Healthy Holistic Living – When Can Healthy Turn Toxic

like I said today's a little bit different I wanted to talk about you know some subjects that I haven't really gotten into in the past very much so it's kind of new territory for me but I'm excited about it so what I want to talk about is this situation called orthorexia nervosa and this has been talked about in the media and it's gotten quite a lot of hype and I think that it's a really good thing because you know it's also letting mainstream people that have no idea that there's you know toxic you know food colorings that are carcinogenic and chemical preservatives and things like this in a lot of the foods but it's also you know really touching on the points that you know sometimes people are eating most of stuff their whole life and once they find out about it some people really go off the deep end with it and go crazy and believing that everything you know is poison and to a degree this is true in a lot of foods and things that exist there are things that aren't good for us but I think we also need to understand that you know it's developed in a certain way that you know maybe wasn't intentionally poising Peak poisoning people you know chemical preservatives and things have been made to try to keep foods and do other things and our body can deal with a certain amount I'm not trying to justify it here I'm just saying to go into a mental state where we're believing that everything's being poisoned and you know population reduction and all these kinds of things can really put us into a negative state emotionally and mentally to the point that even if you're eating healthier food you know if we're focused on the negative and all of these things and really freaking out about it I believe that potentially could cause more harm and we'll talk a little bit about that so I just want to talk about the definition orthorexia nervosa also known as orthorexia is an eating disorder characterized by an extreme or excessive preoccupation with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy now the thing we need to understand is that this was just a concept it was a concept introduced in 1997 by Stephen braat Minh MD so a doctor was saying look maybe he noticed that fuller you know some people are really extremely preoccupied with believing things were poisoned and you know having to eat perfectly pristine types of foods to the point that it wasn't actually actually causing like stress and it became a condition in an obsession so orthorexia nervosa is not considered to be an eating disorder according to the American Psychiatric Association so because this isn't like an official disorder you know you won't actually be diagnosed by a doctor or a psychiatrist or other people it's not really actually recognized officially but they're talking about it and it's something that you know is potentially an issue the term was coined by brat men who claimed that in rare cases this focus may turn into a fixation so extreme that it can lead to severe malnutrition or even death you know really interesting statement you know we we think about people who are anorexic people who are bulimic you know they're kind of putting it into that category and maybe in extreme cases where you know people got delusional and believing that everything was poisoned you know these types of things could happen so you know I think without going into the the details of the extreme extreme cases really looking at our own lives and you know identifying am I having like you know emotional stress and mental stuff around this you know just to finish this off see even in less less severe cases the attempt to follow a diet that cannot provide adequate nutrition nourishment is said to lower self esteem as the orthorexia blame themselves rather than the diets for their constant hunger and the resulting cravings for forbidden foods I added in kind of a lesser definition as well that just says an obsession with eating foods that one considers healthy a medical condition in which the her systematically avoid specific foods and the belief that they are harmful so you know there's a degree here where the lines could be very blurry you know in the sense that yes to a degree I'm obsessed you know I would really call it obsessed I'm very conscious of eating foods that I consider healthy and I just think you know everybody should have that condition you know if we want to be healthy and evolving and have energy and and you know want our children our families to be healthy we should all have a degree of wanting to eat foods that we consider healthy you know even to say like you know to the degree of what they're talking about sometimes you know in the media it's like you know they're trying to label people who are just eating healthy like they've got a disease when in fact you know you could really look at what everybody else is doing and if you really get into the facts of everything going on it would be you know like a brainwashed disease that they're not caring about what they're putting into their body so it kind of goes both ways but just looking at it here so you know on one level you know with this picture it might be a little bit really out there but it's like on some level ignorance is bliss you know if you can remember yourself back to a time where you didn't really know about you know chemical preservatives artificial sweeteners hydrogenated oils and trans fats you know basically being plastic if you didn't know about msg and its you know causing diabetes and other issues or genetically modified organisms and how it affects the reproductive system the digestive system and negative ways and in such things you know at a time where you didn't know that you probably were just going out and enjoying food and having a general sense of you know believing if you go to a restaurant you know you go buy foods and a grocery store that it's food and it's healthy and there's some you know governing body or just a belief that if it's you know in a package and it says it's healthy than it is and not really questioning that into a degree you know ignorance is bliss in the sense that you know there is a side of things you know you know I got this big fat guy on here and really happy about this massive hamburger or whatever but this could also be you know someone you know really healthy who is unaware of you know what's really going on the foods and just having a sense of sitting down with family sitting down with friends really being present with the food and really enjoying it and having been taught to chew your food really well you know maybe bless the food to not