Heading for extinction and what to do about it | Extinction Rebellion

So welcome everybody,
my name is Dr. Gail Bradbrook. I have a PhD in Molecular Biophysics.
I’m not a current practising scientist but I do know, off the back of that, something about how science is formed
in the scientific literature. I’m also part of an organization called Rising Up.
I helped to set it up in 2016. It’s a network of something around 5,000 people about 70 organizers across the UK and our focus is on non-violent
direct action and civil disobedience because we believe they are
proven ways for eliciting change. Traditionally when you’re giving
talks about climate change you try and be a little bit hopeful when helping people to think about
something positive they might do. This is quite a different talk. We’re going to cover two things; the truth about the ecological crisis
that we’re in at the moment and the issues of policymaking within that, and then moving on to how we actually feel,
emotional responses, and what we can actually do. So the premise of this talk is to tell the truth and ask us all to act accordingly and consistently
with the information that’s presented to us including our understanding of what actually
enables change to happen in the world. Some of it’s hard to hear
and I thought I’d faced this stuff but I realize I haven’t,
it’s layers isn’t it, with grief, and it’s welcome here tonight,
permission of your neighbour but feel free to hold hands, shed tears and so on all going on is the typical traditional English way, isn’t it? And there’ll be an opportunity
at least to pause for that piece. So the first thing I want to talk about is how do we get useful information
from science on climate change. The precautionary principle says
that we need to not take big risks. If there’s a risk, don’t take it. You don’t need to know for sure
that the risk is going to happen. You just need to know it’s a possibility. And the thing with the climate science is
that the information that comes out tends to be quite conservative
because of the processes involved So what a scientist might say down the pub
or to a journalist is one thing compared to what they’ll say
in a single peer-reviewed paper where they try to say exactly
what they know within that paper and of course they may have collected
the data incorrectly or analyzed it wrongly. So you get more rigour by reviewing
a specific area of data getting lots of different data sets,
that that has more rigor in it. And then the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change spends a lot of time looking for consensus across different fields and what
the whole area is telling us and of course as that becomes
more rigorous it takes more time. Some people feel the IPCC
has been deliberately hamstrung through this consensus process. So how then do you deal with the science? Some people have been accused of
cherry-picking the worst-case scenarios and they’ve been called alarmists and actually there seems to be
more agreement these days with what the “alarmists” were saying. So I don’t know whether they are right or wrong but that’s not what we intend to do today. We’re using the voices of mainstream scientists. On the other hand, the panel three of the IPCC contains economists and policy makers. Many scientists believe it shouldn’t even exist and it is in the words of Kevin Anderson
from the Tyndall Center “highly politicized”. So really, what we want to do is find
the useful sweet spot to give you the good information. I think this graph really helps to show
the difficulty with the IPCC process. It’s the melting of the Arctic sea ice,
showing the September minimum and the blue is the range of melting
seen from IPCC models, – I’m sure they probably updated this recently
but this is where it was not long ago – and in red you see the
actual observations, the actual data. Of course science is based on
observation, the data is everything and the data and the models
are way off, fundamentally. And this has led actually, especially
it seems to be more this year, but in recent times, for some scientists
breaking rank, I would say. Traditionally academia is
quite conservative as I’ve said but now you have Professor Hans Schellnhuber who is the head of the Potsdam Institute
for Climate Impact Research senior advisor to the Pope advisor to Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor,
and to the European Union, a credible voice, and what he’s saying is that climate change
is now reaching the endgame the issue is the very survival
of our civilization. The What lies beneath, Understatement of Existential
Climate Risk paper, out this year talks about how climate policymaking has become embedded in a culture
of failure and scientific reticence It argues for urgent risk reframe
in the climate research in IPCC reports and it contains voices from some
of the world’s leading scientists. So let’s dig a little bit into the science to look at temperature and tipping points,
feedback loops and impacts Looking more closely at the data from
the Arctic, which is the black wiggly line you have statistical processes
where you try and fit a line to that data and predict what’s going to happen. So this is the September minimum and basically what the data is telling us, the yellow line is not a good fit, it’s a straight line the other lines that fit better say that the ice will be gone
around 2023, the next five years, give or take. I mean none of this we know until it happens
but that’s what we’re being told by the data and obviously it’s being updated all the time. The melting creates one example
of a worrying feedback loop of cllimate change It’s called the Albedo effect,
so when the Arctic sea ice melts it turns from this white stuff that reflects
sunlight back out away from the planet and instead you have a dark
absorbent material that absorbs more heat. It absorbs more heat,
it creates temperature rise more Arctic sea ice melts, it’s a feedback … it’s called a positive feedback loop.
There’s nothing good about it because it’s positive. So that leads the Yale Climate Connections folks to say climate change is not a matter
of cause and effect, it’s more like a vicious circle. And so, this has moved this year, into the idea of abrupt climate change, there may not be just feedback loops but a sort of domino cascades of feedback loops. It got called the Hot House Earth paper,
the PNAS paper that came out 2018, and it looked at ten different feedback loops permafrost thaw, loss of methane
hydrates from the ocean floor weakening land and ocean carbon sinks bacterial respiration in the oceans Amazon die back, boreal forests die back reduction of northern hemisphere
snow cover and in other places. And looking at all these different feedback loops suggests that the earth can tip from just 2ºC which is what the Paris climate
agreement moves around, at 2ºC it could tip into this hot house
earth state and stay there. So as many scientists have said,
2ºC is not a good move. It needs to be1.5ºC and that was
never a great move either. So this leads one of the authors Johan Rockström from the
Stockholm Resilience Centre to say 50 years ago, and I’m sure even five years ago, this would have been dismissed as alarmist
but now scientists have become really worried. And when the temperature rises and you can see the rise in the temperature
on the graph from the Met Office there’s a debate, but we’re at about 1ºC above pre-industrial levels and it’s rising at about 0.17ºC a decade, but there’s a lots of reasons why rises wouldn’t be linear. So a Nature paper came out recently it’s from the University of Washington and there was also UN warming estimates that said the idea of holding to 2ºC within the lifetime
of people born today is highly unlikely In fact we’ve got a 1% chance of hitting the 1.5ºC target. We’ve got a 5% chance of hitting less than 2ºC The likely range is between 2ºC and
almost 5ºC and the median is 3.2ºC. You have horrendous consequences
at that temperature rise and these temperature rises
are in the lifetime of children today. It’s catastrophic, this stuff
should be on the news every night. So the kinds of things that happen is that around 3ºC the Amazon starts to burn down forests become net carbon producers,
not the sinks that they are today and crops fail we already will have failure of crops this year but you’ll get massive crop failure when
you get rapid desertification and flooding. And look at history books about what
happens to societies when food fails and you get food price spikes. So rising temperatures are causing
melting of ice in Greenland and Antarctica and whereas in the Arctic, because it’s sea ice,
it doesn’t really rise the level of the sea, but these will cause sea level rises
and consequently flooding and in some places cities
will be wiped out and uninhabitable. This map shows the places
that will be most affected; many cities are based on rivers, are on the coast. Some will be submerged forever others will sustain vast damage and destruction. Alongside other impacts like the desertification there will be mass migration. There’s different models on that, the range is between a hundred million
and one billion people probably averaging around 200 million and we’re talking by 2050
so when my sons are my age now. This is up to one in nine people
on the move, you can’t cope with that, society just cannot cope with that and I’m afraid it’s not a question of Britain shutting down its borders and letting the brown folks drown in the sea because it’s an internal
migration issue within countries; 10% of the UK population will be affected, places like Plymouth will be under water
and so on, lots of rural areas So one in 10 people in the UK affected. So there are other ecological
pressures as well as climate change and many of them are related. Ocean acidification is to double by 2100 it’s seen as the evil twin of climate change. It’s increased by 30% and set to increase by 150% by 2100. 20% of people rely on marine life for nutrition and it’s under multiple pressures. Some marine creatures won’t actually be able to make their shells and their skeletons anymore and marine life will just simply die off. The oceans are actually the lungs of the earth possibly even more than the trees,
as far as I understand it. They produce between 50% and 80% of the oxygen and consume more than 25% of the carbon but it’s reliant on a thriving marine ecosystem. We also have air, soil and
water pollution, and do you know what? If we deal with air pollution, climate change gets worse because it’s actually, apparently, scattering
some of the light back to the earth. So that’s a shame. We know about the plastic pollution,
particulates and chemicals, the water depletion. Michael Gove actually said that
the UK is 30 to 40 years away from a fundamental loss of soil fertility. We know about deforestation and habitat loss So this led Dr. Marcia McNutt who’s the 22nd president of the
National Academy of Sciences in America and former editor-in-chief
of the prestigious journal Science to say in an editorial talking about
these cumulative impacts of ecological pressures and climate change that even the most optimistic
predictions are dire. So talking specifically about extinction, there have been five major extinctions that scientists can see in the geological record. We hear more about the last one
that involved the dinosaurs and was caused by an asteroid strike. There were five others and they were all
caused by a very rapid increase in CO2. The most devastating extinction event
was called the Permian Triassic; 97% of all life was lost. There was a runaway feedback loop of events which led to the gassing
of the climate by hydrogen sulfide. The rate of CO2 emissions today
mirrors those of that time and so we do know that human
extinction is a possibility on our current trajectory. We know the way that mechanism could work, I’m not saying it will, but it’s all possible. So there have been five extinction events, we are already in the sixth mass species event the sixth mass species extinction, so you’ve got scientists using
a phrase biological annihilation wild life is dying out
due to habitat destruction overhunting, toxic pollution,
alien species, and climate change. The ultimate cause of all these
factors is overpopulation and specifically overconsumption by the rich. Species endangered include;
1 in 4 mammals, 1 in 8 birds,
and one third of all amphibians – that’s the event that we are already in – and 70% of the world’s assessed plants. A 2018 study of British mammals said that
1 in 5 could be extinct within a decade. The latest data on puffins – they are beautiful creatures, aren’t they – ***This information about puffins is inaccurate and has been corrected in the comments*** I don’t personally know how to
cope with the grief of all this, in fact, when I think about specific creatures. So remember that we’re heading towards around
3ºC of warming, 3.2º, and possibly towards 5ºC. This paper last year was more reported this year says that there’s a 1 in 20 chance that the carbon dioxide that’s already in the atmosphere
could cause an existential warming threat. When you go over 5ºC we just don’t know, 3ºC is catastrophic by 2050 again the lifetime of children
around today, of my children. The author said “It’s equivalent to a 1 in 20 chance
the plane you’re about to board will crash.” “We would never get on that plane
with a 1 in 20 chance of it coming down but we’re willing to send our children
and grandchildren on that plane.” So some humans are more likely
to survive, we’re good at surviving but we are going to have to
think about what that means for just a few human beings to survive. I really don’t take a great deal of comfort in that. So Professor Jem Bendell is another person who’s kind of, I guess, broken ranks
with his academic profession and released a paper called
Deep Adaptation this year. His take, having reviewed
all of the scientific paper – he’s a Professor of Sustainability Leadership
at the University of Cumbria – said societal collapse is inevitable
and it’s coming soon. immense catastrophe is very likely, we’re talking about massive loss of human life, and human extinction is possible and also just from the previous slide we are already on a
