HCSC Member Voice: Martha

MARTHA: We just had a baby. We had a lot of questions. You want to run to
a doctor right away if the baby is
crying for any reason and you can’t figure it out. My husband actually went online
onto the Blue Cross Blue Shield website, and we discovered
the 24/7 Nurseline. It helps. You don’t have to go see
the doctor every time and have to pay to see a doctor. So that’s a very
helpful resource. My name is Martha Gallegos. I am 30 years old, and I have
been a member of the Blue Cross Blue Shield for six years. The family plan that
we had covers so much. I love how I can just
go on the website and search for a provider. And all the doctors that I
have used in the provider list have been excellent. And then, when I
became pregnant, it was extremely easy. I have never had any problems
with the insurance or any of the practices
that I’ve been to. After I had my baby, somebody
from Blue Cross Blue Shield contacted us just to make
sure how was the service, and how we were doing
with our newborn, and if we had any questions. And I thought that was pretty
awesome, because they just want to make sure that you’re
using all the resources that they’re providing for you. When my baby– she wouldn’t go
to the restroom for three days. I’m a new mother. I don’t know if a baby is
supposed to do that or not. And it was on the weekend,
so we couldn’t see a doctor. We had to take the
baby to the ER. And you don’t really
want to go to the ER and look dumb if you don’t know
what’s going on with your baby. And the nurse that actually
answered was extremely helpful. She said, oh, you
can give some water, about one ounce, and also do
some exercises with the baby legs, which I
didn’t know at all. And then it just worked. Having the Blue Cross
Blue Shield insurance helps me feel at ease. And that’s one of
the reasons I want to keep being with
Blue Cross Blue Shield because the service
has been excellent. I have no complaints whatsoever. I would like to keep providing
this type of insurance for my child. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC ENDS]

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