Hear Why Parents & Families Love WPU

hi loves identities it's a close-knit family atmosphere to spell your name small campus lives a large campus field being nestled right here in the middle of Raleigh area businesses is just as a family atmosphere the credentials of faculty lawyers CPAs all who come with real-life experiences wpu is dialed in with City of Raleigh and wake Emily in Research Triangle we feel like / + cos of job placement horrible illness I feel comfortable around anyone and everyone can go to a student or a faculty or staff and tell everything my child is a maze not enough I've learned a lot about myself and about other people and so I love that he says often it's a more personal relationship that he has with his instructors and classmates I just love the clothes madness I guess if that's a word just the excitement of college and the fact that again it was very close-knit community meeting coaching staff in athletic department and meeting some of the department heads just then be an assessment made it possible for me as a parent to see a very confident leaving them it's very easy to get involved it's very easy to start building your resume right here to be thinkers to be their own self to be all they can be and we found here to this University that encounter parallels what we raised our kids by Soompi you like family Maya has a new family now that she's here and they have embraced her and loved her like a sister love and this was the one school both of the girls were like wow and gentlemen she met with asked her to submit some of her writings some of her poetry and even wrote her a handwritten note back to her the opportunity after graduation is what really sold it for us you come to VCC a small campus in my eyes I see a family example I knew he was going to be a leader I saw those traits in him but it really flourished when he came here I was able to intern in downtown Raleigh during my time at peace I've learned so much from being a small classroom atmosphere I was kind of nervous at first because I mean I didn't know anybody but when I when I got here I mean I just felt comfortable I was excited for him not so much to say I was ready for him to get out of the house but really excited it was exciting and I had met so many other professors and the staff but even even president round helps prepare together today we move she had no I was dumb enough not only my baby but my best friend and so it was emotional I think I had hard harder time handling it then she did but you get over that pretty quickly what's the party starts the advice I have for new parents would be to make sure your children get involved but just being able to let go and let your child experience college life and they will call you and they will come home to you and it's not as bad as you think it's going to be participate in as many things as you can with him here on campus you crying just a little bit know your child and encouraged what's in vail not within whether you want them to go without slush I've dropped up on the roof but I got a nice young welcoming campus

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