massive extinction of other life. This weekend gone he presented
the latest climate science data so this is not out in the literature yet, but that’s what we need to be hearing
now on the news every night, What is the current data telling us? And there was a great deal of concern that there was something
happening with the Arctic Jet Stream that could lead to a collapse
within three years’ time. It’s not guaranteed but the mechanism is there. So all of these conditions, mass migration,
crop failures, ongoing disasters they are the perfect breeding ground
for fascism which, as Adorno said, “Fear and destructiveness are
the major sources of fascism.” Authoritarianism and totalitarianism are slightly different
political forms, none of them are great. We are fond of saying “never again”
says Rob Riemen the founder and president of the Nexus Institute but the reality is that fascism
hijacks democracy over and over and that we’re ignoring the warning signs because denial again is more comfortable
than facing inconvenient truths. And when you look at this poster
of the warning signs of fascism I suspect you’ll agree with me
that they’re already here. World War II teaches us within
living memory lessons about what humans are capable of doing
to each other under extreme circumstances. And this ecological crisis goes
off the scale of extreme circumstances. So here’s a quote about the
Soviet prisoners of war in 1941 fromBloodlandsby Timothy Snyder. When the German army transported
Soviet prisoners of war by train it used open freight cars
with no protection from the weather. When the trains reached their destinations hundreds or sometimes even
thousands of frozen corpse would tumble from the open doors. Death rates during transportation
were as high as 70% perhaps 200,000 prisoners died in these
death marches and death transports. In 1941 those who could not work
saw their official rations cut by 27%. This was for many prisoners
a purely theoretical reduction since in many prisoner-of-war camps no one was fed on a regular basis and in most the weaker
had no access to food anyway. A remark of the Quartermaster
General of the German army made explicit the policy of starvation. Those prisoners who could not work,
he said, are to be starved. Across the camps prisoners ate
whatever they could find; grass, bark, pine needles,
they had no meat unless a dog was shot. A few prisoners got horse meat
on a few occasions. Prisoners fought and licked utensils. while their German guards
laughed at their behavior. When cannibalism began
the Germans presented it as the result of the low level
of Soviet civilizations. The Germans shot on a conservative estimate half a million Soviet prisoners of war by way of starvation or mistreatment, during transit they killed about 2.6 million more. All in all perhaps 3.1 million
Soviet prisoners of war were killed. And then four years later when Russians marched into Germany two million women were raped. Some women were raped
between 60 and 70 times. When society gets into a state of horrendously
immoral behavior, terrible things happen. So this is a blog that came out
this year from Douglas Rushkoff. He is the Professor of Media Theory
and Digital Economics. The picture in the corner is
an attempt at a human biosphere where you get to live outside the earth. and he said “Survival of the richest.
The wealthy are plotting to leave us behind.” Last year I got invited to a super deluxe private resort to deliver a keynote speech to what I assumed would be
a hundred or so investment bankers. It was by far the largest fee
I had ever been offered for a talk about half my annual professor’s salary all to deliver some insight on
the subject of “the future of technology.” My audience was brought to me;
five super wealthy guys – yes all men – from the upper echelon of the hedge fund world. After a bit of small talk,
I realized they had no interest in the information I had prepared
about the future of technology. They had come with questions of their own. Which region will be less impacted by the
coming climate crisis – New Zealand or Alaska? And finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building
his own underground bunker system and asked “How do I maintain authority over
my security force afterthe event?” They knew armed guards would be required to protect their compounds from the angry mobs. But how would they pay the guards
once money was worthless? What would stop the guards
from choosing their own leader? The billionaires considered using
special combination locks on the food supply, that only they knew. Or making the guards wear
disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots
to serve as guards and workers, if that technology could be developed in time. Now the phrase “the event”
is the name that the elite are giving to the breakdown of society
they are anticipating. But even they feel powerless to do
anything about it, it’s talked about a lot. So there are many detailed things written about
changes that could and need to be made. But we all seem to be in some kind of
mental “herding effect”. Well, how is government responding
to these terrible threats to our nation? UK policy, government policy is utterly terrible. For example, they have scrapped
support for onshore wind, axed solar subsidies, killed off the flagship Green Home scheme, sold off the green investment bank, watered down the incentive to buy a greener car, given up on Zero Carbon homes, ditched the green tax target, and refused tidal power. And to mention two specifics, the approval of the third runway at Heathrow will increase the airport’s emissions
by 7.3 million tonnes; that’s the carbon equivalent of Cyprus. Fracking is tax subsidized. We know that it actually increases
global methane emissions methane being a far worse
greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. So the worst period for
UK environmental policy in 30 years. S we just have to really face reality, folks. There is a horrendous lack of concrete action. The graph on the left shows you
the increase in greenhouse gases. When the first IPCC report came out in 1990, 28 years ago the UN warned us then
to keep temperature rises to 1ºC or face societal collapse. CO2 levels are 60% higher
than in 1990 and they are still rising, methane even more so. At some point soon, maybe it’s already here, we can’t reverse the problems,
they run away from us. So we have to conclude that conventional
approaches to dealing with climate change have failed to deal with the
problem on two levels; governments have failed to introduce
the large-scale changes that are only in their power to implement and environmental organizations
have failed to put enough pressure on governments to introduce these changes. It interests me to know
how the international community managed to carry on with business as usual. Basically it’s based on this myth that
we’re going to create a technology called carbon capture and storage. It’s been tried in small trials. It has not worked and it’s not ready
to scale, there’s been a review. So it would be great to have the technology
and I’m all out for it but they aren’t currently safe. We’re not against safe
innovative technological solutions but they need to stand alongside
concrete actions today based on things that we know will work. So this is Professor Kevin Anderson he’s the Professor of Energy and Climate Change
at the University of Manchester and Deputy Director of the Tyndall Centre
for Climate Change Research talking about governments
and their role in doing nothing. He said there have been
“a litany of technocratic frauds” “we haven’t tried real mitigation”
It’s not that things can’t be done. “Long-term targets undermine
real mitigation today.” “Policymakers are relying on negative
emission technologies that don’t exist.” “There’s always going to be
a silver bullet for the future.” We’d rather question physics
than the economic model.” “Scientists are reluctant to say
how challenging the Paris commitments are” and they “are self-censoring.” So this is Dr. Kate Marvel from
the NASA’s Goddard Institute. she researches humanity’s affect on climate and what we can expect in the future. And she says “to be a climate scientist is to be
an active participant in a slow-motion horror story. We are inevitably sending our children
to live on an unfamiliar planet.” “As a climate scientist,
I am often asked to talk about hope. Particularly in the current political climate, audiences want to be told
everything will be all right in the end. Climate change is bleak,
the organizers always say. Tell us a happy story. Give us hope.
The problem is I don’t have any.” She goes on to say that
hope is a creature of privilege. We know things will be lost but it’s comforting to believe
that others will bear the brunt of it. But the opposite of hope
is not despair, it’s grief. Even while resolving to limit
the damage, we can mourn and here the sheer scale of the problem
provides a perverse comfort. We are in this together. The swiftness of the change,
its scale and inevitability, binds us into one, broken hearts trapped together
under a warming atmosphere. We need courage, not hope. Grief, after all, is the cost of being alive. We are all fated to live lives
shot through with sadness, and are not worth less for it. Courage is the resolve to do well without the assurance of a happy ending. So I’m just going to pause for
a couple of minutes to let that sink in before we move on to the next part. So let’s just breathe a few times everybody. So what do we do in the face of this? What responses, emotional and practical? I mean how does this
existential threat affect you? How does it affect the way
you wish to live your life? Stephen Jenkinson talks about
our death phobic culture. My understanding is that our dying times are an opportunity to really live well if we pay attention to how precious life is. That we come to peace when we understand that life is far bigger than any of us as individuals. We can understand our role in the service of life as we join a line of worthy ancestors,
those that went before us and we make our lives about honoring
and protecting those that come after us. In indigenous cultures, they talk about
protecting the next seven generations. In the age of ecological meltdown when our children’s future is currently set
to an unimaginable catastrophe, it’s our job to really allow ourselves to feel the grief and then ask how we intend to act. And I think it’s a big thing to decide to face the grief of this
and not turn away from it. It’s a courageous thing to do in itself. This is a big shift in our consciousness. It’s one that moves away from the very deeply embedded
narcissistic culture of consumerism that I’m sure we’re all embedded in where we ask, what do I need? How can I feel better? How do I hang on to privilege
for myself and my family? It moves towards accepting
that this is a time of grief but that we can still appreciate beauty. We can still keep ourselves in good shape
for the tasks required of us. It asks us to step into service and be willing to do the things
that might just make difference. It asks us to make sacrifices. This is a big emotional shift
and actually I think it’s really liberating. So we need a new approach
in the face of this failure. We need the world’s governments
to introduce a World War II style mobilization. The American economy was transformed
in a matter of a few months to deal with existential threat. I’m not going to go into details
but the kinds of things it would involve are reducing carbon emissions
of course, reducing demand, a massive investment in safe ways
of taking carbon out of the atmosphere, transport, regenerative agriculture,
restoring ecosystems. It’s all technologically and economically possible and in a short space of time. Solutions are there. The absolute key issue is,
how do you create enough political pressure? It’s up to us to create that political will and there are tried and tested
techniques for doing that. So we’re talking about the need
for civil disobedience that escalates into a rebellion and uprising. The good news is it doesn’t
actually need that many people which gives everyone in this room everyone who hears this talk an immense opportunity to do something amazing. We’re talking about needing a few hundred people not two million people to go on a march. Would you be one of those
few hundred people? So when people hear something frightening the conventional wisdom is that
they will get paralyzed and turn away from the subject which is why, as I said earlier,
climate change has been based on lying, talking about climate change in the past, because we didn’t want people to turn away,
we wanted them to do something. So that’s the process of being a bystander something’s causing you fear
so find a way to get rid of facing the fear. However, a small percentage of people
are what as known as upstanders and so the aim of this talk
is to try and find upstanders and you can choose to be an upstander. And our approach in Rising Up
is based on the belief that some smaller group of upstanding people will not only be willing to act but will be willing to do what it takes. So let’s talk a little bit about ethics. You know, if you do a bad thing, if you plan
a terrible thing, you get punished, right? If you punch someone in the face,
you’ll get a fine. If you plan to blow up a building,
you’ll go to prison. There’s a progression to wrongdoing. Extinction Rebellion apologises for using the holocaust as a comparator to climate change. We understand this is deeply offensive and painful for some communities and we apologise for our error. This comparator is no longer used is more recent versions of this talk. based on policies that governments are behind, is planned, it’s willful,
and it will kill millions of people. So in Rising Up we’re saying that
climate change is not a political issue, it’s an issue of morality. What’s happening is bad, it’s evil,
and it has to be stopped, and that when a government does something
that is horrendously immoral, it has to be challenged. And that’s regardless of your political choice. As a political spectrum, it doesn’t matter
where you lie on that We probably understand the left-wing
and the idea of rebellion on the left-wing but political theorists