eat too much and you have a balanced lifestyle where you're exercising and doing things you know there may be a level of you know ease and relaxation and consciousness you know that exists that when you don't really know about this stuff you know your your body still deals with a lot of the stress of certain chemicals and different things and you know you look at people you know you generally look at the population and there are people that are really healthy that are still you know eating you know all of these things and doing all these things and it's like you know to a degree ignorance is bliss because you know potentially they're just living a balanced life and yeah they got a lot of this stuff but you know if they're living a balanced life their body can deal with a lot of it and just the non stressful factor of being with family and and being in situations and not having that worry you know like I said our bodies can deal with a lot you know you look at what people put their bodies through and they still live you know fairly long lives and fairly happy but then you know there's the other side of things where it's like you know 50% of the population is getting cancer you know diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease heart diseases you know people can look perfectly healthy and you know literally have a heart attack and die from it or have a heart attack or a stroke or these different things sometimes in their late 30s for and 50s which is really early in my opinion and I know personally that it's directly related to the inundation of things that their bodies having to deal with on so many levels so in that sense ignorance isn't bliss but what I'm trying to get across here with this message is that when we become conscious of all of these things going on and we start to make the switch I think that it's important that we don't go to fanatical about it because in those cases you know we potentially alienate other people and we stress our systems out and you got to understand that you know stress itself is a toxin that exists you know there are molecules created when we're angry when we're stressed and are frustrated that are you know to a degree poisoning our bodies as well so if we're going from you know these potential toxins and foods to becoming aware of it and thinking we're being poisoned and then trying to jump you know across the canyon and be 100% pure and you know which is you know I can see is a good thing but it's the way we approach it that could stress us out and really cause some major issues you know in our personal lives and I think it's just where we need to become conscious of being able to make the switch from a place of taking a big deep breath you know and and sticking to still being able to go out and socialize and have a certain lifestyle where you're still nourishing your soul you know not alienating other people you know I saw this shirt online and I had a good chuckle about it you know and I don't mean to label people at all because I think this can be this way in many different scenarios not just vegans but it says I went vegan fur for love now I hate everyone and excuse the language but you know I think it's hilarious because I see this happen a lot you know individuals or living a lifestyle where you know generally they're loving and they're happy and they're socializing and they find out about veganism and they watch these videos of animals being slaughtered and you know babies you know baby cows and all of these things you know being cut up and put into foods and chickens and then there's all kinds of different animals in different places in the world dogs and horses and you know dolphins and they really look into this stuff they're just like oh my god what am i contributing to they have a conscious awakening and then they're like wow I need to change and you know the issue that I see is anytime you have a beginner in something you know have this little slide here when you first get started you know I've got some some martial artists you know young martial artists with the white belt and whenever you first get started in something you know we have an innate tendency to want to go teach or show everyone else it's just a natural tendency you know there's a process my dad talks about called gnosis praxis and intellicus to know to do and to become so by doing that which we know we become it and a lot of times people learn the information and before even really practicing and getting to you know do it so much that they become that which they know they go out and they try to teach everybody else just with the knowledge without the true understanding and even to a degree that you know I believe I know that my every cell in my body is composed of the building blocks of what I've been putting in you know my emotional relationships my mental thoughts what I've been feeding myself I am literally made of what I've been doing for the last seven years I hope that makes sense for the last seven years what I've been eating is actually what I'm composed of every cell of my body my bones my blood my organs everything is built by what I've done for the last seven years and the reason I say this is because if all of the sudden you know the last seven years I've just been eating a Western type of lifestyle and all sudden I find out about veganism I decide to go vegan or decide to go whatever raw foodists or even Paley or whatever it is I decided to do something new a lot of times you know there's a tendency to go out and try to teach everyone before we actually even know if it's true for ourselves through the proper practice and there's a very big difference between somebody who's a white belt and somebody who's a black belt somebody who's been doing it for seven years and what you'll see is when you find somebody that's doing anything you know veganism vegetarianism Paleo diet you know trying all of these you know raw foodism you know all these isms or even getting into martial arts or any form of new thing that they're excited about it's fantastic but if you really want to learn something if you really want to get in and learn something let's say like martial arts you wouldn't go to a white belt to learn how to do it you would go to a master you'd go to a black belt to learn from and there's a level of needing to shut up and forget everything and really dedicating yourself to something for a period of time to get to know if it's for you and after doing it for six months to a year and really practicing and getting into it and learning the techniques you may decide that technique or that way of life isn't for you and a lot