Have Your Say – October 17, 2019 | Vote 2019

1 thought on “Have Your Say – October 17, 2019 | Vote 2019

  1. I do not see Justin Trudeau as a 'World Leader'. The World Leaders see Justin Trudeau as 'a silly jokester' or a 'useful idiot'. When Trudeau attends any large International Conferences, the Leaders go out of their way to avoid him. He walks with them like the bellhop. Canada stands basically alone because of Justin Trudeau and his never-ending 'virtue signalling'. Trudeau shows up in India in a Bollywood outfit, and the Indian Government not only don't 'greet him with a red carpet', instead they totally avoid him, so he spends the first several days as a site-seeing tourist, dancing around and waiting for someone official to see him. Obama's visit only matters to Trudeau groupies. To any thinking voters, his support means nothing.

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