Heartbreaking Story From Trump's Detention Camps

>> He was diagnosed with the flu and transferred
to a different border patrol station to prevent it from spreading to others, the next day
he was found dead. >> That was one of the six migrant minors
who died in border patrol custody, and the reason we're talking about this young man
again today is because Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez had an autopsy, or there was a forensic
analyst who looked into the cause of death, tried to figure out exactly what happened. And this is incredibly important to do, because
we wanna understand exactly why so many migrants have been dying in border control custody. As many as 24 have died so far at least six
of them have been children. And so border patrol is saying no it's not
our fault they're showing up sick, but the autopsy indicates that that is not the case. And I'm gonna be completely honest before
I get into the gruesome details of this autopsy. This is difficult to read about, it's difficult
to even talk about because this was a 16 year old unaccompanied minor, whose parents are
still back in Guatemala, and he came here seeking safety. And the way that he was treated is just inhumane,
to say the least. So he actually died in May, and according
to the Texas Monthly, Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez crossed the border near Weslaco alone
on May 13th. At that point, he was held in a processing
center for unaccompanied minors in nearby McAllen for six days until getting sick around
May 19th. So at that point he should have been taken
to a hospital but he was not. He did see a nurse practitioner according
to the Texas Monthly and that nurse found that he had a 103 degree fever. Now he was not sick when he first arrived
to the detention facility, he became very sick with the flu and he tested positive for
the flu. At that point he was prescribed Tamiflu and
transferred back to the border patrol station. Hernandez died the next morning. This is the part that's difficult to even
think about. There was a video that was shown to the woman
who did the autopsy and according to the video he's seen lying on the floor vomiting on the
floor. And he walks over to the commode where he
sits and later lies back and expires, that is according to the autopsy report. That is what the forensic pathologist wrote,
and he was surrounded by his own vomit. And I just wanna give you a sense of what
Border Patrol did wrong in this case. They are supposed to transfer minors within
72 hours and they fail to do that, they're supposed to transfer the child to the Office
of Refugee Resettlement within 72 hours. Not only have they failed to do that with
the migrants who died but they failed to do that with migrants overall. And and they're completely admitting that. So they're breaking the law and confessing
that they're breaking the law, but there haven't been any consequences. >> Not for them. >> Not for them, but
>> The consequences are for other people. >> There have been consequences for the migrants,
some of whom have gotten very sick or lost their lives. I just wanna remind you that our lawmakers
just handed the Trump administration $4.6 billion in taxpayer money with no safeguards
to improve the conditions that these migrants are being kept in. And that is the reason why Nancy Pelosi was
so angry with AOC and other freshmen Democrats. They voted against that appropriations bill
because they actually have a conscience. Let me give you more. Dr. Judy Melnick who's also a forensic pathologist
said the following. In my opinion, there needs to be a public
health audit of the policies and conditions in these migrant camps and a forensic review
of all migrant deaths. There are already laws that are being broken. So I agree that there should be an audit,
but what's the audit gonna do if we have an administration that has absolutely no willingness
to follow the rules? Has no willingness to treat people humanely? We have a certain portion of the electorate
who reads about this stuff and thinks, all right, this is what we voted Trump in for. >> Yeah. >> And there's no consequences for the people
like that for the people as you filter down through the bureaucracy. If some people die, there's not gonna be consequences. It's like odd and it's weird. It's not worthy that an autopsy is done in
the first place. And so even when something terrible happens,
something again which is not predictable specifically but we know it's going to happen, we know
we're gonna get more of these sorts of cases, think we consequence for them. >> Yeah. >> I apologize if this is a weird thing to
focus on. I only say it because I never lived right
near the border, most Americans don't live near the border, and so I think that when
you just hear about a place at the border, you think about some remote place out in the
desert, or the scrub or something like that. But I noticed, they said he that was transferred
to McAllen. And my fiance is from right next to McAllen. McAllen this might be a weird thing to say,
but it is a bustling place. It's a rapidly expanding huge economic and
everything. >> No, Trump told us that it's a crime riden
and dangerous and full of MS13 and drug cartels. >> Well, I can't speak to that. I didn't see any. I can say that there's tons of trade over
the border every single day of people with money passing over from Mexico and stuff like
this is not, they just couldn't get help to him because he was off in the middle of nowhere. He was very much not in the middle of nowhere. >> The thing that I can't get past is, and
I don't know. Maybe just to be able to handle these types
of stories I need to not do this. But I can't help but think of who I was at
16. And how scared I would be to travel to a foreign
place, by myself, right? And then be placed in that condition, without
my family, without anyone I know, I thought you know you're dying, right? If you're suffering from that illness and
you're vomiting all over the place, and you're by that toilet, you're dying alone. Like that 16 year old kid died alone. And I can't get over that. I can't get over the fact that we're letting
this happen. And
>> Yeah. >> We have 30% of the country who thinks it's
okay. They look at this and they think awesome. >> Or don't wanna be told about it in the
first place. >> No they know, they know, and they don't
care, and that's. It had been over a decade since a migrant
had died in border patrol custody. Trump is in charge and now we have a minimum
of two dozen migrants dying under his watch and it's sick. It's sick that his base still remains loyal
to him regardless of how many people die as a result.

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  1. put cameras in every consecration cams to see the cruelty and inhuman the 8 th amendment has to be upheld

  2. If a dog dies in a person's car their arrested so how come these people dying y are these facilities not being charged with murder quit with the bull shit let's vote these fucks out of office n into jail if they were white this would never happen Amerikkka being great as we see

  3. We are at the beginnings of a genocide. More people will die and people in our government will simply not care. And the ones showing any sympathy to these people in cages are just being ridiculed.

  4. Get it straight you idiots. Democratic congress voted against giving more funds THEY ARE NOT TRUMPS CAMPS. FAKE NEWS

  5. These camps have not changed in the past 5 years. Why can’t you people get that through your thick skulls?

  6. Ana and the liberals expect the White House to let ourselves be overrun and even encourage it! "Yes, I love chardes of glass under my feet, may I have more?"

  7. Border Patrol IS responsible for these deaths. People in America should not die of flu. Symptoms are easily recognizable and treatment is available. Take them to a hospital and treat them right away. Sick or not when they arrive, it doesn't matter. Treat them.

  8. Funny how these places went from Obama’s detention centers to Trump’s Nazi Concentration Camps by the left. You might wanna he reminded who actually built them and deported more people.

  9. I am still waiting for the confirmation that he did not bring that super-flu bug with him. They brought it up but never showed proof. I can tell you for a fact these people are bringing in flu and disease that we have no vaccines for. One detention center has a wing that has a quarantine wing where nurses and doctors wear hazmat suites

  10. Maybe because even with a literal crisis at the border and chaos in numerous communities across our country, delusional leftists still refuse to support immigration overhauls or border security. So don't act like you give two shits about these people. You're using their sad situation for political hackery.

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  13. The detainees can leave at any time… as long as their destination is outside the U.S. That's the main difference between these and the concentration camps of Hitler's Germany which A.O.C likes to conflate as the same thing.

  14. You know it's not the lack of trying that bothers me the most it's how they do it to bring the most suffering as possible

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  16. Ok, just open the border for millions of 3rd world refugees, like the U.K. did. Their women getting raped and all kinds of crazy shit going on. This thread has a bunch of idiots that don't know how to protect their country. If you want to help them, send your own money Western Union. Don't use the tax dollars of the Americans on foreigners and ignore our own homeless and veterans. These people don't come from all over the world to be American citizens, when they are proudly flying the flags of their own countries.

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