of times people are so caught up in teaching everybody else before they even get to that point that you might find a lot of regret you know you may get into something teach everybody else tell them you know they need to do it too and then six months into it it's not even working for you or a year into it it's not even working for you and so we set ourselves up you know with these types of things that can cause a lot of issues in the future and so where I'm getting with this is just to be conscious that when we get into a new kind of lifestyle or we take on something new if we can really remember this that if you take on something new it's for you and to be quiet about it not even really feel a need to tell anybody and really just practice what it is that you've learned you know and get into the gnosis practice and becoming of that make it a lifestyle take it a step at a time you know do it very easily you'll find yourself in a place that when you're actually becoming it you know you have no need of telling everybody else what to do and what happens is you exude the becoming of what that is and people will genuinely come to you ask you questions you know and I have a perfect example here you know when I lived in Park City for example you know I'd get a job working in a restaurant little Bistro in Park City Utah and you know I was vegetarian I've been vegetarian already probably for you know who knows ten years or something and when I got the job you know it's a it's a restaurant that serves meat you know serves all kinds of different meats it was a semi find dining French bistro but when I get a job somewhere you know in my mind I actually don't want to I don't want people to know I'm vegetarian because there's a level of segregation and you got to understand you know I've been vegetarian for about 20 years so you know it's not as cool 20 years ago is what it is today and I mean you know it's not as as accepted so back in the times when I was vegetarian and yeah you know when I first became vegetarian it clicked for me maybe I was out there you know yelling and screaming and telling the world but there was a degree of which I didn't even want to see I didn't want people to know and what I found is like working in a restaurant I didn't tell anyone but I always had energy I was always you know somewhat happy I was always you know putting out a certain level you know in my opinion of love and sharing and openness and never had sick days off of work and overtime and distance people just notice they're like oh you know I've noticed you actually know I don't think I've ever seen you eat meat this might be three or even six months into working somewhere they'd be like wow I really noticed you know you don't eat meat like are you vegetarian that'd be like well yeah and they'd ask me why are you vegetarian and I would say oh no reason just just because because a lot of times I find that you know people don't actually want to know why they just want you to say something so they can put you down and I think this is why you know it's important in the process when you learn new information and you start to do something you just keep it to yourself because when you go out and you start saying things you don't know enough to really you know have the argument with these people who can put you down and ask you all these questions and you're not sure and then you doubt yourself you know it's like if you just started in doing martial arts and you know you're like hey you know look at me I'm in martial arts and then somebody's will like how do you do this and how do you that you're like well really sure so it's probably better to be quiet until you really master something before you you know open up and start sharing it is what I'm getting at and what I would find is that over time and distance of just putting it off putting it to the side people would genuinely come to me you know now my really close friends and say hey Tyler like you know I actually really want to know why you're vegetarian you know you always have energy I notice you don't get sick and you know you're actually a really cool guy unlike most you know their their mindset of midget you know vegetarians being tree huggers and you know skinny and pasty and near-death and like wow you're actually a really cool guy you know all these other things like I actually genuinely want to know and then I'd say cool if you if you really want to know why I'm vegetarian let's sit down you know at some point and grab some dinner or some lunch or something and I'll have an actual conversation with you and then if the person is willing if you say yeah you really want to know let's go sit down give me 45 minutes to an hour to explain it to you if they genuinely want to know they'll be like cool I would love that otherwise they'll be like ah you know I don't really want to know I don't really want to sit and then you know you know what they're not actually interested they're just looking for a way to put you down they're looking for a way to pull you back down or cut you down so that they can feel like what they're doing you know is okay they're trying to validate their own exists it's and the reality is we don't need to validate our own existence we just need to exist and do what we feel and what we believe is the best for us so I hope I'm really getting this point across you know and just so you know like I think plant-based diet is is absolutely a fantastic way to go it's a lot of what I teach I just don't like the labels per se and you know somebody can become a plant you know vegan and do really amazing things and affect the world without you know being uptight and stressed and you know having to change the world you know it's like change yourself first and just by doing that just by modifying your own lifestyle and changing things and going through dragging yourself through the fires of making these change and little steps and having you know allowing yourself to fall and then pick yourself back up and all of these things you know I think without telling everybody there'd be less stress because if you find out about veganism these things you say oh my god it's so right I'm vegan look at me I'm vegan you go out you tell the world tell everybody and all of a sudden you have a moment of genuinely craving a burger or you know chicken or an egg or some butter or cheese or whatever it is because that's what our bodies actually built on the last seven years every cell of my body is composed of cheese and burgers and chicken and eggs and all of this stuff when you have this like your genuine craving from your body to want that