the hierarchies and in the different structures that we have made up and it's not some structures that just exist it's humans who have made these structures so in my previous job as a CEO even though I really tried to see my people that I work with I really tried to be a good leader I could still see myself in this picture I could see how I was the structure made it possible for me to think that all these people are not really doing their work at times and I was thinking oh my god those buses how they do some stupid decisions so I think there's lots and lots of structures that we have made up that are not really serving us and I think we see it on a global scale war being one of the things and did you know that the two biggest employers in this world are actually actually defenses so it's the US Army and the China's army so we used we have like five and a half million people working to really destroy each other so there is something that is really really wrong at this moment and this makes me really worried make me worried about how we take care of ourselves of this planet of this world and it's makes me worried about the very existence of us and the well-being of us and so one year ago I decided that I will use my my time and my effort on making a change on this I wanted to use my time and my effort on really working and building the world where I want to live where I want my three children to live where I want my grandchildren to live and I was thinking well what I think that we need how can I do this contribution and I see what we need a lot in this world today and if there's a lot of talk about it is a transformation we need a transformation on many many levels and you might ask what is a transformation and I usually take the butterfly as a as the example from nature but it actually is the same DNA but it just changes its whole shape during the time so it goes and is there anyone here who would like to say what transformation means to you know well I don't know if there is a right answer but but I do think it's evolution I do think it's it's evolution going from one stage to a next but it's more mature than the previous one and I think this is what we need and I started thinking well if I want to work on this how how can I make a change and I think that the most effective way this is just my opinion but the most effective way is to do it through our children if we have a next generation that is a lot more and it's really trying to build a world we want to live in well this is really effective but it takes a lot of time and this is not really what I'm good at or you know I love my children and I like I tried to do what I can in my in my own environment but I do have some experience from from working and leading and I think so the second most effective way is true leading because at this moment we still have leaders and people who follow what our that's gonna be true in the future no man I believe more in everybody actually leading even though there might be someone holding the vision and and I feel that at this moment if we can do a change in the leadership it does affect a lot of people so it's it affects the whole organizations the whole countries and this does not only reflect people in their work but also if I'm more engaged at work if I really feel meaning at work then the way that I can be at home or with my friends or my children is gonna change so I think there is a ripple effect on on if we make better well-being in the work life then we it also can see in the whole be seen in the whole society and and I started well well what is the transformation I have seen and and and the most previous one was was me coming into a company in 2012 I started working as a CEO in a in a digital agency and it was doing losses it had been without a CEO for a year there was three companies coming together and no one really leading people had started to leave there wasn't too much meaning and and I stepped in and and together during the next one or two years we were able to not only make it profitable again but also to really see people like what they do Marc coming in with a different kind of mindset and see how people how we would work from coming from working on projects to really working on the car working with digital advertising to working with account with with digital service design so we made lots of shifts during this time and we were also growing when the market itself for shrinking and so I was doing quite okay and if we were doing quite okay in this working and I got to go to a seminar in Halifax where I was sharing my story the first the first day of sitting in the table there not really knowing anyone there and and then I'm really really a to see a stick because I really loved my work and I love my people and I I really wanted to continue doing this and then after I've shared this story a guy comes up to me and and he says to me do you have any idea how rare it is for a leader to transform their organizations and I said no I never thought about that's I I only had a girl to really we need to grow this we need to have a nice place to work I want to lead the way I want to be led but I never thought about it as a transformation I tried to look at the big picture and I tried to really use my intuition in the very moment so listen into the moment and then work work due to my actions according to Mayan Titian and then he said well you might actually be interested in in what I am working with what I've been researching for the past 40 years and this is how I met built over to is now my colleague in America liberation and so what he really has been working with came basically a a framework and a theory and and someone had actually been reading the things I'm reading we've been writing and researching the things and found something in it what that I I kind of had been thinking about but couldn't really frame couldn't put into words couldn't really understand uttered and well this is how I'm and I'm gonna tell a little bit about that and and it kind of comes and remember when I was in school I was told that yes you need to learn now because at 25 you're not gonna learn and develop anymore so now you need to learn and then after that well you're gonna get some more competence and maybe some more skills but you know now is when you develop and this is how we thought in 70s 80s so when Bill started working on this a word like adult development did not even exist and this is the 70s I mean it's not very long ago but we have found through what he's working with and with other people have working with that actually we do develop and we can develop all through our life a lot of people don't take this journey a lot of people don't put the efforts on doing it because it does need you to put some effort on it or have some crisis that kind of forces you to grow and so I was thinking of going through it like with an example so when we are children we are in a stage that is called opportunist or if you look at it from the Jim Collins level 5 leaders well this is the level 1 where I really tried to make myself seen make myself really count in this world and I want to you know if I don't pin scene I'm gonna step there I'm gonna make sure that you everybody can see me and I I do I do even fight and I I think if someone is hitting me well I'm gonna have it you hack and then we just hit each other until the end and actually in prisons in the u.s. there is lots of people who are this opportunist action logic so that might explain a little bit but most people well almost everybody go into a next phase where we go around 15 years old where we understand that well if we're all together and and now I can feel included it's worth