across the political spectrum agree that rebellion is justified
once the establishment fails. John Locke is a liberal. He termed what political philosophers
called the right of revolution. When a government fails to protect
the lives and livelihoods of their citizens, as in the case of climate change,
the people have the right to rebel. Thomas Hobbes is a conservative. He spoke about the social contract
where the state derives and loses its authority based on its willingness and ability
to main maintain order and security for its people. The Second Amendment in the US
is also based in this principle. So we’re asking people to act
as if the information presented tonight is real and take appropriate responses. Now the conventional approach to tackling issues involves awareness-raising, leaflets, and lobbying, sending emails to your MP, build a collective demand, go on a march, get a petition together. These approaches are appropriate for relatively small political issues,
like an unwanted housing development, and for the early stages of
raising an alarm about a specific issue. But they are not appropriate
for issues that are existential and urgent. I’m not saying they shouldn’t happen at all but if that’s the plan, it’s not going to work. There are powerful political
and economic interests involved that stop necessary change from happening. So in these cases, an appropriate response requires high-stake, disruptive
civil disobedience and non-violent sacrificial action. Just to talk about it in some summary … The actions have to be disruptive,
they have to disrupt major cities, which gets the attention
of political decision-makers. You’ve got lots of examples of that in the past. In the recent past, a really good example is how the gay rights movement
got the attention of everybody to change the way that AIDS
was being researched and dealt with. And what they did was super disruptive and basically when you’re disruptive, people say I agree with what you’re saying
but I don’t like how you’re doing it. And the point is they’re talking about it.
So the disruption is just unfortunate. It needs to be sacrificial. We’ve had people going on
hunger strike in our actions and the the willingness to go to jail
is what makes observers sympathetic. So much in humanity is about emotion, it’s not about what you say,
how you persuade people with arguments, it’s about how people feel. When they can see how serious
you are about a cause then it wakes people up. You can use a process of backfiring, opponents tend to respond to direct action
with some form of repression arresting people and so on, and it shows them in a bad light to observers who are therefore more likely to join in. But it’s also respectful,
opponents are treated with respect. It’s absolutely non-violent non-violence is morally and materially functional. In fact, you’re not as successful if you use violence.
There is lots of data on that. So non-violent civil disobedience
has a strong grounding in history. You know these people, the obvious ones,
Luther King, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela. In the bottom corner there’s James Hansen he’s the preeminent grandfather
of climate science. He’s been arrested in honor of the cause. and there’s a polar bear also getting arrested,
Caroline Lucas, at a fracking site. Its efficacy is well known. What I find is that people like it in the past
but they don’t like it so much in the present. So here’s the plan! The Extinction Rebellion is planning an uprising against the British Government,
starting this November following the Declaration
on the 31st of October. We’re doing talks across the UK
like this one and asking people to join us. There will be a declaration action in London,
and for those that choose, there will be things that you can do
that will get you arrested. From November 12th there will be
ongoing civil disobedience leading to short jail time for some and the purpose of this is to move the Overton window,
which I’ll talk about in a moment. In March there’ll be an escalation in the UK and an internationalization of the rebellion.
We’re making contact with people in other countries. And the idea is to repeat these periods of action
as needed and organizing in between. Look folks, it’s an incredible long shot
but I don’t know of another plan that makes sense to me. So the Overton Window is a phrase referring to
what’s seen as normal and acceptable part of the mainstream of public discussion of issues. The debate in the press about climate change (but thank God about the BBC changing
their minds around this stuff) but it tends to be limited to the fact
that it will be a substantial cost not talking about it being
the utter catastrophe it’s going to be and it doesn’t reflect reality. So disruptive and unexpected behavior
can change the Overton window. Trump and Brexit have managed
to move the Overton window to a place where upfront racism becomes normalized, whereas a few years ago we couldn’t have imagined
an American president caging children and talking about banning Muslims. So we want the reality of ecological threat
to be a mainstream discussion so we know how bad a state
we are leaving the world in for our children. So it’s not for future generations
which can sound some time away, not so imminent and somehow a bit unreal. The first step of the rebellion
is to shift this Overton window It’ll probably require something like
50 to a 100 people to go to jail and of the order of a 1000 arrests. In fact, we’ve been told by a major publication
50 people in jail will get us a front cover. Now it turns out, beyond that, you only need between
1% and 3% of a population to be mobilized to bring about massive social change
or the fall of a regime. This is data from Erica Chenoweth –
it’s only two million people in the UK. So the Egyptian revolution had only
a million people in Tahrir Square despite the fact there were 20 million people
living in the Greater Cairo area and the country has a population
of around 90 million. So there isn’t a need for the people to rise up
– it’s just for some of us – and some of us have got to lead the edge,
we’ve got to lead the way. We don’t know of course the exact figures but we can look to historical examples. So Martin Luther King and
the American civil rights movement didn’t bring about any change particularly
using conventional approaches. From the mid-50s they took to
direct action campaigns and that brought about significant changes involved several hundred people going to prison and several thousand arrests,
so it gives us a benchmark These are the Freedom Riders they were black and white people
that went on buses in the southern parts of the USA to break the bus station segregation policy. It started with just 25 students, so just double who’s in this room, and it ended with around 300 people
in prison by the end of the summer. and it caused a fundamental change in policy. If it takes 300 people in jail in America what does it take in the UK? So we think we probably need about
2 million people in active support so lots of people can be behind the scenes,
fundraising, supporting not everyone has to go to jail
but that is useful. It might be 5000 people
willing to do civil disobedience or say 500 people in jail. What we do know is the more high-stake the action is, the fewer people are needed to create the desired change,
and to begin is the most important next step. So in Rising Up we want to use
this more effective approach and we are mobilizing to get people together to ask them if they’re willing to take this action with us. We’ve done 30 talks already, we’ve got
20 more in the pipeline and more to come. I just want to give you really briefly
a feeling of who we are and what we’ve been up to,
we’re really nice people. Here’s us chalk spraying Barclays Bank We did a number of actions across the UK the same time as Friends of the Earth were doing stalls and there some of us were doing petitions and Barclays agreed to divest from
Third Energy, the fracking company. Here’s us closing down partially
Heathrow Airport twice, about the runway issue. So one of the things people get worried about is
if you’ve offended once and you offend again maybe you’ll be in lots of trouble. It’s called breaking a conditional discharge. So the person laying down in front of the car had been involved in breaking
a conditional discharge and he was given a £25 fine because I think the judge
totally got why he was doing it. At the time they were asked by the barrister Why didn’t you organize a protest? Of course we had organized a protest
and it got zero coverage. One of the people involved,
actually somebody in the room here, had organized a march of
25,000 people in Toronto and said this action involving five people got
much more coverage than a 25,000 person march. Here’s a solidarity action, some of
the people in the room here as well, an action that we did with
disabled people against cuts and the way we organize is that people
can do any protests they like they just need to agree to our principles and values which obviously include things like non-violence. This is us the day before the election,
the recent election and we went to Rupert Murdoch’s headquarters. We used the spray chalk again, it actually washes off
really quickly, so it took us 10 minutes. We sprayed the building, we filmed it,
put it on YouTube and cleaned it off afterwards. The police actually said to us …
well they found it quite funny basically, and for ten minutes’ action,
the action got 170,000 views. So that’s an example of
doing something quite small and quick and not needing a big investment of time. So when we really look at data and
reflect on what we’re doing, and for some of us there is
a prayerful element to this work as well, we’ve been about trying to break
the mould of ordinary campaigning. This is about air pollution in London,
Stop Killing Londoners campaign, and there was a deliberate
process of going to jail here and what that involves
is breaking bail conditions and you go on remand and you’re out in a week. So people here, four people went to jail for a week and they’ve written us a nice booklet about it
so we know what we’ve got coming. And what we’ve discovered
for four people going to jail is that it gets you a meeting with
Sadiq Khan’s Chief Policy Officer. So that’s the data on that. In this action, this was about cleaners
in the London School of Economics, you like to think it’s a nice lefty organization. The cleaners were being treated terribly to the point they had to sleep
with a boss to get a shift, really bad pay and conditions. And they went on strike and
there was basically these actions led by three white men,
the cleaners were all black people. The white guys said,
We will go to jail this is outrageous. And they kept doing this repeat civil disobedience,
and this is poster paint on the floor, it washes off. It got to the point where Noam Chomsky
intervened and made a point about it. The LSE just stopped these people getting arrested and the cleaners won their strike. We’ve been about normalizing civil disobedience This was something really fun we did in April. We did a mass trespass on the
Bathurst Estate, in Cirencester. We went marching in with with the red bands They were very polite, the Bathursts. We had a chat about their tax affairs
on Facebook afterwards. We’re not about blaming and shaming people. Everybody really enjoyed it It feels really different, going on a march,
and just going around in a circle, it feels really different when you break the law,
especially when you get away with it, It’s really good fun, honest, at times,
I mean there’s a lot of admin organizing it. So this divestment campaign … there’d been
a divestment campaign at King’s College for two years, And basically it’s the usual
runaround by bureaucracy Oh well yes, you’ve got a point,
come to our meeting, we’ll set up a committee, we’ll get a report,
we’ll have a meeting about the report. Two years of time wasted, you know the deal. An escalated campaign of civil disobedience won that campaign in eight weeks. It involved Roger Hallam here,
being thrown out of the University twice. He’s doing a PhD on how things change
and he went on hunger strike. He’s doing a PhD on how to screw over
his own institution, it’s quite funny! After eight weeks they agreed
to all demands, and they won. Then the process was copied in
Cardiff University, they won, and in Bristol. So final slide … So we talked in the beginning
of this talk about dire future prospects is there any hope, is it even worth trying? Well yes, we’ve shown you there are solutions,
there is something worth trying. It’s ambitious but it is at least feasible. But in some ways the question is wrong and
it’s become a bit of a habit in Western countries. There’s two influential schools in the history of ethics; utilitarianism which is where you do
something wanting an outcome, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but to an extent it’s better to look at
virtue ethics which asks us, What makes me a good human being? What does it mean to live a good life in these times? And in this tradition it’s practical wisdom it’s our heart that leads and precedes
the actions and decisions. So it’s always worth doing something
if it’s morally good and the right thing to do, no matter how successful it will be, and that’s where we’re at in Rising Up, this is what we’re about. And just to quote Dr. Kate Marvel again, “courage is the resolve to do well
without the assurance of a happy ending.” We’re talking about traditional values here orientated towards service to community, duty, responsibility, honor, and
the desire to be a worthy ancestor, in fully understanding that we will die
one day, it could be soon, wishing to fully live a meaningful life, and in facing the risk of life on Earth dying, to step forwards and be willing
to offer our service to something bigger
than ourselves, to life itself. For some this is a basic orientation
of their spiritual expression the part of ourselves that
understands what’s sacred. So I’m asking you to take a minute
to ask yourself, given what I just heard, What does it mean for me to be a good human? What does it mean to die without regrets? Will you be able to look your grandchildren
in the eye and say you did what you could?