same kind of energy that it's used to then you go into this massive stress because you've told everybody you're vegan because now you've seen all the videos and now you can't eat eggs because you're killing babies or you can't do all of these different things and you cause your own mental you know or and I you know I really think that it's important to get this point that when we find something that we believe to be true that we work towards it we work towards that and we do our best and take steps to get towards that and don't you know set a label on ourselves that you know all the sudden well if I eat a little bit of cooked food now I'm out of the raw food movement now all these people are you know pointing fingers because they got their little clique over there of raw foodism and you know they found out how they caught me in a restaurant eating you know some cooked broccoli right it's just really interesting you know the level of religion that people take on with these different types of diets and the strict like you know this is what we do and if you wear a leather belt that you bought prior to being vegan then you're not vegan because you're supporting it and you know I see this stuff online it's it's mind-boggling literally vegans you know in their little threads like having a war about you know you know I still wearing my leather shoes but I bought them before you know it was vegan but why you know put it to waste and somebody else like you're still supporting it and you know how dare you wear the hide of a freaking animal you know when you're vegan you're not vegan and it's just like wow really is that really what's going on here you know we're taking on a healthier lifestyle and totally picking each other apart and almost hating people it's like do you have to hate everyone else people wise if you're gonna love the animals it's like this is the point we need to get is like you know we're living these healthier lifestyles so that we can be more social we can be more energetic we can love people even more that's what it's about it's about better relationships it's about acceptance you know in my opinion being vegetarian or vegan is about acceptance and not you know not you know separating different groups whether it be animal human or anything so you know something to really think about you know I when I meet people I love them based on how they show up based on their energy based on you know are they a nice person you know I never meet somebody and say hey do you eat meat no because if you do I can't talk to you there hey you know you some weird fruitarian person because that's just too weird and if you just eat fruit like we can have a conversation it's like you know let's just accept people for who they are and be a shining example of the master and and practicing what we what we hold in ourselves to be truest truth and allowing ourselves even within the truest truth to have moments of doubt to have moments of cravings for things that are outside of our beliefs and if we have those moments honor it allow yourself to go and have a burger if you need to allow yourself to go have some cheese if you need to allow yourself to have some eggs allow yourself you know to go outside of your you know if you're even paleo allow yourself to have some grains at times and feel it and this is the process of evolution you know when I moved at 16 years of age to my father's you know place this is in Salem Utah my father took me to slaughterhouses my father educated me about what happens to the animals he educated me about cadaverine x' and parasites and all these things you know and at different times you know he wasn't pushing it on me but at different times conversations would come up and I would ask and he would really go deep you know my father would say you know son I really think you should be vegetarian and I'd say yeah cool thanks dad that's great but you could go yourself and that was it you know I was 16 years old yes I was arrogant and yes but I was where I was at I was like this is great and I understand it and I get it but you know I'm gonna do it in my own time and you know eating with my my dad and my stepmother they had the most amazing food on the planet all vegetarian beautiful foods so I was mainly eating vegetarian but if I had a craving for a burger or chicken or anything else I would go down and I would eat it and I had no level of like oh I'm such a bad person and you know and I knew all this stuff I knew the slaughterhouse I knew it I was like you know what you know I actually genuinely liked living and eating all this food is so good I don't really feel like I need meat but at times I would crave it so I would honor that instead of beating myself up and going into this stress full place of believing I'm evil for doing something like look I've been eating meat for 16 years if I'm gonna crave it I'm just gonna go satiate that and what I found is after about six to eight months of living with my father and eating mostly vegetarian and satiating my cravings there came a point I was sitting in the burger barn in Salem Utah in a little corner just having my little special time you know of hey you know I'm craving this burger I'm gonna sit down I'm just gonna eat this thing and you know it was almost like my own little personal time away where I could really love my food you know not that I wasn't loving everything else but I was sitting there and I was eating this thing and for the first time in my life as I was chomping into this food I felt the greasiness going down my throat I felt a situation like I was putting death into my body and it was almost like I was sitting there unconsciously eating in this moment and I became conscious and it was like I downloaded everything that my dad had been sharing with me all the feelings and animals all these things just in one moment download it into my consciousness and into my being and it made me sick and I busted out the doors of this place called the burger bar and felt like I was gonna puke I probably look pale white nearly puke and felt sick to my stomach and couldn't believe it and that was the moment and I was like oh god no I'm one of those freak vegetarians now and I knew it because I had the knowledge and I practiced mostly that which I knew but still allowed myself to have cravings and allowed myself to go outside of what I was doing because I was practicing you know 80 90 percent of the time I became that which I was doing through action I actually hit a degree of like I believe raising my own vibration or you know changing my body enough through eating mostly plants that it just naturally