Have You Met Our Regional Membership Officer Barbara?

Hi everybody it’s Barbara Mifsud here and
I’m your regional membership officer from the South Pacific and Philippines
office in Parramatta so it’s really lovely to be here with you thanks Kero
for the opportunity to speak to you today about a couple of key membership
things and firstly I wanted to say happy membership and new club development
month so August is a special time for us to think about and celebrate Rotary,s
greatest asset which is you our members so I wanted to say thank you for all
that you do and for everything that you are gonna do throughout the year before chatting about those key
membership themes I thought to give some background about my role so I work as
the regional membership officer for zone 8 at the Rotary International office in
Parramatta Australia so that’s the South Pacific and Philippines office and that
means I’m a Rotary International staff contact for membership issues and I assist
clubs and districts in Australia New Zealand and Pacific Islands and this is
a relatively new role it was rolled out in the Parramatta office about a year
ago even though I have been working in the office for quite while and I’m part
of a global membership development team at Rotary International that has over 20
staff and there are five other regional membership offices that are doing the
same role that I do but we’ve also got specialist staff that are working on
research on resources and also reporting so Rotary International really is
working hard to make sure that there is help out there for clubs and districts
to assist with Rotary’s biggest internal priority which is membership so a little bit about what I actually do
on a day to day basis so I provide assistance in three main areas and
firstly strategy so I could provide advice on things like attraction and
retention as well as new club development and for example I provided
advice to the club and district when they were developing the Gold
Coast Passport club recently so we chatted about what a passport club was
and how it could be run how we could tailor it for their needs
secondly I help out with reports and data and at the moment I’m working with
a couple of clubs who are trying to pinpoint some areas for improvement and
running historical data can really help with that
for example you might discover that attraction isn’t really the problem
it’s retention and you might want to look at the reasons why people have left
and to focus on that and there are reports about that
thirdly I help with resources so that’s recommending Rotary International
resources based on your interests and your needs and there are a whole load of
RI resources that are coming out at the moment
the other thing I try to do is to collect strategies and success stories
to share with other clubs and districts through the various Rotary channels Besides working with the clubs I
also work with Rotary coordinators and they are Rotarians that are specializing
in membership at the zone level and they had Tim Moore and Adrian Roach
I also work with assistant Rotary coordinators and district membership
chairs I guess what I mean to say is that
there is a whole team of capable and experienced people that are there to to
help you out so that leads me to two important themes
about membership and the first one is you really can’t create a village by
yourself I mean sure membership really is
everybody’s responsibility but you do need a capable team of people to to
develop membership and President Mark Maloney is urging every club to not only
elect a membership chair so one person focusing on membership but a membership
committee and the role of the membership committee is to come up with and
implement a membership plan and that’s to attract and engage members and they
need to do this methodically by identifying leaders in the community
with skills and talent that’s going to strengthen your club and an effective
committee should also reflect the diversity of your club in your community
and promote continuity from one year to the next secondly you do need to have a plan and
President Mark Maloney is urging us to grow Rotary but he also realizes that we
just can’t do that by just asking our friends and our acquaintances to
become members we need to be methodical and structured in our approach and I
really like what he says. He says instead of asking who you know ask who are we
missing so we need to look for gaps in those skills and and in the demographics
and also the way of thinking so he’s talking about diversity here as well
and clubs can take assessments such as the diversity assessment or a classification
assessment to see where some of those those gaps lie so you need to evaluate
your club focusing on those steps that you can take to address you know the
toughest issues that you have but also to capitalise on the biggest
opportunities that there are and develop a membership plan and then stick to it
I do realize that thinking about membership can be a little bit daunting
but if you have a team and you have a plan and you stick to it you’re really
setting yourself up for success and as I mentioned there are a whole team of
people that you can call on who’ll be there to help you and also to cheer you
on from the sidelines if you’ve got any pressing membership issues that you need
to discuss, I’m happy to have a chat with you I’m also happy to talk to you
about resources that you might like to use and I’d also love to hear about some
of the success stories that you have and some of the initiatives that you’re
undertaking I look forward to hearing from you

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