100 thoughts on “Heading for extinction and what to do about it | Extinction Rebellion

  1. Since Dr Soon I assume will agree that we're adding GHGs to the atmosphere daily, which is increasing the amount of gas daily and that the gas laws do apply regarding pressure, volume and temperature.
    From the following website https://chem.libretexts.org/Bookshelves/Physical_and_Theoretical_Chemistry_Textbook_Maps/Supplemental_Modules_(Physical_and_Theoretical_Chemistry)/Physical_Properties_of_Matter/States_of_Matter/Properties_of_Gases/Gas_Laws/Gas_Laws%3A_Overview

    I offer the following to show that the temperature will increase just from the volume of gas added to the atmosphere regardless of the warming power of the various carbon containing gases.


    If 1.25L of gas exists at 35°C with a constant pressure of .70 atm in a cylindrical block and the volume were to be multiplied by a factor of 1.05, what is the new temperature of the gas?

    (Hint: Charles's Law)

    To solve this question you need to use Charles's Law: V1/T1 = V2/T2

    Once again keep the key variables in mind. The pressure remained constant and since the amount of gas is not mentioned, we assume it remains constant. Otherwise the key variables are:

    1. Initial Volume: 1.25 L 2.

    2. Initial Temperature: 35°C + 273.15 = 308.15K.

    3. Final Volume: 1.25L*1.05 = 1.3 L

    4. Final Temperature: T2 – ?

    Since we need to solve for the final temperature you can rearrange Charles's:

    T2 =T1*V2 / V1

    Once you plug in the numbers, you get: T2=(308.15 K x 1.3 L)/(1.25 L) = 320.47K = 47.3°C

  2. We say I love you to those we love and spend as much time with them as possible. Good bye cruel world!

  3. I'm at 17minutes – this is where we have to look – if the people are not to go into a horrifying fascist state.

    I can only talk of my region, in NSW, Australia. We are experiencing this movement, yet few people I talk to acknowledge or respond to me about what I say. A friend said this is called 'cognitive dissonance', where people refuse to see how terrible it has already become.