hit a point where I didn't want it and what a beautiful thing what a beautiful thing to evolve into a situation that you're looking to become through the natural process of doing it in a way that that is enjoyable doing it a way that's still accepting of everybody and everything and just doing it for myself and actually hitting that point and then coming from that space the conversations that I have with people you know when they genuinely asked me about why I'm vegetarian and how I evolved and came into that space just that conversation alone of how I got to that place for myself over time and distance and the way it all worked out is very inspiring for many people and they get it you know and it makes a lot of sense so you know I believe that we should do our best to avoid these labels you know people will ask us Oh what kind of diet are you on or what type of a thing are you doing it's like well you know I don't like the I am label I am vegan I am a paleo worshipper I am a raw foodist I am a fruitarian because what you do is you separate your and it just it causes that separation that causes you to be stuck in a box and if you ever genuinely want to go outside that box that's when you really end up beating yourself up and this is where life religion comes in religion is all about you know I am a Mormon or I am a born-again Christian or I am a Muslim then if you do anything outside of that like everybody in the group you know you're a sinner and it's it's the same thing veganism paleo diet raw foodism fruitarianism vegetarianism all these different you know diets their religions and you know I don't think we should get involved with religions I think we should practice spirituality I think we should practice living life and not boxing ourselves into these different food religions you know God religions and different things it's okay to believe a certain way it's okay to practice a certain way and it's also okay to explore different books and explore different people's opinions and be to be at a degree of acceptance where other people are coming from and in fact you know me personally by going outside of what I believe in fully allowing myself to take on what somebody else is saying as truth really go in there and explore it I will learn a lot and if what I believe before is the highest truth I'll find my way back there with a lot more knowledge in support of my original truth as well and I truly believe this is the process of learning so much so you know I have a couple of little pictures here learning about toxins and avoiding them can this be taken too far you know and I think so I think that a lot of people learn about some of these things then they do everything in their power I can't eat that I can't touch this that's toxic this is poison you know and I think a good place to start would be you know do your best to make your home a safe haven you know go home look your pantry start to clean it out start to buy things that don't have artificial colors especially the ones that are known to be carcinogenic and come from coal tar make sure that you know a lot of your foods don't have chemical preservatives artificial sweeteners you know try to do your best to not have genetic genetically modified foods and all of these things in your house and your house becomes your safe haven then I would recommend eating at home a lot and making your own food and putting your energy into that cooking process or find somebody that loves to put their love into that process and then genuinely love them and love the situation of eating and then when you go out you're going out with some friends you're going out to a restaurant you're going out to socialize pull the carrot out of your ass relax okay do your best to make quality decisions but relax a bit and again take it in stages you know you don't have to go to the highest point of Mount Everest tomorrow give yourself some time and what I promise you is this if you're working to climb Mount Everest and you're willing to take it one step at a time and camp at different places you know and every once in a while if there's a big storm you come back down the mountain a little bit and wait for the right timing and then get the proper gear and go back up again and if you're willing to follow the flow of taking time to get to the top of Everest you will get there and you'll get there in a safe happier more amazing way learning a lot along the way and staying in balance so that's the main message of this entire conversation is to really identify you know have we gotten too caught up in worrying about chemicals have we gotten too caught up and you know almost religious about our diet have we alienated our families our own mother father a brother and sister have you alienated your best friends because I believe that it's about balance I believe that our relationships are one of the most important things for our health if you want to be healthy it's important to love your mother and father it's important to love your brothers and sisters and even your friends in my opinion are like my brothers and sisters the people that are closest to me not by blood are my brothers and sisters and I love them so much and whether they eat a hamburger or you know eat some artificial colors or drink soda pop or whatever they do that's their journey and I'm not here to judge them I'm here to accept everyone wherever they're at and whatever they're doing and to be on this path of balance and growth and mastery for myself and that is the most powerful thing because when you start to master yourself and allow the scales to tip both ways and allow yourself to grow through this process people will see the growth and the mastery and the beauty and the genuine place that you're coming from and they'll want to take on some of that too and you'll start to notice that everyone around you will to a degree start to to do the same things and start to ask questions and you'll find that the community of people around you are generally living the same kind of lifestyle based on your energy and what a beautiful thing that if you master yourself you can share that with so many other people so that's that's you know generally what I wanted to share what I'd like you to do is take a big deep breath in right now take a deep breath in relax it out play along with me take a deep breath in relax it out and just say I choose to be me say I choose to make this easy I choose to accept others I love myself I love my family I love my friends and I accept them for who they are period I choose to release judgment of others I allow myself to do what I feel in the moment when I