a lot more nicer and I can I don't need really always be right or I don't always I can just leave something society's to be included in in in the society and in my group and this is called the diplomats stage but most people also and especially leaders go further and and develop and get really good at something so you guys get in a profession and and you know how how how it's supposed to be and there is lots of things that are right and wrong and I remember myself being an HR in icon Media Lab being 20 pipe something and really understanding everything so I knew everything about human resources and law or so I believed and everybody can use come and ask me and you know there is it right then there is the wrong and this is really valuable and really useful I was still operating in this action logic when I'm looking at our brand I like you know you have to have this font or otherwise it's not ok so it's really useful in many in many ways so a lot of people also do go further from this to something that we call achiever what I'm thinking that the dominant were kind of corporate world is this the KPI the key performance indicator and you kind of you throw a ball somewhere and that's where you should go whether there is gold on the side doesn't really matter because this is where I'm going this is what I'm gonna achieve people are really good managers at this level and and are you know there's a lot this really happens and and it gives lots of results but it's still really looking into the silos or looking into this is my thing not including a bigger and not being too aware of that no directions that I have might also have some shadows and there's like 70 something percent of leaders in this world who are in these two action logics and then the rare ones is something we call the post conventional when we go into something like people would say thinking out of it and suddenly for us there is something more to the world there is something more that I never saw and what is really right and what is really wrong is there such a thing as right and wrong and and I know that creativity is a lot coming when we can really step into this face because then we can start to see many perspectives not only our own but a lot of perspectives and understanding that that we can form a picture from really looking from some someplace else where than where we are at this moment and then coming into into the transforming action logic which is very rare which is only like five ten percent of leaders who can really see a whole picture who are okay with the chaos that you start to see when you look a little bit more wide the chaos or the VUCA world as we call it today the volatile uncertain complex and ambiguous world that we have we have created it's not something that just happen we have created this this chaos in this world and and so to be really ok with it to really understand how when I make an action what does it lead to and what does that lead to and and and what can I do about it and really starting to see our own shadows and what I think about shadows is that we usually are not aware of the damage that we do we do it but we don't want to look at it we don't want to look at how capable we are of actually damaging a lot of things around us and then we go to chemical where it's like Nelson Mandela or or Warren Buffett when he's happened when his first wife died where people can really transform maybe whole countries of really big systems but that's very very rare and so I think this is very helpful with with Warren Buffett because you can also see in the stages how people how we can transform because of some crisis because when we go into a crisis we need to stop we need to think about how we want to go forward we need to think about who we are how want to proceed well and what we want to do with our life so it's very nice to know that there is various stages and there is an assessment or a profile you can do to see and and that's of course very nice and you might learn something about yourself but what's more important is of course so how can i if I want to intentionally go in and develop these capacities and and we are actually talking about capacities so so if we have for the past I don't know how many years we've been doing leadership development we have been looking at the competences and we have been looking at the skills but we're having too much been looking at the mindset and the capacities and I don't throw a question to you or to just illustrate what that means so how many of you think that it's not ok to be yelling and shouting and returning your children because you have a deadline and and stress at work how many think that's not okay well and how often do they still do it so it doesn't really help that we understand only in our mind and in our logics but this is not okay and this is not how I want to be so I might have a really strong desire to always be present I have a really strong desire to not yell at my children because I understand that it's my problem if I have a deadline and I haven't been working on it and yet I might not have the capacity so there is a gap in between my wished actions and my actual actions so when we're talking about the developed leadership development that we are working with is to really bridge this gap so to be able to actually act the way that you wish to act and I'm not saying that the competences and the skills is a bad thing that's really really important but I think we are over educated in what good leadership is and just we are not capable of doing it so the vision of America liberation which is the company that we founded a year ago is to double the number of leaders who have the capacity whoo-hoo so the number of leaders with the translation and leadership capacity in the world in 25 years and I think this is important because I think that if the leaders with transformational capacity in the world today are 1% and we can double this number 2 I think it will affect lots of organizations I think it will affect lots of people's lives and I think it will affect everybody in the society and I guess you still want to know a little bit more about so how do I develop this capacity and there is lots of ways there is no handbook for it I can promise you that you cannot go into the store and then just read it and then try to use it it's lots of things to going into yourself understanding who you are doing some kind of mindfulness or meditation practice going inquiring about how you act so I'm standing here and I might inquire around am i nervous do I feel good how do I actually feel and how do I act what do I do with my hands here am i doing some stupid things you're not supposed to do when you're speaking in front of audience and then going into I mean there is plenty plenty of heat experiences you can go in almost anywhere to find some chaos but once you go in to both reflect when you're there and with afterwards there is ways of getting out but you have really deep in your in your mind in your thinking so for example journaling and I'm not thinking saying like writing each word this is what I did today but for one minute just continue writing whatever comes out of your mind and you could be surprised over actually is going on you might be totally blind to its going into very deep intimate conversations to really open yourself up but to yourself but also to other people and there is plenty and plenty and plenty of other ways to do but the important thing is that it's a process it's something you need to intentionally step into and all the time inquire about and think about what your own actions is in the moment so thank you you

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