    I'm talking about social engineering, where a hierarchy of commercial interests are stimulated down to local business interests from the large corporation interests.

    Our first illusion, is that we have democracy. Australia is called a democratic country, but 'representitive democracy' where our representatives do not represent us, is no democracy at all. In NSW, when all parties support something that is against the wishes of the people – what is the term for this?

    Well this has happened here in NSW, Australia. We have governments that are privitising, selling or giving away public assets to private companies. In NSW this is our public transport system – at this time – after we have nothing much left. They are soon to sell off public lands.

    Last year, we had a law change in the NSW state, very similar to what happened in the state of Queensland in the seventies. It makes it easy for anyone to be arrested on PUBLIC land. Already it is of course illegal to be on private land owned by someone else.

    So how can we protest on public land that will be transferred to private land when legislation is changed NEXT WEEK! Most people are totally unaware of he legal change as it has not been used YET.

    I'm a refugee from Queensland, escaping this regime, to find sanctuary south of the Queensland border, but now that civil liberties have changed in Queensland, I see this happening here!

    But it gets worse, the technology that can be used against the people – is for more encompassing – no-one can escape when drones can selectively poison people with minute quantities of toxic substances. We are all being monitored, as we are pushed into this Internet age.

    The social engineering is easier when people are divided. The tactic – known for millennia is 'Divide and Conquer', and while we can get messages across the world, a great deal of people are more interested in 'Goggle Box' or other distractions. Distraction is another method to stop people thinking clearly.

    Some would say that 5G and fluoride are also affecting people's ability to think, and we even hear that 'subliminals do not work' – WHO says that?

  4. So, part 2.

    In the Northern Rivers of NSW a social engineering is taking place. The cognitive dissonance is preventing people from seeing how they are being manipulated. The people have been broken up into small protesting and other groups.

    There are two main factors for how this is being done – and over many years of stealth – few are aware of what had taken place. We live in a 300,000 populated region – large region with one city, many towns, villages with farming and forests between. It was connected as one region, bot just by the Indigenous people's calling the region, Wiyabul – many rivers, but by 1900, a connecting railway spread between Murwillumbah in the north to Casino in the west, via the city of Lismore [called the 'heart of the region'] and branched south to Grafton and north to Kyogle. It was not connected to Sydney – the state capital.

    In 1930, it was extended into Queensland to the Queensland state capital, Brisbane. {Just remember our states are bigger than many countries!} Can you imagine what Sydney felt about this – goods going to Queensland! There was even another branch from Ballina that could bring people into Brisbane!

    So, it had to GO! And since 1932, when the Clarence River was bridged, it became Sydney centred – just a branch of the state. The neglect of NSW country regions brought a referendum. 22 local councils and 70% of the people in the north voted to secede from the state of NSW.

    Few even know of this today! We live under a mushroom of ignorance, or our history. Parochialism now holds sway, with not only knowledge of the outer world restricted, few know what goes on in their region! Our media has been taken over, and most people on the INternet – just visit their local sites!

    We also know that algorithms bring searches to the 'converted' – not into other areas.

  5. Grief inducing and scary but ultimately inspiring and this is what I’ve been looking for to channel my feelings of being ‘just one person’ and being powerless to help. Thank you.

  6. And part 3.

    In the seventies many people were still using the railway with buses integrated to this. We could go to the beach, to Brisbane – go all around the region or to Brisbane [our closest capital city] and return home by night! But now, we are questioned, "Why would you want to go to Brisbane?" The media is only showing what the 'controllers' want us to see – that there's new buses to here or there. But even when the NSW government does an inquiry into how we find our public transport – and we submit our experiences – they do not even reply!

    A NSW government minister's reply to a person in Lismore who wishes to catch the train to Brisbane is told "Airflights are popular"! The daytime rail services were removed by 1990, an no-one protested, because they were 'given' a smaller NEW one – without sleepers, car-carrying capacity. But they were on at times when they could not be used for local travel. When a study of transport in Lismore was done, less than 1% of people were using public transport.

    They cut the services – then say that people are driving, but 50% of the people from children to older people and those with disabilities cannot drive. 25% of our people have disabilities or illness – many cannot use buses – at least not for the many hours they take – even of they existed or were connecting well.

    For a 'Green area, we have possibly the highest levels of carbon emissions per person, and the highest number of deaths and injuries on the roads, and people have no choice – if they do not drive – to cross the border to Brisbane. Buses stop by about 5pm an week days – if there are appropriate services.

    So – to get to the point – we now have road side testing for the mere 'presence' of cannibas or other drugs – that can be weeks in the system – and people lose their licenses!

    Now, Bentley, where a coal seam gas licence was 'bought back', is on the railway corridor that had been closed from 2004 – because they say – people were not using the one evening train. One the main line from Sydney to Brisbane, in my town, the train comes through to Brisbane at 2.47am! And even an inter-capital train could be taken off! The Brisbane station is closed overnight, and the train leaves BEFORE suburban line are working, so only 20-30 people are using the Brisbane to Sydney train from Brisbane.

    One more part.

  7. I was cut off with the most important part of what I'm saying.

    If we all can participate in our democratic rights to gather together on public land – we must be let to do so.

    We have systematically been social engineered in our region of the Northern Rivers, our transport cut off that we had in the seventies. All our political parties are supporting 'rail trails'. The media only let those proclaming 'rail trail' have their say. "Rail is DEAD" is what is said inside Social Futures – a NGO that is supposed to support people with disabilities has applied for university help in building commercial housing and boutique businesses on the railway land.

    The rail line goes through Bentley where a CSG mining license was 'bought back', but Greens I spoke with – as a member – poo-pooed the idea that the railway line could be used by a CSG mining company as they are 'jubilant' of their 'win'.

    Legislation is coming up from next week in NSW parliament that will change the protected railway corridor into unprotected land that can be sold. We have laws from last year that make arrest easy for people on public land, but when CSG mining corporation buys this it will just be impossible.

    We are like under house arrest. If we are not able to drive, we have a very expensive service, impossible for thousands to use, that provides us with restricted, apartheid transport. We do not have the freedom to mix with all the different groups in the region. We cannot attend demonstrations and so on.

    Those who are more able and speak in public and who wish to be politicians – query us!

    Indigenous people at Cubbawee settlement, no doubt worked for nearly nothing on the railway, and it is an insult that the railway will be destroyed and no=one will have free and affordable access throughout the region and to Brisbane our nearest capital city.

    We must have a common land – a safe zone to meet. The Lismore railway land has been going up for auction. Indigenous are already protesting a housing development nearby, but we, the people with disabilities can not stay out in the cold -without support.

    We must have a sit in and get world attention – no-one can believe our situation. Cognitive dissonance runs supreme here. No-one wants to see the impending terror that can happen.

    I'm a refugee from the Joh Bjelke-Petersen regime of seventies Queensland that would not allow people to gather in the street. Julian Assange can tell you about this.

    What could happen is far worse given the technological terrorism possible today.

  8. I'm on my way to translating it into Italian. Let's encourage people to spread what is being said here in all the main languages. English is spoken worldwide, this is true, but billions of people do not, and to reach them too is of paramount importance.

  9. "Over consumption, especially by the rich", is very misleading. The rich in this statement refers to all people in the west, not just what we here regard as rich. On the global wealth scale almost everybody in, for example the UK, mainland Europe, North America, Australia, Russia, etc, is rich.

  10. https://www.intelligentliving.co/floating-solar-islands/?fbclid=IwAR0soo2JlzDHs0sayKDPzW0V4Dj-2sUUDTJg07WiBvMh9hWCuqjYW0_LZOQ

  11. Its too late to rebel, the latest scientific report from Australian researchers shows that all humans are eating, drinking and actually inhaling microscopic plastic particles at the rate of a credit card a week..every other living organism is also doing the same in varying quantities due to various factors…a credit card in weight of plastic each week for you and for me…add everything up we knew prior concerning pollution and now this…The answer to what will eventually cause the demise of the human race and the world, asteroids, nuclear war, ect, can now be answered..Plastic… fucking plastic, who could ever have guessed..we are not going out with a bang, we are going to go out like sickly dementia patients in an old folks home riddled with a thousand toxins and plastics clogging our arteries and minds..and they will say we only did this to ourselves and our children, what a lie, we had no knowledge of these things and our only contribution was to trust that people making decisions that affect our very lives were not complete imbeciles..they were and we are here.. and its too late to do anything about it..