feel it I allow myself to be different I allow myself to come out of the box that I put myself in I allow myself to grow wherever I'm meant to be growing into and I know if you allow this process you will find and you will still get to that greatest truth and you will get there in a much more balanced place so remember this take a deep breath relax if you find yourself beating yourself up about you know having a chocolate binge or eating some food that you don't you know preach about or talk about or believe you should be eating take a deep breath be very present with it I promise you people you know I eat pizza I eat foods at times that if most people do about they'd probably give me a hell of a load of like oh my god Tyler I thought you were a health guru yes maybe I am guru means teacher yes I teach health and part of that teaching is relaxing and being present and yes I'll drink a beer yes I'll have a mixed drink yes I'll eat some eggs yes I'll have some foods at different times that I feel attracted to in that moment I'm not a vegan I'm not a vegetarian I'm not you can't put me in a box I'm open I am pragmatic I'm in flow and yes most the time I have certain things and on this journey there are times where I push the limits of the human experience and I try fruitarianism for a complete month or I try raw food ISM for 3060 days I try just doing a water fast for an extended time and as I'm doing these things and pushing the pendulum as the pendulum is pushed out to these great degrees when I'm done a lot of times it'll swing back the other way and I'll have certain cravings and I'll go back to certain things and I'll allow myself to go into that experience and what I find is that when I push myself out and I swing back each time I'm pushing and swinging I'm evolving I'm moving up the scale and as you move up the scale you can see that the pendulum will swing less and less the things I was craving coming off of a fast five years ago he's completely outside of the consciousness of what I would even crave today coming off of a fast of 10 days the last time I came off it all I wanted was some honey some coconut yogurt all I wanted was some fresh fruit five years ago coming off of a fast all I wanted was freaking you know pizza or all I wanted with some really dense food I wanted like cheese mixed in with freaking refried beans and chips and olives and jalapenos so what I'm saying here is there is no failure if you come off of a fast and go and eat a bunch of that's part of the process of growth and don't beat yourself up for it allow the pendulum to swing and what you'll notice is each time you know some people will finish right there oh my god I'm never fasting again because when I came off it made me do this it's like well maybe that's what you needed and if you allow yourself this process of swinging the pendulum over time and distance you will reach Mount Olympus you will reach the apex of the Himalayan mountains you'll climb to the top and see yourself you'll see it you'll be like oh my god like I actually feel bad for craving honey Wow before I felt bad for craving you know cheese pizza and it will evolve and you will evolve over time and distance and the cool thing is if you are evolving your lifespan if you do it a step at a time is increasing with every step that you make you have a very long time and look I know there's a degree of individuals maybe that are hit with cancer or hit with really you know tremendous chronic conditions and diseases and sometimes in those cases these things need to be observed and they need to be strict for periods of times and there has to be a level of pain and anguish and things that people go through in order to cleanse and detoxify and get their body back to a state of divine health and I'm not taking away from you know pushing the limits of the human experience like I said going out and fasting going out and maybe you know 30 days doing a raw food diet 30 days doing fruitarianism you know six months of doing colon cleansing and you know certain cleanses and different things but in that process again there can be you know moments where you have these cravings and I believe if you say she ate it and even over say she ate it then you're gonna be less likely to do that thing in the future rather than trying to hold back and not do it creating stress and then doing little bit anyway and then be getting caught up in these patterns of cheating and beating yourself up and eating healthy and cheating and beating yourself up that's what we've got to stop we've got to stop beating ourselves up stressing ourselves out and just allow the process to flow so I really think I've gotten that point across probably more so than I even need to there was some other things about evolution of the human experience and vibration of different foods I was gonna get into but I think I've taken enough time I really appreciate you guys being on here I'd like to say you know for breaking addictions if you really feel like oh I'm really addicted to certain things at a time you know for me sometimes a four-day colon cleanse just totally breaks my addictions of things that I might have gotten caught up in a cycle of eating because that happens too sometimes we'll have a little cycle of you know going off-track and we get caught up in that because we become a little bit chemically addicted or whatever it is a colon cleanse can be a perfect way of just breaking that in four days you know just eating this one thing it's like oh cool okay I'm over it and then typically I can get back into a healthier diet or if you want to take it to the next level do a colon cleanse and then maybe seven days on juices really to just break all that you know attachment and physical you know addictions they say that chemical addictions typically take ten to fourteen days to actually break so if you're coming into a situation of wanting to be healthier but you're actually chemically addicted to things that msg and all these other things then yes by absolutely by all means please do you know some cleansing for two weeks break those chemical addictions and then allow yourself to see where you go from there at least not having that chemical addictive nature so hope that makes sense you know I've got plenty of programs to offer thirteen weeks you know this is why I love the 13 week heal thyself at home course is because it's little steps over 13 weeks and yeah there's some bigger cleansing times in there but it's taking those steps and educating and being inspired and look once you have the 13 week heal I saw that home you'll have it for life and I will be going back in