Hatebreed interview (Wayne Lozinak) @ Hellfest (17.06.2012) – Metal Sickness

you fucking bleed Oh what’s up everybody I’m Wayne from Hatebreed we’re at Hellfest and you are watching metal sickness the file was I George this was a great this is really good especially going after Black Label Society it’s hard to follow them but I love that band so that was just great let’s had guitar problems at the beginning so i don’t know if i didn’t get my guitar to work so i was a little stressed out when we first went on but I had another guitar they got it fixed and the show went on good we couldn’t do some of our song so I didn’t have the guitar but the show it was still great anyway a lot energy big crowd great we just pulled in like a few couple hours before we played so I saw a black label society and how was it so I would like to see blue öyster cult I think they’re coming on soon and then I think we have to leave to go to the airport to go back home so we’re actually recording a new CD right now so we’re we’re back and forth in the studio flied weekend shows I think we have about 12 songs right now something like that and they’re pretty heavy it’s good it’s back to like it’s kind of a combination of the old Hatebreed style a little bit the new but it still it’s real heavy it’s hard I think people is going to like it I have no names yet no names no so there’s still working on the vocals so I don’t even know if the titles we don’t even have any titles yet they’re just working still in the process has been on all that stuff I’m not sure it might be January but i’m not positive that’s it could be oh yeah I’m sure I don’t know when but we tore constantly were everywhere we’re doing a US tour in september-october and then we’re doing a cruise in December the mayhem fest cruise not sure if you’re familiar with that that’s going to be pre gracious it’s a cruise a mayhem fest yeah that’s that’s going to be good that’s in December and then once the CD comes out we’ll be playing everywhere so I don’t know when but would definitely be everywhere Hatebreed is just just like you said positive but brutal that’s that’s prime i’m going to use that for other interviews i think but it just just keep going i mean like as we have a great thing you know we all love to play music you know and it’s great that we can still do it after all these years you know a lot of bands they come and go but we could still you know play music and make it you know career out of it and have people come to see us I’m going we’re going to keep doing it that I love it I’d like to say thank you guys for always supporting us still after all these years keep coming to the shows and will keep coming here and get the new CD when it comes out

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