  12. Plant Trees everywhere,


  13. There is a complete disconnect between what is at stake and what we seem to be prepared to do about it. In times of war we've offered our lives, today – with the future of the planet at stake – we won't sacrifice 1% of GDP. We need to start doing whatever it takes.

  14. What's really gross is: we could stop this TODAY. If the bulk of humans would either absolutely refuse to show up to work OR begin burning those places of work to the fucking ground – the wealthy would be fucked, because they are not prepared to hide forever yet. If we wait another 3-5 years, it will be too late.

  15. If you really want to help end global warming (and save humanity a lot of hardship) MSR's (molten salt reactors, aka LFTR's, liquid fluoride thorium reactors) are the way to go. MSR's are a proven technology, developed in the U.S. back in the 1960's. They were shelved in favor of reactors that produced weapons grade uranium and plutonium. MSR's can and will replace oil and coal. Currently, China, India, and Canada are building prototypes. The U.S. is also 'investigating' MSR's, but is dragging it's ass.

  16. Hi all, I am all for social disobedience if there is something to leverage. I think having clear demands for the ruling few is very important. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the leaders have an idea about how to solve the crisis that faces us all. (Cf, the 4 Horsemen).

    An uprising happens from below, by which we consider ourselves below the power initially. I am not sure that is true. We are already the “powerful”.

    I propose that our power and the solutions can be manifested by people who are part of the Rebellion and people who want to see ecological and economical changes by disengaging from the economy on mass for a few days. Consuming as little as possible and not taking part in monetary exchanges or working. With this free time, we could show decent and nurture solutions in one go by coming together as communities, or small groups of people where we live locally. We could, in those few days, behave as if we already live in a non monetary sharing, caring and innovating economy. This could create great leverage on the leading elite, and give a lot of people a chance to rethink how we can live together on the planet. Also, it would give us a chance to change our perspective on our unsustainable economical systems.

  17. Ecology and the economy are tightly linked. We can rethink our society and our relationship with nature in one go.
    The power we have lies in peacefully creating an alternative to our current way of life. Coming from a non dualistic principal, we can move gently from short sighted goals of consumerism to a longer, wider, more open minded goals of wellbeing and sustainability by moving from
    1 consumerism to sharing, this includes resources of all kind, material and intellectual included. Basically, trusting ourselves out of ownership.
    2 valuing needs and care at all levels of society. Looking for innovation and progress for all. This can drive our economy away from profit making to progress making.( Check out the Campfire Convention on those principles.) Including caring for the planet and all of nature.
    3 rethinking success and happiness. The narrative that we have been playing out does not make us happy or healthy. The psychological move that we individually have to do with each other is one of the most difficult aspects here. Finding interconnection, managing conversations in a non-dualistic way, finding acceptance and compassion. Learning these skills will guide each of us to our individual unique meaning and responsibilities. There a deep spiritual journey for every single one of us here.

  18. When you talk about this subject, you are appealing to emotion not science.
    Human beings are not in charge here. We will simply never have the ability to control the climate on the Earth.
    The Earth is undoubtedly looking forward to the next ice age.
    A few million years of peace and quiet with no idiotic humans arguing about global warming.

  19. A recent conversation I had with my internet provider about running my Wifi Router, she told me they should be left on all the time even when not in use because the local exchange reduces the speed of routers that are turned on and off, it assumes they are unstable connections and puts them on a lower speed connection.
    She incorrectly told me that the router consumes no significant amount of power, I found that the power consumption was a significant part of my consumption, even though I use mainly home-generated electricity from batteries.
    I have refused to leave my router on and it is only on while using the internet, no noticeable reductions in speed have been noticed, however, society needs to challenge this kind of thing, never should devices be left on standby.

  20. And I am neither right or left-wing, and yes the conservatives have been an environmental disaster, but you have to remember the Blair years and how he crushed peoples freedoms with excess Health & Safety laws, took away compensation to people having land compulsory purchased from them, invaded other countries emitted millions of tons of carbon during illegal wars whilst killing babies in Iraq.
    Blair was probably the worst leader we have ever had, so it was no surprise people went more right-wing.
    Obama in the USA was the same attacking people living green lifestyles on homesteads, many people were evicted from their own land under him.
    So then you all wonder why Trump was voted in.
    So-called socialist Governments consistently fail their own people and that is why now the right-wingers are on the rise.

  21. Sound? She's mumbling and moving her head too far away from a directional microphone. The mic is junk and why, don't they ever set the volume high enough? I really wanted to hear this but it's um-listenable.

  22. The data since 2016-2019 is indicating a rise in arctic sea ice levels. Since 2017 It is raining enormously. It is colder in the Canadian east since 2 years. We are looking at the probability of a mini ice age. You have to use the latest data mam.

  23. Ive just joined I didn't know there is a real rebellion
    I love our home every thing in it we are here for one reason we are caretakers of this beautiful planet,
    Right now we are failing we need us to change history to our story……

  24. Rather than seeding the atmosphere with chemicals to induce rain, as is being studied in the USA, why not everyone go vegan where possible? Give the land, forests and oceans back to wildlife and we will sequester enough carbon to take our climate back to the 1700s. Or, would we rather focus on stopping fossil fuels, which will not solve climate change alone. Or, maybe we want to see what technology comes up with. No one who doesn't live on the coast should be eating sea life. Save on ice for shipping, save transportation and save lives.

  25. I hate confrontation. I'm very much a pacifist and rather not stir up trouble unless I can't handle the problem anymore.. But this.. This is something I have to stand up for. I can give up driving, I can give up Skyrim and Internet and all these other pastimes, but if I don't stand up and contribute to this, that's checkmate. That's the end of humanity, possibly with only the morally-questionable wealthy people surviving. Of all things you need to fight for, no matter who you are, we need to fight for the protection and sanctity of this planet..

  26. Marine Forestation is an ignored solution that will work. 40 million hectares and 300 Gigatons per year possible. Please volunteer.

  27. There is good points in this video, but trying to get the corporate owned media to take global warming is a completely meaningless task, their sponsors will not allow them to take it seriously. What is more, people in the USA will not believe what the media or scientists say about global warming. Most importantly the media never covers protests well, they often lie, or focus only on any possible negative interpretation of activism in general, for them its about the story of the protest, not the issue being protested. The only activism worth while is direct action, shutting down pipelines manually, shutting down the machine manually, but this will never be covered positively in the media. The media is corrupt liar paid to hide the truth about oil subsidies and cartels, Saudi lobbyists and so much more. The American dollar's value is based on the sale of oil, it is called the "petro-dollar" for this reason, and so no president, not Bernie or Jill Stein, or anyone else can take on global warming without fundamentally changing the traditional value of the dollar which is world reserve currency and the basis of Americas geopolitical power….. Going vegan aint gonna cut it while Brazil etc burn down their forests, not to mention world wildfires… to be honest we need practical solutions, organized co-opts to replace the whole capitalist system…. capitalism is a death cult

  28. Go vegan + become an activist for that as key (biggest change we can make) using the most efficient method – empathic dialogue / civil disobedience

  29. We have had too many generations of terrible people who have despoiled the earth and its inhabitants. Unfortunately have made it much worse in the past 60 years both ecologically and socially. There are not enough people who are willing to stand up to the "powers that be" and argue against the propaganda from the corporate masters and their preachers of consumerism.

  30. its nice to see that other people accept and seek out reality. I'm a housewife, mother, gardener, cleaner……typical. But as soon as the subject of climate comes up my views give me the title of conspiracy nut. But I did study science and I accepted that there was a real threat the day I learned about feedback loops.

  31. Actions are users, unless we know where we're going. Capitalism has to end, period. Unless we're calling for that, and advocating an alternative system we're no achieving anything.

  32. We need to focus on food security. We need huge hydroponic towers filled with food , if people are fed, watered, and housed, they will get on and do what is required. #ResourceBasedEconomy

  33. https://youtu.be/b2VkC4SnwY0?t=100 Yep it is everything ok but why everytime that the word love appears a woman has to be paired with? Ladies, men can love, too…please be much more sensitive to certain aspects thanks.

  34. LOL! By all means protest. Go outside and jump up and down and scream bloody murder HEHEHE! Your not going to even slow down this Grand Solar Minimum. Food is going away and you will starve. You were too busy saving the world to prepare! You see, the governments can print all the money you want, but they cannot print food!!!!!!! Oh yeah, we won't miss you LOL!

  35. Why would anyone "cherry pick the worst case scenarios"? What would be the motivation? where does this idea come from?

  36. As someone of Jewish descent (my grandparents converted to protestantism in 1919), I think there is nothing wrong with the comparison between the Climate Crisis and the Holocaust.