there and and constantly adding new information and even redoing the whole program upgrading the program years in the future and years to come and you'll always be able to go back and do this process again you know in fact I had this guy recently they said Tyler you know you're 13 week program was literally the most amazing thing I've ever done but I feel like I there was parts of it that I didn't do all that great which i think is great you know if there's parts that you're not ready for just skip it but stay tuned with the content and this guy was saying I'm going back and I'm doing it again and I'm gonna take it to a whole new level so really cool stuff and with that I want to take a few questions and then I want to give away a couple of prizes just as a big thank you to you guys for being on here again today I'm gonna be giving away let me see if I can find out in here I'm gonna do the same as what I did last week and I'm gonna be giving away my three pack of pulse so it's original chocolate and mango maybe I don't have the picture on here I was just looking for but a three pack of the pulse which is worth you know I think about $60 with shipping 20 bucks or something like that so it's worth about $80 and I want to give it two of those away so I'm just gonna take a few questions because I know I've already gone about an hour I'm just gonna take a couple questions and then I will move right into giving those things away as a big THANK YOU for you guys being here so please bear with me I've eaten something packaged and was reading what it actually contained then felt so guilty and bad for eating it that I made myself throw it up is it good to do this rather than keep the crap inside of me I know best not to eat it at all but sometimes I get where you're saying you know and you know there's a disease called bulimia which you know I understand because I've seen it and it's not a good thing but then there's also a genuine understanding that you know if I ingest something and it you know and I'm not feeling good feels toxic or I find out that is toxic we have a natural mechanism for being able to throw it up and get rid of it okay and look you know it's not something I recommend doing all the time but if I eat something and I started to feel sick you you bet your life I'm gonna drink a bunch of water go in go in the toilet stick my finger down in my throat I'm gonna puke it all out which will save my body from having to deal with all of that stuff so yeah you know I think it's important to look at packages you know if you genuinely ate something and you found out all its got some preservatives and some stuff which probably isn't good you can feel it out you know like look I'm well you know I'm evolving it's no big deal I'll let it pass through my body maybe I'll eat some apples in a few hours and you know put some fiber have a smoothie help clean it out not that big a deal you know people are eating this every day all day okay so that's what I mean we don't need to go into hysterics over it but you know if you generally felt like you don't want that your body by all means you know get rid of it but making sure you're in a place of balance as well you know if you're going into freakout mode oh my god this is poison I need to puke it out take a deep breath relax you know this one thing's not gonna kill you it's not gonna cause a disease and just the fact that you become conscious of it by reading it on the label don't have it again there you go plain and simple okay so i think you know ii would probably the better just take it for the lesson that it is love it enjoy your body transform it and move on i wish somebody told john candy be healthy i love that man thanks for sharing i have first-hand been this human i have lived and breathed from the place of worry yeah i think a lot of us have experienced this it has done more harm eating the foods that were incredibly great for me in from a place of worry i push myself and i preach to others and ended up sick even though I ate magnificent foods I believe now that for me and my clients I shine in from a place of love and of what we are a part of though I shine in from love being from my family and friends knowing that in the moment when I'm in the kitchen and the music is on I'm in love with the process that is true divine health for me thank you Tyler for this webinar love you chef there's a reason why you're on this one sent the love you could not agree more well said thank you I've had many cravings since clean dieting hy yesterday I bought a small quiche when at a restaurant it tasted terrible so I didn't eat it I mom freaked out because I didn't eat what do you say to others when they panic because you are healthier choosing not to do things you just got you know you just got to take a deep breath and say hey you know I I felt like you know it wasn't any good and I don't want to poison myself so take a deep breath relax this is my body I'll choose to put in what I want you put whatever you want in your body and I love ya and seriously come from a genuine place of like give me a hug you know I love you I'm okay I'm just listening to my body and that's it you know and if somebody's freaking out because you're listening to your body and doing whatever just say look you know maybe maybe I need some space like take a deep breath and really come from the genuine space I believe if you come from a genuine place then everything will be okay I think a lot of times when we truly have doubt and deep stuff within us then we activate that doubt and deep stuff in other people so that's also something just to be conscious about and aware of but yeah ask the person hey look I love you let's take a deep breath together look them in the eyes and just be present and be genuine with them and I think you'll find yourself in a good place are your children vegetarian yes they are um my daughter actually to back that up has grown up with my my former partner she occasionally has chicken and fish and some other things being here she's actually declared I really want to be vegetarian and I'm like cool that's awesome and if you decide to have something else that's cool too I love you you know and I think just having the situation where I provide the most beautiful fruits you know I have chef Cynthia coming down here making the most beautiful foods on the planet you know it's it's easy for her to realize wow I can eat and I can eat really healthy and feel really good and it tastes really good without all this other stuff that's just helping her in her process of evolution and however long it takes her to get there or not get there I