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there are so many ways that you can work to beat yourself in this kind of dry dark month of January I have to go out for work at half past two every single day and believe me where my alarm goes off the last thing I want to do is get out from under my crew zdv but here's the thing in order to get up and feel good for the day ahead you have to just do it do not hit snooze as tempting as it may be just get out the minute you're up and in the bathroom when you've wet your face with cold water you will feel absolutely fine what can you do to remain focused and positive well how about set yourself some challenges why don't you get together with a friend or a family member your other half that way at least you can keep each other company you can call each other speak to each other find out how you're getting on and give each other kind of a slap on the back if you're doing well or try and help motivate the other person if they find it's really hard doing something with someone else it's just a great way to stay focused there are 31 days in January and if you are good the whole of January think how much money you'll have see so maybe you can reward yourself why not say that if you can make it through the whole of January then at the end of the month you'll be allowed to treat yourself to something special it's so easy to get caught up in the same kind of eating routine isn't it 20:19 about changing the way you look at your meals take some time out and maybe plan your meals for the week ahead have a look on social media like an Instagram or maybe on Pinterest you can get some recipes there as well in our house it's a real battle to get everyone to want to eat the same meals my husband and I might want a spicy stir-fry my daughter she'll have the stir-fry but she doesn't want the vegetables it's a nightmare so ideally what you have to do is you have to try and find some kind of core meal that everyone will like and then sometimes what I'll do is I'll put little dishes out and we can add spices or we can add the sauce and then everyone gets to mix on themselves so we have this new rule that we've introduced it's ridiculous we put a pencil on the table and whoever has the pencil can hold the four and can have the conversation and once you stop talking it goes back in and the next person we take it it does mean that we spend time together and we have fun around the dining table we are such losers aren't we I think that exercising as you get older becomes trickier sometimes it's really nice to start the year off with a fitness plan in mind and it's something anyone can do no excuses allowed so for me exercise isn't something that I feel I have to put into my day it's something I want to simply because I really like the way it makes me feel I feel energized I feel a lot more positive it's kind of it's kind of weird to say this but I feel a little bit more relaxed gym memberships let's be honest they do cost a bit of money well I've got a really good tip that will get your your blood pumping will get your heart racing all you need is a skipping rope it is actually a lot harder than you think but if you can get 30 minutes of that on a day you will notice the difference my husband does half an hour to 45 minutes a day he loves it he's put some headphones on listens to music and skips till his heart's content sometimes you just find that everything gets on top of you and you just feel bogged down with issues and suddenly you're stressing about something else altogether I suppose just like many other working moms out there the evening is a lovely part of the day where I get to unwind of my little girl and we just sit there sometimes she reads to me sometimes we just have a nice relaxed chat about the day my dog Alfie is like my first baby he's 11 he launched himself directly on top of me and he snores so loudly it's ridiculous but it's just so relaxing and lovely and you don't want to move and so it's almost like forced relaxation time I know there are people out there who just go to bed and wake up looking beautiful that Amy I have this lovely foaming cleanser by a brand called quarterly a French brand which is really good and gets all the grain off and then I also quite often use like lovely products from Liz Earle just to kind of really refresh my skin and then I use a brilliant overnight moisturizer from Elemis I have realised really as I get older that it's so important to look after your skin you only have one face you need to look after and also it's on show everyday so if you don't look after it well

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  1. It would be great if a gross old lady walked up to Jenni falconer and shoved a custard pie in her face leaving her covered in gooey custard.

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