  37. the problems are systemic and they will only be fixed by systemic changes .
    They say we must transition to sustainable infrastructure ..ok.
    Transition to what ?
    What has been done so far by these so called 'leaders' to transition global infrastructure ? I haven't seen jack sh*t .
    They claim to be 'making america great again' ..how ?
    The first electric car was made in 1835 , 184 years ago . Do we still use 8 tracks and vhs players today ? No, but we still have fart mobiles and plastic trash everywhere , toxins produced in massive amounts , even spraying poison on people's food .
    Here we are facing very possible ecosystem collapse , caused by pollution . And somehow magically they still got the mouth to anus economic monopoly game of perpetual lies and ripp offs, planned obcelesence, and intentional suppression of technology .
    Just what are people supposed to transition to ?
    When is this transitioning suppose to take place ? ..after the f*cking world is a smoldering toxic trash heap ?
    I am thoroughly unimpressed by the lack of integrity from the so called leadership . They aren't leaders , they are corporate prostitutes masquerading as public servants.
    I do not think they are capable or even willing to truly face the problem and do what needs to be done to fix it.
    Proof is in the pudding , put up , or shut up . Talk the talk , walk the walk.
    There are so many things that could be done to make positive changes , but all we get is more lies , lies , lies . They lie so much that people stop paying attention because its pointless , and that is the plan ..they hope people will just ignore the shit show while they divvy the world up like a rigged monopoly game amongst the big money parasites . All the while doing nothing to fix our real problems .
    The earth does not revolve around money . Money is fake , and a man made construct . Life does not depend upon money at all. Trees grow with soil , water , sunlight , ect ..no living creature depends upon money .
    But we live in a world dominated by mechanisms of ownership , a world divided by owners vs debtors .
    Owners control debtors are slaves . And these control freaks have done such a bang up job manipulating the world to line their pockets to the point where the earth is litterally facing ecosystem collapse.
    Is there any more proof required that the cause of our problems should not be the solution to our problems ?

  38. 'Someone' is not pessimistic?
    “It is likely that climate change will exacerbate food insecurity in many parts of the world, especially in the developing tropics, but even under the worst-case scenarios (e.g.10-20% yield declines of staple crops, combined with gross income inequality, political instability, and continued high population growth rates), it is hard to conceive how the death toll would exceed tens of millions or, at most, the low hundreds of millions. Of course, a potential death toll of tens of millions is gravely alarming and should be treated with great moral urgency. But I do not believe it is helpful to grossly exaggerate the predictions that have been made.

    It should also be noted that:

    (1) Many temperate regions will likely see increased crop yields under future climate, due to warmer temperatures and the CO2 fertilization effect. Depending on the extent of global trade and cooperation, these yield increases could help to partially ameliorate decreases experienced elsewhere. Many agricultural impact projections don’t include the CO2 fertilization effect, due to uncertainty, but in reality this effect will probably help soften the blow of climate change to some extent. (For example, global wheat production may be more likely to increase than decrease; Liu et al. 2018 Global Change Biology1.)

    (2) Food production and distribution is greatly dependent on policy; it is not an inexorable biophysical process. It is within our current capabilities to produce and distribute enough food for the 10 billion people who will likely be alive in 2100, if we reduce wastage, eat more plant-based foods, increase the efficiency of production, and ensure more equitable distribution. Climate disruptions will make this more challenging, but by no means impossible.”

    'For example, over the historical period of global warming, technological advancements have increased yields by 100-200% in spite of any negative impact of climate change. Even if this yield trend were to reverse, the total production of calories might not be affected if economic forces cause more land to be used for agriculture. In other words, if yields were to be reduced by 10% that does not translate directly into 10% less food available. It is likely that the reduction in yield would stimulate increased land use for agriculture. In this example, if 10% more land were used for agriculture, total production would remain unaffected.

    All these factors would need to be reckoned with before one could make any credible projection of reduced food production in the future, much less a projection as outlandish as “…starvation of 6 billion people”.'


  39. We need to replace cows (farm animals) with two trillion extra trees asap. Stop the breeding of billions of farm animals by givi9ng up buying, eating, wearing animal products. If you cannot kill it with your own teeth then you are not a carnivore. Fields into forests, now.

  40. SERVE SERVE SERVE. I LOVE YOU GAIL. Really it is time for all of us to look inside and remember GOD. This will happen to us all eventually anyway, Remembering GOD. But usually it happens to us humans when we are on our knee's. Well, on mass we are very close. We are very afraid of dropping the body.
    The GOOD news is WE ARE NOT THIS BODY, WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD. But for now, while we are in a body, SERVE SERVE SERVE

  41. I am pretty certain that this has all been made very very clear to the elite quite a while back. And they took an executive decision to let it roll while making plans for the few to survive in comfort.

  42. This should be the primary preoccupation of everyone. It has been for me the past 15 years during which I have year-by-year reduced my carbon/ecological footprint with the goal of net-zero. Please pay attention!

  43. What gets to me about the climate debate is that these ppl have no faith in God. Do you really think that puny little humans can destroy the Earth's climate ? Here's a fact that'll change your opinion : in less than half an hour the Sun deposits the same amount of heat onto Earth as ALL of humanity generates in a whole year ! That includes wild fires….

  44. Imagine we are all on a plane flying. We know the plane is going to crash.
    Now we have to do what we can do to determine how our plane will crash.
    Nose dive or soft landing into a dense forest.  

    #1: Turn off all nukes now, before our Earth plant crash lands into anarchy.  

    Be honest. Tell the truth. The media is not listening.

    Most professionals are quiet cowards, afraid to say or do anything.

    I would love to see Bernie Sander & Marianne Williamson , the youngest & the oldest. She has 9 million followers who are Parents with autistic kids, because
    Marianne said, "Mandatory vaccinations are Orwellian". She is right.

    Most autistic kids get no support from the Big Pharma corporations who injured them with aluminum in vaccines. Ralph Nader & other lawyers need to force Big Pharma to give reparations to vaccine injured kids.

    Youtube: paul8kangas

    Marianne Williams called. " Mandatory Vaccines as Orwellian & barbaric." So prophetic.
    So accurate. I am so sorry she is not yet really to "Parent Up" & fight Big Pharma.

    There are a million American parents with autistic kids still ready to vote for her on that
    single issue alone. Parents are rising by the thousands.

    Converange: Marianne please join the Students Strike 
    for the Climate & …. Parents for Children —against Mandatory Vaccines.
    Friday 9/20/19 noon at every City Hall in the US & the World.

    MW 2020 please join RFK,jr, Jenny McCarthy, Dr. Suzanne Humpheries, Dr. Paul Kangas, Dr. Kristine Hicks, DC, Alex Studer & thousands of leaders

    Youtube: paul8kangas

    Congressmen get FREE health care for life, even after they lose the next election.
    That is why Congress will never pass health care for all.

    The Herb "Fox Glove" totally prevents all heart attacks & strokes.  
    I am a Veteran, get low cost coverage & I totally avoid VA system, because they just push drugs, surgery & radiation. Sorry.

    Dude, if you take 1,000 mcg of organic selenium daily you never get cancer.

    The greatest advance in health care will happen when most people go into Prevention.  

    I use herbs: Saw Palmeto, Hyloranic Acid, Fox Glove, Willow, Garlic, Onions, Neddles, Dandelion,
    In China 1/3 of the people use liquid colloidal minerals to prevent disease, 
    eat mainly vegetables to prevent cancer, 
    use Quigong exercises to prevent many diseases, like arthritis, etc.
    I go a Chiropractor once a month. I take 1 gm of vitamin C hourly.
    Ask not what the government can do for you. – JFK.

    No one has ever died from measles who takes vitamin C or Cod liver oil.
    The death rate for babies in the US, ( 25,000 babies/ yr ) is the 25th highest in below Cuba.

    Big Pharma controls most US media. Including Youtube.  
    Adults are not required to get a vaccines. But Pharma has mandatory vaccines on new born babies who can't speak, can't hire a lawyer & scientifically don't even need vaccines, since their bodies can't even make antibodies, no matter what you shoot into them.

    Black babies get autism 4X more often then white?
    The safest way for a woman to deliver a baby is stand up in waist hi warm water.

    Please join the Friday Students Strike for the climate Emergency.
    SF City Hall noon. Build 4-plex solar homes with 100 panels.

    Youtube: paul8kangas

  45. There is no imminent anthroprogenic extinction. All theory . Monetising nature through fear increasing anxiety and lack of self worth amongst our young. At no time is a climate scientist , data acquisition process or external anomolies are actually mentioned . Pure subjective ondoctrination .

  46. If you want to provoke real change it must be political too. People must accept to lose their freedom for a limited period of time, in which the state must be able to put them to work for the degrowth and changing of the current economical system. It must be a strongly hierarchical leadership and people who don't accept it must go to jail and be forced to work under martial law.
    Also, all international goods movements must be completely stopped. Every product must come from a let's say 1000 km range from the place of production maximum. Deep ecology must be implemented.