love her either way period why do vegetarians and vegans not like eating meat because they come from living animals but vegetables and fruit are living organisms in my eyes and it's just the cycle of life the vegetable gives up its life and energy for us it's an exchange thing and the cycle of life I really agree about the effects of food no matter what it is that our attitude and our gratitude for it has a positive effect on our body the more alive food our food the energy vibration we will take off I agree Jody and thank you for sharing you know it's really a lot about our attitude and having gratitude for these things now you know for me on a very conscious level you know I believe that plant foods have evolved to actually ask us to come and eat them what I mean by that is I believe a tree is very intelligent and it has evolved over millions of years and it actually makes its fruit orange an orange tree for example it'll make it orange and it'll give it a smell to put off to attract us to it it'll give us nutrition and health and in return from eating that fresh fruit the seeds come into our bodies if we eat it naturally and when we go poopoo we plant those seeds and it grows another tree so the cycle of life with a with a fruit tree I'm adding to the life of that tree and it wants me to eat it I don't believe that the actual orange cries out in pain and tries to run from me it's a high vibration that there's an ex change of energy if we look at the planet from a very conscious place and say okay what am I meant to eat how am I meant to thrive we would look around we'd see these things that are colorful this smell really good then attract us to them I pee on the tree I give it some water it gives me some fruit I'm hydrated too so it's giving me water I breathe out it breathes in it breathes out I breathe in there's a coexistence that takes place with plants they are here for us and we are here for them now if I take a cow it doesn't breathe out and I breathe in and I breathe out it reason there's not that repercussion of needing me and me needing it to survive and if I take a knife and try to cut a slice like I would off of an orange into an animal it'll kick it will scream it will fight it'll run it'll bleed I believe personally this is just my personal opinion and I'm open to everyone having their personal opinion as well that all animals and plants live in symbiosis with each other to a degree and based on you know consciousness and where different animals are at and how they're designed I believe genuinely that we are designed to pick fresh fruits and vegetables and cultivate other types of foods and eat those and it's very easy you know if I believe I was designed to eat cow and pigs and things like this I believe that I could do that without having to make tools to do it you know if I went and jumped on a pig and tried to eat it or jumped on a cow and try to eat it it would be very very hard to do that with a lion or a dog or some of these other animals that's not the case so just in my being I don't think it's the same thing when you you know eating a pig and eating an orange and I know some people feel otherwise and it's definitely you know a conversation that each individual can choose you know what they agree with and what they think and again like you said as long as you have gratitude and attitude towards whatever it is you're eating I think that generally you're gonna be healthier because of that so with that being said look I know there's a lot of questions here but I like I do I love to talk I definitely went over time so we're about ten minutes after you know if you guys want to get onto my heal thyself at home program I do just webinars per hour to an hour and a half of just Q&A answering everybody's questions about different things that's definitely a place to go to get on that I shared loads of stuff on Facebook I've got a free online juice fast where I teach lots of things there's a whole online community of over 5,000 people that have been through that juice fast you ask a lot of questions there there's a lot of people that will come in and give you great perspectives and advice based on a lot of them years of of hearing me answer these questions and doing these things so get involved don't make it a religion but give it a get involved and check it out and see how you feel take it to the next step so with that being said what I would like to do is give these things away and as a thank you guys for staying on for you're here for so long so what I'm gonna do is have you guys type let's see type in the questions box I choose to take a deep breath just that I choose to take a deep breath and relax and the first let's say actually the the fourth and the 16th person to type that and you can type multiple times the 4th and 16th person to type I choose to take a deep breath and relax you can type multiple times you can copy/paste 4th and 16th person I'm gonna send you three bags of my food pay for the shipping and everything just as a thank you for being on here so let's count this out Mitch a sir by the way you were first fast lightning fast but it wasn't the first we got Cheryl Grammer behind him Christine dicker right behind there I have Mitch a sir says and relax oh is it you know I was a little late on that all right Mitch because you were first and fourth with the an relax I'm gonna give it to you so you got Mitch a sir number four and then let's see we got here 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 is Marissa congratulations Marissa and Mitch fantastic so I'm just gonna make a note here obviously I don't have your last name what I'm gonna ask you to do Mitch and Marissa is just send an email to office at conscious lifestyle err so I was just on the webinar Tyler said I won a three packet those stuff and then just give me obviously your address your email and all that type of stuff so that we can ship it to you also just gonna take a photo here real quick beautiful so again thank you guys for being on here I hope you got something good out of this let's all take a deep breath let's relax let's evolve towards what we believe to be highest truth I hope to see you next week on my next webinar have a great day have a great weekend I love you and we'll talk to you soon Tyler Talman signing off

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  1. Tyler, I can relate to everything you are talking about. Thank you for taking the time to share to the world what you know, your experience and what we can do to make our world a better place one step at a time. Namaste.

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