Heart of Darkness | Meaning? | 60second Recap®

You know what I love? I love opportunity to
wax eloquent about why these dry old tomes are relevant and valuable to all of us today.
I love to talk about what’s redeeming about the classics. Then I read Heart of Darkness. Yeah. Stay tuned for my list. A list of all that is noble and redeeming
and wonderful about Heart of Darkness: The author’s not around to write a sequel. Umm … It’s short. It’s printed on recycled paper. It’s not as painful as a root canal. Well
… it’s certainly cheaper. If you flip the pages really fast like this
… that’s kinda fun. All you have to do to look smart is carry
it around. THE HORROR! THE HORROR! Great pickup line. It has a pretty cover. Here … just stare
at this ’til the 60 seconds are up.

6 thoughts on “Heart of Darkness | Meaning? | 60second Recap®

  1. Thank you so much for sharing these videos about Conrad's Heart Of Darkness, it was helpful! : ) Now, I can comprehend more the "inner" facts.. Especially the part that deals with "light and dark" knowing that there is no light part.. only dark and darker!
    By the way, I'am studying English Literature.. in Africa! Ironyyyy lol

  2. Someone once asked for my opinion on adding "Heart of Darkness" to the school's English curriculum. My response was, "That depends, is your goal to make our students hate reading?"

  3. Silly Girl, not enough real life experience to make a judgement. Should go get a little older and get a life.

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