  47. Up until the late 60s agricultural research scientists used the concept of a normal year but by that stage they stopped using it as the weather had stopped being normal

  48. Is this video trying to scare us or bore us to death? I'm still trying to decide. If you hadn't figured this out years ago, you're a complete moron. And the solution is not civil disruption or loitering on the streets missing school and work and fucking up everyone's day: it's in positive real solutions like not personally consuming unethical products (everything you can buy in a supermarket) and planting trees and working on soil carbon dioxide recapture projects and supporting alternative energies. Conserving, saving, petitioning, lobbying, donating funds to the right causes, buying land and caring for it. Don't buy shares in unethical companies -do you know that oil companies are 36% owned by the shareholders? So stop blaming the government and start acting sensibly folks, its up to you personally to change your life and together we can make a difference

  49. I've been to meetings like this for other topics. The tactics are always the same. Maybe if all of you went on hunger strike, it would feel impactful, but I for one don't think writing on buildings and making big signs will do much. If shit's as bad as you say, well, all is lost already. Not even Martin Luther King's methods or principals will be strong enough. You are talking about shutting down the entire global economy as we understand it.

  50. One day, far from now, the sun will explode, Earth will be annihilated. Whether we "save the Planet" or not doesn't matter. Human existence is finite. You can now hold hands and grieve.

  51. I believe I have a workable solution.

    IMMIDATELY impose tax on carbon emissions AND at the same time agree on a annual increase of this carbon emission tax. It has to be an agressive taxation. So that if you 5 years from now get your coffee in a plastic cup, the cup will cost more than the coffee.

    Industry, science and the population can then see into the future and decide when its right to change the car into an electric, when to invest in buying a part of a local windmill etc.

    Part of the tax can be used to build the new needed infrastructure, a global supergrid, a global hyperloop and for that matter 2 space elevators.

    As soon as such a agressive taxation are announced you will see an explosion in offshore and inland windmillparks and solar. If you add the projection of space elevators, mankind will soon take new leaps like you cant imagine. More or less free acces to space will create a new science explosion. Our journeys to mars and beyond will be on a hole new level. If we fx can mine precious metals with automated robotfactories we dont have to exploit earths resources.

    Personally I thought 30 years ago we would be there now. It makes no sense to me we arnt. Why go for destroying our own habitat in an accelerated pace when the alternatives are just at hand.

    Notice that my suggestion fx wont prevent the guy with an old gas guzzler from the 60 ties from owning it. But maybe he will be naturally limited in how many miles he runs it.

    An agressive tax with a predicted development will make the market react faster than any local restricting law about this or that. As long as the taxation are agreed globally the free market will function withinn that framework. The spaceelevators can belong to us all. The supergrid likewise, but you get paid by what you put into it. So it can both be a base for income and expenses, depends on you. The hyperloop can generate income per distancemeter you use on your countries soil. Hyperloop have both passenger and cargopods. So the more hyperloop you develop on your land and the closer you can bring the passenger/cargo to its final destination the more you earn. The cargo pods can be used as shippingcontainers today.

    That brings us back to the plastic… 🙂 Plastic contains large amounts of oil, it demands processes that uses a lot of energy. If that energy are coming from carbon emitting coal or oil maschines/pwr. plants it will soon be a rarity. If we see a future where we have to align our processes to electricty we will need much more electricity than we produce today.

    The splitsecond a space elevator are agreed and projected we can begin to produce the new cheap thin bendable solarpanels in large quantities. First huge job to use the spaceelevator for could be transporting these panels into space. The efficiency degree of solarpanels in space, where there are no atmosphere are around 7-11 times better than on earth. The area invisible from earth behind the moon (not ON the moon) can be plastered with gigantic areas of floating solarpanels. The electricity can be laserenergy beamed to the moon, supergridded to the front of the moon and again laserenergy beamed down to 8-12 floatable recieverstation in the oceans so that there allways are 3 recieverstations available under normal conditions (Maybe it would even be possible to let it flow down the spaceelevators cables, but I believe that calculation dont add up atm.) These are again connected to the allready, at that time, exsisting supergrid.

    IF we act tomorrow we can have a global supergrid and a global hyperloop inside 10 years and the rest withinn 15 years from today. At THAT time we have acces to so much cheap electricity that we might can be able to begin having floatable factories that can begin auto cleaning plastics from our oceans. Doing it now where we still cant cover our energy needs without carbon emitting is the wrong priority in my eyes.

    I promise you that all the solutions presented above are technological possible today. Some fast working engineers have to figure out what type of spaceelevator we should choose. There are several possibilties. Nano carbon tube technology have made it possible to build it today. A global vaccumbased/mag-lev hyperloop makes more and more sense the more we can use it. Letting a supergrid follow its route both reduce costs of both systems.
    The hyperloop can be build with local materials as long as the technical specififactions are met.

    Some say carbon emission reductions wont happen "in our lifetime". If they are right I personally believe we all are doomed and that we as mankind deserve to die out. If they are right we seriously risk a runaway heated planet that can end up loosing its atmosphere. We cant close our eyes anymore, only action counts. Please spread my idear and please tell any politician you might know about it. I believe this idear can prevent endless discusions about whom to reduce what when etc etc. The carbon emision tax are only point to agree on, the supergrid, hyperloop and spaceelevators are sure to create jobs, wealth and a great future that will take a giant leap forward and doing so ina sustainable way. When the supergrid/hyperloop open it will overnight reduce flying and shipping with over 90%. Going from London to New York doesnt sound that bad does it?

    I hope you will realise we DO have hope AND the solutions that eventually can save us. I also hope that this long writing I took time to do brings both hope and energy to take the talk with the persons closest to you. May if we all do our outmost to see hope and solutions, instead of limitations, in the future that are in front of us this can be a reality sooner than…well, to late… 🙂

  52. Gail said that we should all start taking risks in this fight against climate change so I wrote this app on the off chance some people might actually start using it. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.doggieriot.xrebel&hl=en

  53. Hey guys! You act on a wrong continent. Go to Africa and India. All waste goes there straightly to the ocean. And population grows there incredibly fast. Africa doubles its population every 60 years. Africa today 1,2 billions. India today 1,4 billions.

  54. When I see extinction rebellion members stop using mobile phones , electronic and gas goods of any kind, mass produced food, anything made in a factory including clothing, fuel or electrical transport, anything where plastic is used either to contain food/drink etc along with any goods made of plastic, then and only then will I believe they are genuine.
    To demand anything of anyone you must first LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

  55. To ALL of you people who are blaming the climate and weather patterns on human beings you can help solve your problem if you all stop breathing. That will reduce the CO2 emissions that you are claiming is the problem. secondly you will reduce the unnecessary use of resources. Thank you and hope you all pass away quickly

  56. "I'd like to share a revelation that I've had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you're not actually mammals.

    "Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed, and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.

    "There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is?"

  57. 06:01 We still have time, don't panic. According to Artic Sea Ice News & Analysis there is (as of Sept 2019 ) 4.32 million square kilometers of artic ice. This is 750,000 sq kilometers above the record low in 2012. Also there has been very little decline 2007-2019 with 82,400 sq. kilometers of loss per year. And this lady is saying all the ice will be gone by 2023 so start panicking and crying? I don't think so. And there's some misinformation here so do your own research

  58. Nazis gassed Jews, but the elites and friends have stepped it up a few notches and are now in the process of gassing the entire world with green house gasses. Wake up people!

  59. GO VEGAN!
    I cant lie I am scared to be arrested since I have children, and have been before; however ; I reflected and asked my self wjat will they have if I hide? What will really be gone? If I do not fight for the future? I will do whatever I can to energize extinction rebellion with my efforts and action.Im going into this with no blueprint.If I choose not be one to be arrested there is much more I can do; If I choose to be arrested then thats what I could do. If we feel inspired lets have courage like she said. Standing strong in commerce city USA. "For all those beings suffering, I offer my deepest amends through my actions." Now we know, lets changeour life style and demand change in the government. Before bed last night I had to cry; but i wont let my tears blur the path before me. This is for all life on this fragile planet. I see so many passionate comments, each one of us does what we must do. I feel there is a chance of survival. helping the so desperately helpless Children of the future an animals of the wild. In our day-to-day life, it just appears to be absolutely hopeless than nobody is going to ever make any change. That's when I realised I was looking outward ,I was consumed by the sadness, the sorrow. Instead of putting one foot in front of the other… taking the action! I just thought, what better reason to get outside of my comfort zone? what better reason to challenge would I was afraid of? What better time to fight for something that is truly essential? well we can answer what better time to fight right? 80 years ago!!!!!! But here we are. I hope that was inspirational maybe to some people. Good luck everyone.

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